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1.What is the name of the Hotel

-The name of the hotel BARCELO

2,What is the objetive of the agency -To invite touristis offering them the best comfort and care 3,What is the name of the agency -Love Vacation 4.What is the itinerary of the second day -Second night,Hawaiian night whith artist Silvestre Dangond



-THE FLIGHT LANDS AT 22:00 HOUR At 16:00 hours everyday the island cruise At 6:00am to 7:00 pm GYM Main touristic places in the afternoons it is good time to go some touristic sites Importants sites Museum Maya

Parc Nizuc
Jungle tours Prices: the cost of the tryp all inclusive cost 24.732 mexican pesos And colombian cost $4.000.000

February 03th Reviewing tenses Presentation Andres felipe henao & Alejandro Barrientos

HOTEL LE BURGUNDY A&A Travel Agency 1.What is the objetive of the agency -We ofter the oportunity to visit any place around the world to any kin of people 2.How much is the trip -The trip cost 2.700Cop- $4.056.oooCup

3.Where is the senate of Pars -Luxembourg Gardens

4.What was the first and most important monument in Pars -The pantheon -Triumphal arch -Eiffel Tower -Palace of versalles Louvre Museum important museum in Pars -Moulin Rouge -Disneyland
5.Name some itinerary time in this trip -At 2:00pm from Jose Maria Cordoba Airport -Scale in Bogota -Scale in Miami -Arrival to paris at about 8:00am

February10th Reviewing tenses Presentation Hernan Muriel-Andres Marin



1.The pantheon is dedicate to?

2.What is the name of the hotel 3.What is the itinerary the departure day

AGENCY H&M AGENCY GOAL: Ofter everybody,the best experience of their live,with a fantastic 1R//:Pantheon of Roma The olimpous gad 2R//: Lord Byron Hotel

3.Itinerary Friday -Jose Maria Cordoba Airport 5:00am -Scale El dorado Airport -Scale in Barajas (Madrid) -And later go directly to lord Byron Hotel

January 27th Reviewing Tenses Presentation David Carvajal


Bal is small in size you can drive around the entire coast in one

long day


1.Agency name -Tubby Travel 2.Agency goal -Exoctic places in the world (that you can still afford to visit)

3.Hotel name
-Ayana Resort Bal 4.Main Itinerary

5.Prices -Us $25 fot a stay of up to 30 days You most use the currency=The pupiah 1.00 USD us dollar:8,901.29 Indonesia Rupiah 11.2305.21700 pesos 6.Main turistic places -Museum Negeri -Garden Botanic

1Will: It servies only to specify future action likely,unsafe.This simple in Spanish we have to root RE/RAS/REMOS/RAN.We use will for decisions taken now Examples -I Will swim -I wont swim

-Will i swim?
2To be going to:It is equivalent to do something.We use Be Going To exprese near future or predictions.The sentence structure is: To be+going+to+verb(in infinitive)

Examples -I am going to bring -Im not going to bring -Am i going to learn 3 Perfect: It used for probably activities the main aspect is to use the future will have+past participle of a verd

-You will have swan -You wont have swan -Will you have swan

4Future ing:It is used to refer to facts or future activities that have already been decided or agreed upon previously and is espressed trough the structure:Will be+ing verb Examples -You will be speaking

-You wont be speaking

-Will you be speaking 5F.P.Ing: It is used to express long will have lasted an action at a specific time in the future Examples -She will have been stealing -She wont have been stealing -Will she have been stealing

6 Present ing:It is used for events that are ocurring in or ar around this particular moment in time,or to indicate that something is temporary,or to talk about situations that are changing,and also to talk about plans in the future Examples
-It is going somewhare -It is not going somewhere -Is it going somewhere