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By Izzuddin Shah bin Muzaffar Shah Muhammad Aminuddin bin Husaini Mohammad Syazwi bin Roslan

Lets Review . . .
The interjection is the last of the eight parts of speech. Just for the record, here are all eight:
Noun Pronoun Adjective Verb Adverb Preposition Conjunction Interjection

First, let's start with a basic definition:

Interjections are exclamatory words that express strong emotion.

Interjections have no other grammatical connection with or relationship to the rest of the sentence.

What is an Interjection?
An interjection is a word added to a sentence to convey emotion. It is not grammatically related to any other part of the sentence.
The highlighted words in the following sentences are interjections: Ouch, that hurt! Oh no, I forgot that the exam was today. Hey! Put that down! I heard one guy say to another guy, "He has a new car, eh?" I don't know about you but, good lord, I think taxes are too high! Uottawa web from

An interjection or exclamation describes a noun without a grammatical connection with the rest of the sentence and simply expresses emotion on the part of the speaker, although most interjections have clear definitions. Filled pauses such as uh, er, um, are also considered interjections. ... An exclamation or filled pause; a word or phrase with no particular grammatical relation to a sentence, often an expression of emotion; An

interruption; something interjected is a short phrase to illustrate an emotion. a word (one of the eight parts of speech) expressing emotion and having no grammatical relation with other words in the sentence. Wow! That test was hard.

a word or phrase used to express emotion oc interjections - are words or expressions used as an exclamation. Pagdali! (Hurry!); Maayo! (Good!); Pagkawala'y buot! (Fool!). interjections - a word or group of words usually at the beginning of a sentence that expresses strong feeling and is set off by a comma or exclamation mark = interjections - words (such as "ouch" or "whoa") that seem to be spontaneous expressions that intrude on normal conversation/speech. interjections - State a exclamation or remark! (usually followed by an exclamation mark!) Example: Ouch!, Hooray!, Oh!, Yes!, Wow!

Interjections may be followed by either commas or

exclamation points.

Examples: Ouch! That hurt! Oh, what a wonderful movie! Great! What a terrific idea! Aha! I've found your secret! Alas, the poet was no more.

Ouch!! Hmm!!

Argh!! Ah!! Eh!!

Yargh!!! Run!!!

Hey!!! Help!!!



The meanings they express are typically emotional,

such as:

surprise, pleasure, realization, resignation, pity, grief, repetition, inquiry, agreement, attention, pain, hesitation, etc.






Lets practice . . . Write 3 sentences that include funny interjections and

then we will share with the class.


Its almost time for the quiz! Take a moment to brush up on interjections.

Interjection Quiz
Identify the interjections in the following sentences.

Goodness! He listened to the man's story and reported it to the police immediately! Oh, I haven't seen my brother since he left for college! Oops! I dropped the jelly. No! Don't touch that! Help! I'm about to fall!

2. 3. 4. 5.

7. 8.

The poor dear was, alas, destitute and hungry.

Wait! Don't leave me behind in this cave! Ah, I've heard that trick before.

Interjection Homework
Write a paragraphs (at least 3 sentences) describing your exciting moment when you heard your allowance was banked in, and when you spent it. Include as many interjections as possible. Use them correctly and underline them in with a pen or pencil.

So do you understand what is an Interjection???

So do you understand what is an Interjection?!!

So do you understand what is an Interjection?!!

~Thank you~