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Prasanna Lakshmi D

This visualization is an attempt at trying
to understand what e-cigarettes are, how
they work, their current legal status and
some demographics of the people who are
speaking about it in the social media
Social Media data and the main data has
been got through open street map site.
They have extracted the social media
information using DataSift.

How do they work?

E-Cigarettes contain a battery that
activates a heating device, atomizing
liquid nicotine inside a cartridge and
producing a vapor that is inhaled.

What are they?

E-Cigarette is a battery-powered
device which simulates tobacco
smoking. It generally uses a heating
element that vaporizes a liquid
solution. Some solutions contain a
mixture of nicotine and flavourings,
while others release a flavoured vapor
without nicotine

Status of E-Cigarettes
European Union diplomats have
recently approved new anti-tobacco
legislation, including the bloc's first
rules on e-cigarettes, allowing most
e-cigarettes to be sold as consumer
products rather than more tightly
regulated medical devices. In the
absence of Federal Regulations, US
states like New York & Oklahoma
have seen highly debated proposals

Banned vs Permitted

Banned vs Permitted

Partially Permitted

The World Status at a


The legal ban for E-cigarettes in various states
around the world is due to various reasons like
In few states nicotine is considered as a drug ,so ecigarettes are tagged as drug containing products
In few countries nicotine in perceived as a poison
Government generates more revenue from taxes
imposed on tobacco cigarettes and it may not want to
miss the revenues .So any alternative for tobacco
cigarettes would not get any attention in these countries
One of the reasons for ban is that permission of ecigarettes may increase the number of smokers and add
to total smokers in the nation which many countries
wont appreciate

The permission of e-cigarettes in few parts
of the world leaves us with few reasons
Firstly E-cigarettes might cause less harm than
the tobacco cigarettes and can be used as a
alternative for tobacco cigarettes reducing the
number of tobacco smokers in the nation
Secondly if health is considered e-cigarettes
are perceived to cause less harm than tobacco

Where is all the Social Media

discussion happening?

No of Interactions about e-cigarettes in Y axis

Information about

No of interactions
device wise

No of interactions
gender wise

Cell phone users who are interacting are majorly in the age
group 35-50 which means this topic did not attract the
youth population (major chunk) who are very active using
social media from their mobile phones

Thank You