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Oyo State Education Transformation Agenda

Scope of the Transformation Agenda

Facilities ( Schools ) Teaching Tools & Aids Technology etc

Students Teachers Administrators

Fund Raising Organization Implementation.

Infrastructure Gap Analysis


Programs People


Conduct a Current State Assessment of Oyo State's Educational system including the Infrastructure and rating of students' performance; ii. Conduct a Gap Analysis: identifying both leading Nigerian and International states as benchmark, to ascertain the direction and pattern of roadmap for development. * Engage independent consultantsbuilding and management consultants as appropriate for independent opinion on i and ii above.


This forms the segment of the OYSETA that will serve as the Quick-Wins, and as such might be the most capital intensive in the short-term. It shall involve the following activities: i. Model School Structure: Design and Develop model of Economical Efficient and Effective Teaching facility to be replicated across the state: stating with one(1) model school per local government area;

ii. Remodeling and Renovation: Since not all existing schools can be immediately converted to the model school type, identify existing schools across LGAs that can be immediately upgraded through remodeling and renovation; iii. Revival of the State Libraries: alongside the use of online libraries, existing libraries in the state shall be resuscitated in collaboration with the National Library Commission, promote he reading culture and to ensure the students have access to required reading materials at levels.


This includes activities to develop both the teachers (as well as administrators) and their students for medium to long-term benefits i. Skill Set Analysis: aimed at evaluating he competence and fitness of teachers, the skill set analysis will be conducted With the aim of ensuring that the round Pegs are placed in the round holes for maximum impact. It will end up with the identification of suitable teachers as well as those with developmental needs.

ii. Continuous Train the Trainer exercise: This entails the annual development of a Training Needs Assessment schedule for all teachers in the State employ, emanating from the Performance Evaluation Report and developing training programmes for them in conjunction with the private sector consultants as well as international educational organizations iii. Student Encouragement and Development


As part of the activities to drive this initiative, the following programs will be embarked upon to support, facilitate and sustain the OYSETA: i. Setting-up of Oyo State Education Transformation Fund: a public private sector initiative aimed at mobilizing funds for the development of the education sector in Oyo State, similar to the Security Trust Fund in Lagos State. This is necessary because the government alone cannot raise the funds needed for the resuscitation of the educational sector and to encourage corporate social responsibility in the private sector.

In addition to the Fund, a legislation can also be sent to the House of Assembly for the introduction or enforcement of a State Tax law to promote taxation of companies operating in the state for the development of the education-sector. ii. Inauguration of Local School Governing Boards: a Governing Board saddled with the responsibility for administrating, coordinating and implementing the programs under the OYSETA shall be setup at each Local Government Area of the state. These Governing Boards shall be made up of seasoned teachers or educational practitioners who hail from the respective Local Government Areas, who are to work with the Office of the Hon. Commissioner for Education in raise funds, implementing and administering the schools at the grassroots level.