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Corporate Social Responsibility

Shelly Mistry M/FD/11/21

The Bombay Store

In the early 1900s while India was still under the British rule, one of the strongest manifestations of mass awakening was, the desire to patronize all that was swadeshi (Made in India). Great Indian patriots and businessmen like Lokmanya Tilak, Sir Ratanji Jamshedji Tata amongst others conceived Bombay Swadeshi Co-Op Stores Co. Ltd, which came into existence on 17th December 1905. It became the first retail organization to be listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. In the present age of globalization, the swadeshi movement has little significance. As the store now caters to an audience with a contemporary mindset, the brand was therefore rechristened in December 1995 as The Bombay Store

Corporate Social Responsibility

Businesses should always strive towards improving the quality of life of people by offering safe and excellent products or services to its customers.
Further, they should respect, protect, and make efforts to restore the environment by using the principle of reduce-reuse&-recycle Companies that conduct such exercises are seen as lesser risky ones due to their social commitment and environmental compliance

Advantages of CSR

Employee Motivation and Retention

Brand recognition Product Differentiation

Customer Loyalty
Socio-Economic Development Financial Performance

+ The Bombay Store has always been involved in CSR activities.

We began with Magic Bus last year in a big way and have continued to do so. If every brand feels uncomfortable associating with sensitive issues, how will those be ever addressed? As a socially responsible brand, we do not wait for a cause/issue to become fashionable, before being associated with it. We feel social media brings together a lot of people for a good cause. It has now evolved into a platform to not only reach people but also support the cause and help people. Its just not child abuse we are also supporting other NGOs for their fundraiser events by giving them a platform at our stores. This has been well received by our community members.

- C.E.O, The Bombay Store

The Cutting Chai Candle

In association with the NGO Birthright, Bombay store sells the Cutting Chai Candles made by the tribal women of a small village near Nasik. Providing them with raw materials, theyve taught the women of the village to make lovely vanilla scented candles. The village ladies are given solar panels on the roofs of their homes, as the village lacks electricity.

Not just Art

During Diwali 2012, Products like diyas, stationery, gift bags and more made by the Art Section of the Paraplegic Foundation, were retailed at The Bombay Store. The entire collection was sold out, the revenue of which was donated to the Foundation.

Laugh for a Cause

In July 2012, The Bombay Store tied up with Project Crayons, an NGO that works to empower the marginalized communities of society for a fundraiser evening. Comedians from the Schitzengiggles group performed at the event. Funds raised were donated to the causes of School on Wheels and Young Womens Welfare Centre

Rakshabandhan with Akanksha Foundation

For Rakshabandhan in 2012, the Bombay store wholeheartedly welcomed the rakhis made by the kids of the Akanksha Foundation.
The Bombay Store showcased and sold these rakhis to raise funds for a better future of those kids.

The Akanksha Foundation is a non-profit organization with the vision to one day equip all students with the education, skills and character they need to lead empowered lives.

Funny Side Up

The Bombay Store collaborated with Ekansh Trust to organize an event Funny Side Up.
Popular Comedians, including Rohan Joshi, Aditi Mittal and the Schitzengiggles hosted a show for the audience.

Funds raised at the event went towards Empowering People with Disabilities.

Say No to Child Abuse

Stand up against Child Sexual Abuse.

The Bombay Store hosted Stand up against Child Sexual Abuse an evening of enriching talks, film screening, discussions and musical performances on the issue of child sexual abuse. Organized by NGOs The Foundation and Arpan to spread awareness.

Comedy for a Cause

An evening of comedy organized by Tamarind Tree to raise funds for a school at Dahanu, Maharashtra.
Renowned stand up comedians graced the event with their wonderful performances.

The Bombay Store helps raise funds for such causes by giving them a venue to perform and helping them host these events.

Magic Bus

The Bombay Store supported the cause of Magic Bus by developing, sourcing and retailing merchandise at their stores with the aim of creating an independent and sustainable revenue source for Magic Bus

Magic Bus is an Indian not for profit company dedicated to harnessing the power of sports to develop the lives of children from marginalized communities in India

Elephant Parade

The Bombay Store is the first Indian retail brand to be associated with Elephant Parade, an international social enterprise with a unique combination of art, business and conservation.
Elephant Parade conducts the worlds largest open-air art exhibition of decorated elephant statues that seeks to attract public awareness and support for Asian elephant conservation. 20% of Elephant Parade profits are donated to the Asian Elephant Foundation.

We are glad to be +

associated with a prestigious brand like The Bombay Store. I am sure we would be able to convert this initiative into a global movement in India too. Our open-air art exhibitions create millions of smiles and raise awareness of the need for elephant conservation. We are happy to be present in

India through our merchandise at The Bombay Store. We are confident that we will create a lot of supporters for Asian Elephants in India.
Mike Spits, Founder of the Elephant Parade

List of NGOs associated with The Bombay Store:

Birthright Paraplegic Akanksha Ekansh



Tamarind Magic Asian



Bus Elephant Conservation