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MindtheGap Career Mentoring


Mind The Gap Career Mentoring Programme
In a recent World Bank report, the university graduates in Nigeria were found to be generally lacking ICT skills, team
qualities, innovative and creative thinking, numerical skills and communication skills (both written and verbal). In effect,
most graduates of Nigerian universities are neither employable nor qualified to compete in the global economic arena.
They have had very limited practical experience and applied learning process since the academic system did not
guarantee opportunities for internship and exposure to best practices. Most of them have cerebral knowledge but
limited practical experience of work place realities. Their entrepreneurship and leadership skills are not enough to either
attract professional mentors or investors

Employers are equally frustrated and most are now unwilling to invest huge resources in training employees to attain
the minimum skilled required as such basic investment is considered a waste in an environment with high staff turnover.

Mind The Gap Career Mentoring Programme is a mainstreaming platform for corporate Nigeria and other well meaning
Nigerians to invest their wealth and knowledge capital into the younger generation in order to achieve sustainable development

Mission, Vision & Goals...
Our Mission: To Leapfrog a minimum of 10% of Nigeria Graduates to Global Relevance &
Gainful Employment

Our Vision: To build a STRONG and INFLUENTIAL Network of Corporate Nigeria
Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Technocrat.

Our Goals
Institutionalise the Mentoring Programme into the NYSC
Mobilize and Organise Corporate Nigeria into active Public-Private Partnership with NYSC
Establish a new culture and process of continuous self development
Reduce cost of entry level recruitment for organisation
Build a dependable database of skilled manpower
Build High Impact Community Development Infrastructures & services
Deepen the second bottom-line of Brands & Businesses that Shapes our Future BBSF Trademark

Our Overriding mandate... our youth the TRUTH
to know...


NYSC core objective MTGap Project Phase MTGap Project Duration
Mobilization & Orientation Career Summit & Inter Platoon Debate (putting a career
focus on the Corps Members and recruiting MindtheGap

10 Days Career Campaign at the Orientation
Primary Assignment Monthly Career Seminar and 5 1 Mentoring Programme,
Peer Education (business skill , Laptop Acquisition, ICT ,
Microsoft , PMP , etc Certifications)

8 Months skills building with Coaches
Community Service Service Learning through Personal Community Development
Project ( special project; Neighbourhood Study Group NSG)
6 Months SSCE/JAMB candidate preparation
Winding Up: JASA Week Good2Go ...Job Creation & Employability Programme
Leapfrog Institute (post NYSC guide & instruction)
5 Days intensive energy deployment workshop
and post NYSC hand holding: Job Creation &
The MindThe Gap project operate under the following phases
The objective is to
validate the
commitment of every
stakeholder and also
serves as a quarterly
appraisal and
benchmarking for the
The objective of this phase
is to expose the Corps
Members to the Dynamics
of the Marketplace, put a
career focus on them and
persuade them to use the
service year Mind Their
Gap by addressing their
Education and Labour
The objective of the
community (mentoring)
phase is to create a
platform where the
mentors assist the
protg to identify their
career, build the
necessary skill and
develop a five (5) years
The objective of this phase
is to inspire a bottom up
career guardians for the
secondary school student
and arrest the trend of
failure in the NECO and
WAEC examinations while
helping the Corps Members
(Protgs) to develop their
leadership experience
MindtheGap Mentoring Modules...
National Development & Value Creation (iBrand)
Information and Communication Technology
Project Management
Strategic Thinking
Human Resources Management
Selling and Communicating Value
Sustainable Development

Monthly Career Mentoring Process
OPERATIONAL STRATEGY: The community phase will take place on the first Saturday of every month for the project duration
across the Nation. This community phase is also known as the Monthly Career Session (MCS)

Monthly Career Session (MCS) will be a monthly 3 hours session (with 1 hr housekeeping) The MCS will be
conducted as follows:

Module Introduction (45mins): the module for the month is generally discussed by a facilitator before the audience. He/she
describes the objective and scope of the module from the Mind the Gap Handbook.

Question and Answer session (15mins): general questions are asked by the audience, the objective is to clarify doubts and
ensure compliance with the projects overall objective.

Break-out session (60mins): this is a group discussion or dialogue between the mentors and their respective protgs. Here, the
career coach discusses the module in-depth with his/her mentors. The mentor shall guide the protgs to understand the
application of the module to his/her personal career development. The mentor shall also guide the protg to set his/her monthly
goal or milestone. The monthly goal is broken down as follows:

COMMUNITY PHASE WEEKLY ASSIGNMENT: This is designed to move protgs from the Awareness to Mastery Level in the
Monthly module and set clear growth plan in the module beyond the month and establish professional mentorship (if necessary)
depending on the relevance of the module to each protgs career path planning.
Weekly Mentoring Exercises...
Week Task Deadline
Module Essay/Book review:
The protg is expected to write an essay on the monthly module. The essay shall be on the
relevance of the module (eg. Entrepreneurship) to the protgs career development.
The protg shall buy at least one of the recommended books for the month.

Essay should be submitted via email to the mentor by
the following Thursday.
The mentors will review on Friday and forward
comment via email. The essay review is on Monday.
Module Personification:
The protg shall research five people who are role models of the relevance of the module to
their career. Write a report of your findings and interview on ONLY one of the five role models.
The report Must be ready before the Monthly
appraisal week. The list of five role models and report
must get to the mentor by Wednesday of the third
Master Mind Group:
The protg shall meet with one another in the same group to discuss their findings, level of
awareness and necessary steps that can be taken in order to increase their efficiency on the
module. Protgs are also advised to treat GMAT and other test questions.

Develop a personal growth plan which will be
exchanged between group members and submitted
for appraisal.
Module review /Monthly Appraisal Week:
Mentors and protgs shall meet for their monthly appraisal. The mentor will grade protgs on
their weekly milestones and will also counsel the protg towards their areas of improvement.
Submit Monthly appraisal to MTGap through:
MindtheGap CREED
We are Problem solvers, World changer, Premium Graduates
We are ICT savvy; we have personal laptops & leveraging social media
We have personal CDS project & honing our skills with it
We embrace Project Management to make the most of our career

We are Leapfroggers: Regrouping, Retraining, Retooling & Refocusing

We are Premium Graduates;
Innovative, Enterprising, Digitally Ready, Community Focused,
Easy Starter, Cliques Easily & Morally Balanced
Therefore , we are Globally Relevant & Gainfully Employed.
We are Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs & Social Enterpreneurs