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Practical Manual
Lab Instructor

CS & IT Department

Superior University, Lahore

List of Experiments:To study the working of step down transformer.

To study the working of step up transformer.
Mutual induction verification.
Verification of voltage divider rule.
Verification of current divider rule.
To find the Time period of different types of waves
by using CRO and frequency generator.
7- To find the Frequency of different types of waves
by using CRO.
8- To find the Voltage of different types of waves by
using CRO.


Assessment Criteria: Overall Lab experiments have a 25 % weightage.

Total marks for Experiment Exam are 100, with the
following details.

Assessment Criteria: Notebook

(20 Marks)

All experiments if written in the notebook with following contents.

( 2.5 Mark/Exp)

(0.5 Mark/Exp)
Circuit diagram (0.5 Mark/Exp)
Observation and Calculations (0.5 Mark/Exp)
(0.5 Mark/Exp)
(0.5 Mark/Exp)

Assessment Criteria: Attendance/Class Participation (40 Marks)

Verbal questions will be asked from the theory/performance of the
experiment during the lab.

Experimental Work

(40 Marks)

Paper work ( Circuit diagrams, tables and procedure)

Experimental calculation
Apparatus handling

(10 Marks)
(10 Marks)


Experiment # 1:-

To study the working of step

down transformer.

An apparatus for reducing or increasing the voltage of an
alternating current
An A.C. device used to change high voltage low current
A.C. into low voltage high current A.C. and vice-versa
without changing the frequency
In brief,
1. Transfers electric power from one circuit to another.
2. It does so without a change of frequency.
3. It accomplishes this by electromagnetic induction.
4. Where the two electric circuits are in mutual inductive
influence of each other.

(2)Principle Of Operation
It is based on principle of MUTUAL
INDUCTION. According to which an
e.m.f. is induced in a coil when current in
the neighboring coil changes

(3)Working of a Transformer
1. When current in the primary coil changes
being alternating in nature, a changing
magnetic field is produced.
2. This changing magnetic field gets associated
with the secondary through the soft iron core
3. Hence magnetic flux linked with the
secondary coil changes.
4. Which induces e.m.f. in the secondary.

(4)Apparatus : Transformer
AC Voltage supply
Digital Multimeter (DMM)

(5)Circuit Diagram :- Np>Ns

1. The connections should be neat and tight.
2. The voltmeters, ammeters, are in suitable
3. While doing the experiment do not exceed the
ratings of the transformer. This may lead to
damage of the transformer.
4. Conform the primary and secondary side of the
5. Do not switch ON the power supply unless you
have checked the circuit connections as per the
circuit diagram.

(7)Observation & Calculations :Np>Ns

Experiment # 2:-

To study the working of step up


Apparatus : Transformer
AC Voltage supply
Digital Multimeter (DMM)

Circuit Diagram :-


Observation & Calculations :Np>Ns