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The Most Challenging, Globally-Recognized Translator Certification Program


The CTP Designation Program is a designation program for translation professionals, corporate or Freelance Translators, and those looking for continuing education within the industry. The CTP Designation Program is modeled after many online courses offered at Ivy League institutions. The CTP Designation is a self-study program and the exam is administered 100% online. The online exam must be completed in 3 hours; We offer a challenging program while providing the necessary learning tools to help ensure participants are successful. The CTP Designation is sponsored by the Global Translation Institute (GTI) which is fast growing global member professional networking association. It was founded to create an international forum of translation professionals who can openly help each other and offer resources for others to advance their careers and business interests. This translation certification program is not only designed for translation professionals but also designed by translation professionals.


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Gain the ability to apply for more positions which are highly competitive and require specific designations or set levels of experience in the translation industry. Improve your resume while also upgrading your existing language skills. Gain free exclusive access to our database of over 500 global translation agencies and their full contact details in Excel ($300 Value). Become more knowledgeable in the Translation industry saving you time in making decisions which shape how you grow your translation career or business. Commitment- Completing our Translation certificate is a great way to let employers know that you have made a serious devotion to becoming an expert in the translation field. Become more confident about your ability to perform translation services and manage your career or translation business.


Become capable of working as a translator in the languages of accreditation shown on your certificate. 8. Improve your credibility when growing your career as a freelance translator. 9. Advance your business or career by raising your level of translation knowledge and increasing your ability to work quickly and effectively. Specialized knowledge is valuable and mastering the basics allows you to work more efficiently than your competitors. 10. Gain author status on our industry leading. Alumni may post original industry articles on after completing our program. 11. Speak the language- Earning the CTP Designation assures that you can attend conferences, do well at future interviews, and other networking events while being able to contribute to conversations and understand discussions about current events or trends within the industry. 12. Gain valuable insight into your own career and business plans. The broad and indepth reading and studying needed to earn the CTP Designation will help you decide what you should be working towards.

All participants gain access to our Library of the Audio Interviews. We have conducted a number of audio interviews with experienced translators from all

over the world. By listening to these interviews you can receive valuable translation career advice directly from trusted experts in the industry. Those who join the CTP also gain access to our Translator Training Video Platform, which provides over 50 concise educational videos as well as a audio study tips and a resume template. After joining, you also gain free access to our $300 database of more than 500 global translation agencies and their full contact details in Excel. This is sold for $300 at CTP Alumni also get "author status" on our leading websites, where they can grow their industry profile and contribute original articles to the website.


The Certified Translation Professional (CTP) together with the Global

Translation Institute (GTI) have established an online certification program to enable professional translators to demonstrate that they meet highly professional standards. Translators who pass a written examination are certified by the CTP in a specific language pair and direction (from or into English). For further information, please register to receive our email alerts which educate you on how the program works and provide you with program updates.
The CTP Designation Program is currently available for 22 different language

pairs. Our exam evaluates participant's abilities to translate in both directions. For example if you choose the English-Spanish language pair you will be tested on translating from English into Spanish as well as Spanish into English. The language options are: English, French, Chinese (Mandarin), German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Japanese, Greek, Korean, Polish, Dutch, Irish, Romanian, Hindi, Thai, Indonesian, Punjabi, and Danish.


The CTP Program provides participants a broad foundation of knowledge that allows them to gain specialized training within the translation industry. While nothing can replace years of industry experience, the program aims to increase the breadth of knowledge that current industry professionals hold and in addition, assist those individuals transitioning into the translation industry. Towards this end, we have constructed the CTP certification program to provide a strong base of industry knowledge. The exam will certify you as a professional translator and it will assure that you possess professional competence in translating. The exam tests individuals on their abilities and knowledge within a specific language pair that they are specialized in. For example, a participant may specialize in English to Portuguese translation or the other way around. The CTP specialized training can be applied to many types of translation jobs and career paths.


The certification examination is a 3 hour, open-book exam in a specific

language pair. The exam presents 80 multiple choice questions in English, two essay questions in English, and then two passages of approximately 150-175 words each to be translated into the target language of your choice.
The CTP Designation is a self-study program, and the examination for

the CTP Program is offered 100% online, removing the cost or time of traveling to a testing center. As long as you have a reliable and consistent internet connection, you may complete our program from anywhere in the world. On the date of your scheduled examination, you will have 24 hours to start your 3-hour examination. The examination is hosted on Eastern Standard Time (GMT 5). The examination is made available to scheduled participants from 12:01AM EST to 11:59pm EST on the day of the exam.

