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9/18/2014 Ashok Rao 1

Rajeev and Company

Manufacturers of High Quality
Ball Valves under brand name
9/18/2014 Ashok Rao 2
Our Group
Group started in 1984 as Rao
Started manufacturing plain
polyester cloth
In 1985, invented Polyester Sarees
Polyester Saree becomes an
instant hit
The group expanded its business
9/18/2014 Ashok Rao 3
Starting Valve
In 1996 Diversified into Engineering.
Factory land bought at Dewarwadi
Village in Kolhapur Dist.
Started manufacturing Balls for Ball
Valves for Ball Valve manufacturers
Supplied Balls, Stems, Plugs to various
Valve Manufacturers such as BDK,
Habonim Vaas, Fisher Xomox, Valve
Industries, Jayflow Industries
9/18/2014 Ashok Rao 4
Manufacture of Ball
Started full fledged Ball Valve
manufacturing in 2006 under the
brand name KAVAATA.
KAVAATA means valves in
Flange End Ball Valves, Screwed
End Ball Valves, Forged Steel Ball
Valves are manufactured.
9/18/2014 Ashok Rao 5
Our Present Products
Our present range of valves include the following
a) Ball Valves Flanged end 3 piece design non-fire
safe,150#, in WCB,CF8,CF8M,Super Duplex 2507 -
sizes : 0.5" to 4"
b) Ball Valves Flanged End 2 piece Design Fire Safe,
150#, in WCB,CF8,CF8M,Super Duplex 2507 - Sizes :
1" to 6"
c) Ball Valves Screwed End 3 piece design non fire
safe, upto 600#, in WCB,CF8,CF8M,Super Duplex
2507 - Sizes : 0.5" to 2" (BSP/NPT/BSPT, Socket
d) Ball Valves Screwed End 2 piece (also called single
piece) non fire safe, upto 300#. In WCB, CF8, CF8M,
Super Duplex 2507 - Sizes : 0.5" to 2"
(BSP/NPT/BSPT, Socket Weld)

Products contd.
e) Ball Valve Flange End 3 Way L port, non-fire safe,
150# and 300#, in WCB,CF8,CF8M,Super Duplex
2507 - Sizes : 0.5" to 8"
f) Ball Valve Metal Seat, Flange End / Screwed End /
Socket Weld 3 piece design, Temp upto
527 deg C, WCB - Sizes : 0.5" to 4" for Flange End,
0.5" to 2" for Screwed End and Socket weld ends.
g) Ball Valve, High Pressure, Screwed End, MS body,
up to 400 bar - Size 0.5" to 1"
h) Ball Valves, Forged Steel A105, Screwed end
(BSP,NPT, BSPT) and Socket weld, 800#,reduced
bore - Size : 0.5" to 2".

9/18/2014 Ashok Rao 6
9/18/2014 Ashok Rao 7
Standards are followed diligently
Genuine ISO 17292 (BS5351), API 6D,
ASME B 16.34 standards available
Special requirements catered to
All machining done on CNC machines
In- house
ISO 9001 : 2008 certified
API monogram certification under

9/18/2014 Ashok Rao 8
Positive material identification
Fully scalable, state of the art
Highly qualified promoters and
highly trained staff
Licensed Design software (Alibre)
for design and analysis
Full fledged testing facility
9/18/2014 Ashok Rao 9
What market wants
A manufacturer who can
Make international quality
Understand customers
Follow standards
Deliver safe and guaranteed valve
Assure 100% testing
Be Competitive
9/18/2014 Ashok Rao 10
Our Mission
To bridge the gap between the market
requirement and product availability.
To give international quality and reliability We
are under the process of acquiring API
monogram certification.
Manufacture Valves as per standards with proper
valve thickness, correct MOC, low operating
torque, suitable seat material.
Adopt state of the art manufacturing technology
Expand range to include specific customer
Faster deliveries
Competitive pricing

Some of our present customers are
HLL Lifecare Ltd
JSW Steels Ltd
J.K.Papers Ltd
Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd
Tata Metalliks Ltd
Wipro Ltd
9/18/2014 Ashok Rao 11
Customers cont..
Solaris Chem Tech Industries Ltd
Dai-ichi Karkaria Ltd
Moog India Technology Center
Palfinger Cranes India Ltd
Indo-Borax and Chemicals Ltd
United Heat Exchangers Pvt Ltd
Radiant Engineers

9/18/2014 Ashok Rao 12
We are regularly exporting to the following
We have also exported to
Czech Republic
9/18/2014 Ashok Rao 13
Contact Details
Rajeev and Company
423, Nazar Camp Cross 3,
Main Road, Vadgaon,
Belgaum 590005
Ph : 0831-2482327/2484635
Mob : 9243222573/9243220173
Email :
Website :

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