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Tricia Herry-Jackson & Sherva Mapp

Clients Background
Staci Edwards, age 8, and of African

Born to Cindi and Brent Edwards
Staci is the first of two children She resides in the vicinity of South Trinidad

Main Issues Affecting the Client

Presenting Problem
Disobedience towards authority figures (i.e. teachers)

Failure to comply with rules in the classroom

Backchats or mouthing off to teachers.

Main Issues Affecting Client Cont

Underlying Problem
A lack of attention from her father

A need for extra curricular activities

An emotional detachment from her paternal father The risk of Staci developing feelings of inferiority & failure

Assessment of the Client

Clients Strengths : Strong support system Ability to clearly communicate Ability to interact with adults Ability to make decisions for herself She has the potential to learn

Assessment of Client Cont

Clients Weakness
Her tendency of being obstinate

Clients Risk & Protective Factors

Risk Factors
Impaired parenting Vulnerability in the child

Protective Factors
positive relationships with other adults

focused nurturing during the first year of life

Stacis general good health

Roles of the Social Worker

Enabler Broker Case manager / Coordinator Therapist / Counselor

Appropriate Intervention Strategies

Short Term Goals #1
To improve Stacis behavioral and academic performance

Marital counseling Brent and Cindi before the next session Spend 45 minutes daily, helping Staci with her school work

Brent and Stacis teacher must complete a Behavioral


Appropriate Intervention Strategy Cont

Short Term Goal #2
To alleviate the emotional detachment Staci feels towards

her father

Brent should spend at least two hours with Staci

Brent should incorporate Staci with his daily chores

Brent and Cindi should make a decision as to which extra

curricula activities Staci would be re-enrolled

Alternative & Long Term Intervention Strategy

Goal #1
To modify Staci s behavioral problems

Social worker should refer Staci to a play therapist

specializing in modifying behaviors Brent should ensure Staci attends weekly sessions Staci should practice assignment given from therapy Brent should monitor and note when the assignments are completed and give feedback on any changes to the social worker at the fortnightly sessions.