Required readings for the CTP Program may be found at In addition to the required text book, we provide a PDF-based study guide through our website: Our study guide provides a list of required readings, examples of questions and exercises that will be presented in the final exam, book summaries, sample questions, grading criteria and more.

Our team is consists of translation professionals and we are here as a resource to you. We can help answer reading-related questions, career related questions, resume related questions, or general translation questions.
For additional Translation Videos and Audio Resources, please visit:

Below are a few testimonials, direct from current and past participants of the CTP Designation Program. These quotes were not paid for and offer insight into why others in similar situations are registering for this program.
Testimonial #1: Pilar Gracia (Professional Translator from Bolivia) The reason I am enrolling in the Global Translation Institute Program is because I have looked for a Certified Translation Professional Certification for many years, but was unable to acquire it, until I randomly caught the advertisement on the Christianwalk site. I rejoiced at the opportunity of fulfilling my dream to become a Certified Translator. I believe that Global Translation Institute is filling up a much needed service in providing for Certifications worldwide to make many free lance Language writers and translators such as myself, in professionals that can provide in turn services that many people can benefit from. Thank you for helping me in so many ways to accomplish my long-awaited dream. I am thrilled to continue the journey of studying and learning much more about the wonderful world of communicating and translating English to Spanish or Spanish to English. Testimonial #2: Elizabeth Reed "The CTP certification program with the Global Translation Institute has been an excellent experience for me. I learned a great deal about what it means to be a translator and about how to run a translating business. I would recommend this program to anyone who is considering improving their knowledge within translating field, since it teaches one how to operate more effectively as a translator and as a businessperson. Additionally, the support offered by the staff is excellent, and all members have been very welcoming. In my opinion, this is the best value in training for running a translation business available in the USA" Testimonial #3: Ella V Lord "This is a great way to obtain certification. Your communication is timely and very well organized, the textbook is easy to read and have lots of useful information, and the instructions for the test are very clear. Even though I have experience in working as a translator/interpreter, I am happy that I made a decision to sign up for the test. The learning experience was awesome and I feel that I am more professionally prepared to face any difficulties that I may encounter as a freelance translator/interpreter."

Testimonial #4: Elena Lomeli "The exam was thorough and intelligent. The amount of time allocated was perfect. Plus, you are better than ATA 100%, since ATA doesn't prepare you for the exam, doesn't recommend books, just charges you $300 and gives you absolutely no opportunity to appeal. Thank you for the challenge and the chance." Testimonial #5: Lissette Frederick "I think the program is very thorough. All the suggested reading was a great compilation of important information. In this program, you can learn a lot of great essential information in a short period of time. This is the right program for someone who is looking to improve their career of translation."

Testimonial #6: Jason Higgins (Professional Translator from Canada) "The CTP Program is just what I was looking for. I have struggled to gain my first 5 years of initial experience within the industry and I see this as a good first step towards speeding up my career in this industry."
Testimonial #7: Elsa Snevely (Professional translator from Mexico) "The overall program is very good. I think that the books that you assigned have a good balance between the practical and the theoretical aspects of the translation world. My favorite was Sofer's book. It was very specific, easy to read, well structured and it had concepts that were easy to apply in the real world. The exam was also very good in terms of the content. I think it covered the most important aspects of the books and it was challenging even for someone like me who already attended 3 years of translation and interpretation school back in Mexico."

Testimonial #8: Gemma Ng "I have enjoyed this process. Sure it was lots of readings, but it was worth it." Testimonial #9: Nora Kenney "The processes before and during the test ran really smooth. The help and guidance from Adriana was awesome and left nothing to doubt. The time to work on the test was very well calculated. I feel really satisfied with all the process." Testimonial #10: Elaini Bressani (Professional Translator from Brazil) "I would like to complete the CTP Program once I have completed my current projects, I will keep in touch through your CTP email alerts. Thank you for the information" Testimonial #11: Lenoardo Lamarche "I am quite happy to have had the opportunity to present this test and be a Certified Translator. I do hope that this certification will improve the number of contract jobs for me in the future. I am also very grateful for all the assistance and enthusiasm provided by the team running this program." Testimonial #12: Marietta Rodriquez "Perfect to have a better understanding of what translation is all about. Reading the books was an eye opening experience to what a professional translator really is and it gave me so many tools to become a more successful translator. It was very convenient to be able to take the test when I was ready. I am now more motivated to take the next steps."

