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Bored waiting on toll booths??? Why
not help in countries development in
your free time ??
Concept of diesel free bus will bring a new
revolution to the country and new thinking
to world.
What is Piezoelectric effect???
Appearance of an electric potential across certain
faces of a crystal when it is subjected to mechanical
pressure is known as Piezoelectric effect.

Piezoelectric ceramics belong to the group of
ferroelectric materials. Ferroelectric materials are
crystals which are polar without an electric field
being applied.
Cane sugar , BaTiO3 etc. are the piezoelectric
substances which have low cost. When mechanical
force is exerted on this crystal their domains get
aligned forming two potential points , which in turn
leads to creation of potential difference.
Application of piezoelectric effect
The above roads can be made up of movable speed breakers with shockups
Piezoelectric crystals will be placed below this speed breaker for creation
of piezoelectricity .
Heavy vehicle can apply a lot mechanical force on
Thus The piezoelectricity produced from this vehicle
can be utilized to light the Toll booth and lights on
Piezoelectric crystals will be placed below this base when people will stand or
Walk over this base they will exert mechanical force on this crystals .
This applied mechanical pressure will lead to vibrations, and then
potential difference will be produced.

This potential difference will be would be provided to
various gadgets of bus like tubelights fans/AC,head
light, tail light.etc.
This reduces the load on battery, and consumed diesel
would be reduced.
In future we can modify our bus to hybrid bus by just
applying voltage and current amplifiers. The
piezoelectricity can be amplified and provided directly
to starter and rotar of the bus, so that we need not use
combustion motors. This will reduce use of diesel.
Experimentally it is proved that GaN requires just
about of 12.8x10-18 m2 area for producing 1 v of
potential difference.
Piezoelectric dance floors
Conclusion :-
Piezoelectricity is a clean source of
we can utilise piezoelectricity for
various applications.
Use of piezoelectricity should be
made atleast near rural parts of India
so that every village in India gets

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