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In a short period of three decades, computer has become a household item all around the
world. With the introduction of Internet, in the 90s, computers became a significant
medium to communicate with people around the world. It became a source of information
and now there is an increasing number of businesses shifting toward e-Commerce, which
means doing business on the Internet. From a few hundred thousand pages on the
Internet in 1994, there are now over a billion pages and these are being added at the rate
of about a million new pages every day.

Printing is a process for reproducing text and images using a master form or template.
The earliest examples include Cylinder seals and other objects such as the Cyrus
Cylinder and the Cylinders of Nabonidus. The earliest known form of woodblock printing
came from China dating to before 220 A.D. Later developments in printing include
the movable type, first developed by Bi Sheng in China, and the printing press, a more
efficient printing process for western languages with their more limited alphabets,
developed by Johannes Gutenberg in the fifteenth century.


printing is done typically with ink on paper using a printing

press. Its also frequently done on metals, plastics, cloth and
composite materials. On paper it is often carried out as a large-scale
industrial process, and is an essential part of publishing and
transaction printing.


1953, the first high-speed printer was developed by RemingtonRand for use on the Univac computer.


Chester Carlson invented a dry printing process called

electrophotography commonly called a Xerox, the foundation
technology for laser printers to come.

Internet in the Philippines has been undergoing development

since it was first made available in 1994. As of September 30, 2011,
more than 30,000,000 people use the internet in the country
accounting for 33% of the total population. Internet connectivity
speed in the Philippines is among the slowest in the world.

The location of the building was chosen in order to correspond to our

space requirements, and also to be situated in the proximity of the
elementary and high schools, in a high visibility area.

The activity will be targeted towards the student and teacher clienteles
also residents of not only Hipona but we also expect clients from
President Roxas and Pontevedra and accordingly we expect a high
demand for services such as tarpaulin printing, document printing,
typing jobs, photocopying, photo printing, scanning, and lay-outing. In
addition to the said services we will offer digital mug printing, cap and
folded fan printing, computer reformatting, internet surfing services,
digital t-shirt printing, customized stickers for indoors, outdoors and
also cars, we also offer unique invitation printing for all kinds of events
with the design specially unique and custom made according to the
preference of the client/s and to add we will also offer photography
and videography services at very affordable and reasonable prices.
Aside from this we will have a mini snack bar caf where our clients
can order snacks and drinks while they wait for their prints.


business will be named Cybernique Snack Bar Caf and



name Cybernique came from two combinedwords cyber and

unique. Cyber is a term often used in names coined for "electronic"
or computer-related counterparts of a pre-existing product or service;
and nique or Unique meaning being the only one of its kind; unlike
anything else.

Snack Bar usually refers to an inexpensive food counter that is part of a

permanent structure where snack foods and light meals are sold.


may refer to a coffeehouse, bar, tea room, small and cheap

restaurant, transport cafe, or other casual eating and drinking place,
depending on the culture.

The name Printshoppe are from two combined words Print meaning
to mark with a colored design or pattern and Shoppe a deliberately
archaic spelling of shop.


establishment will be located at Real Street, Barangay Hipona,

Pontevedra, Capiz. It is situated in front of the Barangay Hall and in
the middle the Hipona Elementary School building and Hipona
National High School Building. The establishment is located just along
the road.

Our type of business will be partnership.

Marvy Jane L. Orario
John Reb Ballejo
Ian Distor
Daronld Pruto
Roxanne Joy Intrepido


aim to give our clients the best, quality and unique

prints and services suited for our clients preferences.


snack bar caf will offer a wide range of snacks like

burgers, fries, pasta dishes, cupcakes, frappes, cold coffee,
hot coffee, smoothies and shakes so that while they wait
they can have a scrumptious meal or a drink.


also have an internet caf where they can do surfing,

video calling and chatting. Since we are located near
schools, we will prohibit gaming in our computer systems.

What makes our business different from other competitors is that we

put our best effort and most creative way to be able to put to life the
visions or envisioned designs of our clients making it unique and one
of a kind and that we do not use any substandard inks and papers in
printing the hard copies. We also aim to get the job done as early as
we can.

Our vision is to maintain and to be the
acknowledged leader in quality printing
through consistent improvement in quality.


mission is to provide exceptional service and to follow

through on our promises. We will strive to deliver
individualized solutions to all our client's printing needs and
give them the best and the most unique outputs that could
satisfy them best.