Testimonial #13: Nicholas Scramuzza "This program is great because it allows you to study and take the test from anywhere. It is very flexible and one can fit this in a busy schedule. Testimonial #14: Elsa C. Valentini "The CTP program is great for people, like me, that have a full time job, plus a second job as a translator, and do not have the time to go to classes, do homework, etc. I had been looking for a way to get certified and I was very excited when I found the CTP program that was offered on line. Thanks for that wonderful idea! And thank you, Adriana for your support. You can rest assured that I will recommend this program to other future translators." Testimonial #15: Gabriela Toussaint "The CTP Program has been one of the best educational experience of my life. I didn't know how to start with my translation career and this program gave me no just the opportunity to star with it but also a good insight of what to expect from this field... and even a certificate. I'd recommend the CTP Program for anyone interested in translation who is looking for an affordable and professional course that can be taken anytime, anywhere. For additional testimonials, please visit our website at

Tuition for the Certified Translation Professional (CTP) Program is just $397. This

includes one language pair (English <> Spanish, for example). We offer 23 different languages at this time. To test in more than one language, there is a $50 fee for each additional language. . Tuition covers all organizational, examination, and grading expenses, including the examination fee, registration, access to online materials, and our team for career coaching and advices. The only additional cost not included in tuition is that of the required text book. This required textbook may be viewed and purchased on our website at or at Barnes & Noble or

3 Easy Steps to Register for the CTP Program:

Complete the registration form found here. Receive an email confirming your registration. Purchase required reading, listed above.


Below is a sample of our certificate awarded to participants after successfully completing the CTP program:


The Certified Translation Professional (CTP) is an online training and designation program for professionals who work or would like to work within the translation industry. A continuing education certification, the CTP program provides you with the training you need to success in the translation industry. The CTP is sponsored by the Global Translation Institute (GTI), a fast-growing professional networking association for translators around the world. The Global Translation Institute (GTI) was founded to create an international forum of translation professionals who openly help and offer resources for others to advance their careers and business interests. If you have any questions or would like to contact us, please find our contact information below: Global Translation Institute (GTI) 3300 NW 185th Avenue, Suite #108 Portland, Oregon 97229 United States of America 1-(503) 336 -4826 Adriana Tassini GTI Managing Director

Adriana Tassini, Managing Director Adriana Tassini founded the Certified Translation Professional (CTP) Program and now helps manage the program structure, examination, and overall program resources. Adriana is a Harvard University Alumni Member, and her background is in international relations and translation work in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Boston, Massachusetts (USA).

Richard Wilson, Program Delivery Advisor Richard Wilson has experience in online learning and program development. His background includes developing the basic systems and online learning environment for a 600 participant a year training program that went live in 2007. He now assists the CTP Designation in delivering translation training to its members.

Ashley Wirthlin, VP of Operations, Program Coordinator Ashley Wirthlin joined the CTP team in 2009. She helps us keep up with potential CTP candidate inquiries, registrations, and confirming examination scores, among other tasks. Ashley is key to our organizations ability to now take on 100 participants each examination session. If you have questions or need assistance with your registration, you will most likely work with Ashley after joining one of our programs. Ashley earned her Bachelors degree in Marketing and Management from the University of Portland.

Theo O'Brien, Market Research Theo O'Brien is in charge of completing market research on the translation and online learning industries. He helps make sure that our CTP Program is current and innovative in how the learning process is delivered.


Charlie Barr, Technical Specialist Charlie Barr is our technical specialist and webmaster. Charlie helps create video resources and study guides for our members and he will continue to assist in the development of additional resources for CTP Designation members. Jordan Blotnik, Participant Manager Jordan assists with the daily CTP Program operations. He supports potential and current participants by answering questions, confirming registrations, and sending out participant materials. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the CTP team; Jordan can help you by chat, phone, or email. Jordan earned his Bachelors degree from Ohio University. Rafael Albuquerque, Program Assistant Rafael Albuquerque was added to our team to help us consistently produce new resources, alumni benefits, and downloadable multimedia from our website. Rafael is an expert in resource research and construction and many of the tools you use within our programs were built with his help. Rafael has been especially helpful in creating the Translation Directory which is provided for free to all CTP alumni. Vanessa Greenway, Associate Vanessa Greenway has worked for different global companies as a bilingual Executive Secretary with experience in HR Secretarial and Social Services and Training and Development. Vanessa Greenway helps to review and improve the CTP Program as well as keeping our Blog up-dated with information and sources that will help our new students through the process of becoming a certified translator.

We get a lot inquiries about the CTP program! For our most frequently asked questions, please see our FAQ at For any additional questions, please contact us directly at or by phone at 1- (503) 336-4826.

The Most Challenging, Globally-Recognized Translator Certification Program