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What kinda wave is this

Sawtooth wave
What dangerous locale are
you reminded ofwhen you
see these two images
Hell’s Kitchen , Manhatten
A slightly techie question.
What kind of butterfly is this?
Where would you find these
technical creatures?
Callipers Butterfly ,Java
• Connect is Motown
• Pic 1. Logo of Motown Music
Pic 2. Marvin Gaye . Singer signed
for Motown
Pic 3. Map of Michigan. where the
company started.

Who is this scientist
Gustav Kirchhoff
• The guy in the pic is Shawn Fanning who
developed file sharing system (Napster) over
the internet, made pirating/downloading of
songs possible.
• The second picture is the cd cover of Metallica’s
album “Kill them All”.
• Metallica discovered that a demo of their song ‘I
Disappear’ had been circulating across the
Napster network, even before it was released.
This eventually led to the song being played
on several radio stations across America and
brought to Metallica’s attention that their
entire back catalogue of studio material was
also available. The band responded in 2000
by filing a lawsuit against the service offered
by Napster.
• 1) The Sacrament of the Last Supper
• 2) Vitruvian man
• 3) It is said that the number of bees in a
beehive divided by the number of drones
yields the golden ratio
• 4) pyramid–the Great Pyramid of Giza the
golden ratio is represented by the ratio of the
length of the face (the slope height), inclined
at an angle θ to the ground, to half the length
of the side of the square base, equivalent to
the secant of the angle θ
• The connect is Golden ratio..divine
ratio..extreme and mean ratio, medial
section, divine proportion, divine section
(Latin: sectio divina), golden proportion,
golden cut,[5] and mean of Phidias..Phi..1.6..
Identify the person in this
Adam Smith, British
John McCain
Cover of ?
Lego Recreated --A Hard Day’s
Night, the third album by The
Identify This Trophy
Chess Oscar
Elton John(born as Reginald
Kenneth Dwight) (who wrote a
few song for the Soundtrack of
Lion King (1)), started his
carrier in a band named
Bluesology which had Long
John Baldry (3) on vocals and
Elton Dean(2) on Sax.
His stage name, Elton John,
was taken from the names of 2
and 3.
•  its Oedipus….
Ist pic – he solved the riddle of
sphinx (Greek sphinx)
IInd one – he kills his father and
marries his mother…
the weird behaviour is Oedipus
What is this
Gantt Chart of Anatomy
actor Mohan Lal
Pic 2 is of V D Savarkar, an
Indian freedom fighter
The connect is Cellular jail
Mohan Lal played an impt role
in the movie Saza-e-kalapani
based on the Cellular jail and
Savarkar was imprisoned for
life (actually 50 years) at the
same jail.