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Throughout the Reproductive Life Course: Opportunities & Challenges for Empowering Girls & Women

Meeting Goals & Objectives

Goals: 1. Disseminate knowledge and identify gaps about effective approaches for empowered decisionmaking throughout the reproductive life course; and 2. Explore the use of these findings to strengthen programs, and stimulate new interventions and research opportunities. Themes: Youth Using Family Planning to Prevent High-Risk Pregnancies Community-Based Services Family Planning Integration with Health Services Multisectoral Family Planning Links with NonHealth Activities Integration of Empowerment or Motivational Components

*Diagram developed by the USAID-funded Evidence to Action (E2A) Project

Day 1, morning 3 sessions in Chinese room Day 1, afternoon 2 concurrent sessions; Chinese and Virginia rooms Day 2, morning 3 sessions in Chinese room Day 2, afternoon 1 concurrent session; Chinese and Virginia rooms
All sessions will allow adequate time for Q&A and interactive discussion

Evaluation & IP Forms

Evaluation forms - How interesting, cutting-edge, informative and compelling were the sessions? - How was the organization of the meeting? Intellectual Property Presenters, if you have not yet done so already, please sign an intellectual property form.

Group Work
Day 2: Afternoon Group work brings up participants experience; summary will be included in the meeting report. We will: Learn from each other (Pearls, Best Practices) Identify research gaps to guide stakeholders and planners Provide programmatic recommendations for USAID, HRSA and other partners

Many thanks to everyone who made this meeting possible!

- Authors -Presenters -Moderators -Coordinators - Participants