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Hillside Sedona
Hillside Sedona - World
Class Shopping Center

Welcome to Hillside Sedona

- A premier world class
shopping center in the
heart of Sedona, Arizona.
With Red Rock Views,
Cascading Water Featres,
Specialt! Shopping,
"istincti#e "ining, $alleries
$alore...%t&s All Here'

Hillsides specialty shops and boutiques

ofer shoppers an idyllic shopping center
experience that is a world away from most
shopping malls. Shops ofer a touch of
whimsy as well and practical function and
are interspersed with lush gardens,
sculptures and water features.

Theres a sprinkle of Sedona magic in the

delightful gifts, unique home dcors, latest
fashions, and delectable food items
a!ailable from any of the Sedona shops.
"o ahead. #nter one of the Sedona
boutiques and be delightfully surprised$
Specialty Shopping in Sedona

Hillside Sedona shops and specialt! (oti)es

(ring a ni)e and delightfl twist to the
ordinar!. %t*s like entering a magical world
when !o step into or Sedona stores.
"isco#er e+)isite ,ewelr!, fnctional and
decorati#e potter!, and colorfl stoneware.
-odern frnitre, .ne rgs, and home d/cors
come in attention-gra((ing designs and color
com(inations. 0+traordinar! collections of
minerals and fossils showcase natre*s
original masterpieces.

Tra!elling brings the expectation of

%nding something to bring back
home to remind us of the wonderful
place we en&oyed. (t Hillside
Sedona, you can %nd
beautiful)corthat is not only
functional, but beautiful as well.
*rom (lyshaan *ine +ugs gorgeous
and timeless rugs from all o!er the
world, to (rte by (mbers "ifts and
)ecor, you will %nd something to
treasure when you get back home.
(lso, most of the shops and
galleries at Hillside Sedona ha!e
many selections of unique and
special home decor items.
Distinctive Dining in Sedona
Take a break from the everyday and pamper
yourself with mouth-watering foods.

Hillside o1ers a delicios assortment of Sedona

A2 restarants that will de.nitel! delight the
taste (ds. Sedona restarants at Hillside o1er
4a#orfl mens that engage all the senses.
Whate#er !or food cra#ing is for 5American
fare, athentic -e+ican cisine, %rish p( food,
e+otic Vietnamese, or a delecta(le dessert5
there*s a restarant for e#er! mood. 0+perience
Sedona dining at its .nest. %ndlge in clinar!
delights sch as perfectl! grilled seafood,
delicatel! tossed fresh #eggie salads, and melt-in-
!or-moth pastries.
Fine Art Galleries
Hillside Sedona is proud to house
some of Arizonas fnest galleries

They represent artworks that include original art

in !arious genres created by world,class masters
as well as intriguing art pieces produced by local

-alk into a Hillside %ne art gallery and be

surrounded by .aintings, /ron0es, Sculpture,
"lassworks, -ood 1ar!ing, 2ewelry, .hotography,
and Textiles. *or more information about a
Sedona gallery, click a logo on this page.
The Bridge At Hillside venue

The /ridge (t Hillside !enue is an

exquisite, serene indoor and outdoor
magni%cent space to celebrate your
wedding and is closed to tourists !isiting
Hillside Sedona during your entire e!ent.
-e host from two to se!enty guests.

3agni%cent red rock !iews are seen from

both the 1hapel and /allroom ha!e 4oor to
ceiling glass walls and breathtaking !istas
from the .atio. The Terrace features 5#)
crystal potted trees, soft outoor lighting
and a large pergola.
Contact Information

Hillside Sedona
678 SR 879 Sedona, A2 :6;;6

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