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Methods and Some Ideas in

Writing of Scientific Papers from

Research Results for National
and International Journals
Dr.rer nat. Arifudin Idrus
Department of Geological Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Gadjah Mada University
Jl. Grafika 2 Bulaksumur 55281-Yogyakarta
Some tricks: Learning from own experiences
Starting point: Reading and reading papers
from both national and international
journals (particularly international journals).
Pay attention on how are the papers written:
Styles and systematic writing of the scientific
Dont forget to read the references cited in
the papers (situated in last part of the papers)
Get some ideas for collecting and
determining some titles and systematics of
the dreamt papers.
Research for Publication
Design a qualified research (not easy-but
possible) Need a collaborative research?
There are numerous competitive grants Need
a qualified scientific proposal?
Targeting the results of research for publication
particularly in International journals.
Focus in processing, evaluation and
interpretation of research data.
Creative in laying out of the data/results for
Writing and Writing
Writing: easy-but-difficult, so needs practices.
Systematic writing following the author
instructions/guidelines (note: every journal
is different)
Avoid too long sentences/compound
sentences need to be breakdown
Use the most appropriate words/terms
Published in the appropriate journals (field,
rank, citation index, etc)
Jurnal Geologi Indonesia
Publisher: Badan Geologi, DESDM
Judul (Title)
Sari (Abstract)
Pendahuluan (Introduction)
Metoda Penelitian
Hasil dan Analisis (Results and Analysis)
Pembahasan (Discussion)
Kesimpulan & Saran (Conclusion &
Ucapan Terima Kasih (Acknowledgements)
Bahan Pustaka (References)

Jurnal Geologi Indonesia
Publisher: Badan Geologi, DESDM
Contents & General Requirements
Content: Research Result or Review of
geological objects
General requirements:
Written in Bahasa or English
Abstract in Bahasa and English
1.5 Spaces
Electronic file and printed in HVS paper of A4
in size
Font: 12-point Times New Roman

Publisher: Faculty of Engineering, GMU
Bagian Awal (Previous Part)
Judul (Title), Nama penulis (Author) & Sari
(Abstract). Abstract is written in English
Bagian Utama (Main Part)
Pendahuluan (Introduction), Tulisan Pokok (Main
Text Body), Kesimpulan & Saran (Conclusion &
Bagian Akhir (Last Part)
Ucapan Terima Kasih (Acknowledgements) (if
needed), Keterangan simbol (Symbol remarks),
Bahan Pustaka (References)

No. 3 Tahun XXX Edisi Agustus 2008, p. 276-283
Transport and Deposition of Copper and Gold in Porphyry Deposit: A
Constraint from Microthermometry and Hydrothermal Biotite
Chemistry (Arifudin Idrus)
The Batu Hijau Porphyry Deposit
Literature Reviews
Analytical Procedures
Fluid inclusion microthermometry
Halogen (F, Cl) chemistry of hydrothermal biotite
Partition of copper and gold
Transport and deposition of copper and gold

Publishing scientific papers in
International Journals
Resource Geology:

an International
Publisher: Blackwell,
Victoria, Australia

Resource Geology

Instructions to Authors
Writing Systematics
Title page
Figure and table captions
Figures and tables.
Chemical Composition of Rock-Forming Minerals in
Copper Gold-Bearing Tonalite Porphyries at the Batu Hijau Deposit,
Sumbawa Island, Indonesia: Implications for Crystallization
Conditions and Fluorine Chlorine Fugacity
Regional Geology
Local Geology/Mine Geology
Bulk Rock Geochemistry
Chemical Composition of Rock-forming Minerals
Temperature-Pressure-Oxygen Fugacity
Fluorine-Chlorine Fugacity
Original Article
Resource Geology
Vol. 57, No. 2,
p. 102-133.
Publisher: Black-
well, Victoria,
Uncorrected Proof
Resource Geology
Vo. 59, No.3,
p. 215-230

Short Communication
Resource Geology
Vol. 59, No. 3
p. 209-306
Color page
JPY 70.000/Page
Max. page: 12 pages

Over-page charge:
JPY 10.000/page
Executive Licence Form
Should be completed
& signed
Executive Licence Form
Should be completed
& signed
Instruction for
checking page
Review Sheet
Resource Geology
Review Sheet
Mineralium Deposita

Acceptance Proof
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Subject: Acceptance proof
From: "Yoshi KAJIWARA" <>
Date: Mon, April 27, 2009 4:06 pm
Acceptance proof: MS(1)

Idrus, A., Kolb, J. and Meyer, F. M.: "Mineralogy, lithogeochemistry and elemental mass balance of the hydrothermal alteration associated with the gold-
rich Batu Hijau porphyry copper deposit, Sumbawa Island, Indonesia".
Corresponding author: Arifudin Idrus; Department of Geological Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Gadjah Mada University, J1. Grafika 2 Bulaksumur
(55281), Yogyakarta, Indonesia. [].

Dear Dr. Arifudin Idrus,
I am pleased to confirm that your joint paper above has been accepted
as an original article for publication in the journal Resource Geology. The paper is scheduled to appear in No. 3 issue, Vol. 59, which will be published
online in the end of August, 2009. Thank you very much for your contribution to Resource Geology. Your continued cooperation with us would be

Sincerely yours,

Yoshimichi Kajiwara (D.Sc.)
Editor-in-Chief, Resource Geology
E-mail: []

Postal/courier: 2-18 Kamitakatsu-shinmachi, Tsuchiura, 300-0819 Japan
<Please Note>
*This is an official notice of acceptance proof. If necessary, however, I will be ready to send an original signed letter of acceptance by air mail to you upon
your request.
Thank you for your kind attention
Explore your potential in writing scientific
papers to be presented/published in
seminars, workshops, conferences, and both
in national and international journals

You can do it, you only need patience and
willingness. So, YOU WANNA TRY..??