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Joseph Campbell

American Mythologist and

His theory: All mythic
narratives follow a common
pattern regardless of their
time of creation.
The Hero with A
Thousand Faces
The Heros Journey in Pop
Star Wars
Finding Nemo
The Matrix
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
The Hunger Games
Batman Begins, The
Dark Knight, and The
Dark Knight Rises
According to Campbell,
there are 17 stages in the
Heros Journey.
12 stages were shown in the
sections of Beowulf that we

1) Call to Adventure: The Hero is presented with an
2) Refusal of the Call: The Hero refuses the adventure.
3) Supernatural Aid: A magical being serves as a guide or
gives the hero a magical power.
4) Crossing the First Threshold: The hero crosses the
first step of the adventure.
5) The Belly of the Whale: The realization that life is
6) The Road of Trials: The hero faces a series of tasks
and tests that must be completed to continue.
7) Apotheosis: A period of rest, peace, and fulfillment
before the hero begins his or her return.
8) The Ultimate Boon: The hero achieves the goal of
the quest.
The Return
9) The Magical Flight: The hero must escape with the
10) The Crossing of the Return Threshold: Hero takes
the wisdom learned on the journey and uses it in
everyday life.
11) Master of the Two Worlds: The hero learns to
balance between his old and new life.
12) Freedom to Live: The hero no longer fears death
and is able to live in the moment.
Departure in
Finding Nemo
Call to Adventure: Nemo is caught by
the men in the boat.
Refusal of the Call: Marlin (Nemos
dad) is afraid to swim in the open ocean.
Supernatural Aid: Marlin meets Dory.
She teaches Marlin to not be afraid.
Crossing the First Threshold: Dory
convinces Marlin to leave the safe part of
the ocean to save Nemo. They pass Bruce
& the sharks.
The Belly of the Whale: Marlin and
Dory are in the belly of the whale. They
realize they need help to find Nemo.
The Road of Trials: Marlin and
Dory must navigate through a
series of tasks to get to Australia.
Apotheosis: Marlin and Dory
rest with Crush and Squirt in the
The Ultimate Boon: Marlin
and Dory reach Sydney Harbor
and save Nemo.
The Return
The Magical Flight: Marlin
must return to his coral reef with
Nemo and Dory.
Crossing the Return
Threshold: Marlin and Dory
follow the path they learned to
return to the reef.
Master of Two Worlds: Marlin
learns to allow Nemo to explore
and grow up while still being a
protective and loving father.
Freedom to Live: Marlin is no
longer afraid of the open ocean.