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The Hiring Process

February 2013


Identify the 4 Phases of the Hiring Process Identify the requirements for each Phase of the Hiring Process. Identify the forms required for each Phase of the Hiring Process. Identify the workflow associated with each Phase of the Hiring Process. Understand the procedures for completing reference and criminal checks. Understand the procedures for requesting pre-approval of the selected candidate and salary. Understand the procedures and requirements for Conditional Offer of Employment. Understand the HR procedures for Final Approval and BEACON/SAP processing.

Recruitment & Employment Activity

Human Resources Operating Divisions

Employment & Benefits


Central Office Recruitment & Employment

4 Regional Employment Offices

Central Employment Specialists

Regional Employment Specialists

Recruitment & Employment Activity

Central HR
Post & Screen Pre-Approval & Salary

Post & Screen

Empl Spec
Post & Screen for section

Pre-approval & salary

Certification Requirements Final Approval Files

Final approval Files


All three are not the same Employment Specialists do NOT set salary, handle certification requirements or have final approval authority; therefore, those with Employment Specialists are STILL assigned to either central R&E or an REO

Section Assignments
AC Admin Alcohol Chem Dep Combined Records Div of Admin Div of LE Community Corrections Court Services Detention Centers Prisons Youth Devt Centers Alcohol Law Enforcement (sworn only) Community Corrections Enterprise


Empl Spec

State Highway Patrol

Extradition JJ Admin

Parole Commission

All sections under Employment Specialists are also under an HR office as Employment Specialist post & screen but hiring decisions are forwarded to the assigned HR office.

4 Phases of the Hiring Process

I. Post, Screen, Select
Post Position & Screen Applicants Interview & Screening Tools References & Criminal Check Select Candidate

II. Approval

HR Pre-Approval & Establish Salary DPS Approval Signatures Conditional Offer, I-9, E-Verify Final Approval & Identify Start Date Employee Starts; BEACON/SAP Set-up Recruitment Close-Out HR Follow-Up

III. Conditional Offer

IV.Employee Start & Set-Up

Phase I: Post / Screen /Interview/ Select

Post Position & Screen Applicants Request to Post submitted Screen Applicants Referred List to Manager Interviews scheduled Interviews conducted Forms completed Screening tools/pre-COE tests

Interview & Screening Tools

References & Criminal Background

Professional references Criminal background check Candidate Selection Decision Within work location approvals

Select Candidate

Phase I: Post

3 items are required:

HR 001 Request to Post Form

Essential Job Functions

Benchmark Interview Questions

Submitted electronically to SVC_DOC.DOP_Request_to_Post@ncdps. gov


Request to Post Form HR 001

General Posting

Reposting with Previous Applicants

Reposting without Previous Applicants

Position Details

Budgeted Salary & Fund Code

Supplemental Questions Approvals


Phase I: Post

3 Points in the Hiring Process when Essential Job Functions are used

Posting (Phase I) Interview (Phase I) Conditional Offer (Phase III)

List of Essential Job Functions

What are Essential Job Functions When are essential functions established How are essential functions used during the Hiring Process Sample Essential Functions Personnel Tech

Collaboration: HR and Division Management

February HR Classification and Compensation Unit


Phase I: Post

Copy of Benchmarked Interview Questions

Required Format

Collaboration: HR and JUVENILE JUSTICE

Project Manager identified for development


Phase I: Screening

HR Office Regional Employment Office Employment Specialist


Community Corrections
Correction Enterprises State Highway Patrol Alcohol and Law Enforcement (Sworn Positions Only)


Phase I: Screening

Work Location Receives the following:

NeoGov Selection Log of Most Qualified Applicants

Referred List Hiring Priorities-RIF Candidates SHALL be interviewed

Copy of the Vacancy Announcement

Applications of referred candidates



The work location schedules and conducts the interviews Interview Teams will need the following: Vacancy Announcement Applications Questions and Benchmarks Essential Job Function Verification Form HR 005 List of Essential Job Functions, Training Functions if appplicable Criminal History Record Check Form HR 004 Applicant Checklist of Employment Requirements Form HR 012 Interview Ratings Form HR 006 Interview Summary Form HR 007 Practical / Skills Test (if applicable)

Essential Job Functions Verification Form HR 005

Form and List Provided to Applicant For Certified positions in AC and JJ

Position Essential Job Functions Basic Training Essential Functions

Applicant Reviews the List(s) and Signs the form section entitled At Interview Do Not Sign Section Entitled Conditional Offer


Criminal History Records Check Form Form HR 004


Hiring manager or designee completes Section 1

Applicant Completes Section 2 Form is placed in a sealed envelope by applicant

Interview Chair submits to the hiring manager or designee along with all interview forms

Applicant Checklist of Employment Requirements Form HR 012

Provide copy to applicant during the interview

This identifies documents the applicant will be required to provide if they are selected. They will be required to bring these documents at the Conditional Offer of Employment.


Interview Rating Form Form HR 006

Standardized Form used by DPS Identify KSAs/Competencies Document the Interview Questions & Question Benchmarks Notes Section Record Applicant Responses Five (5) Rating Levels Summary of Interview Results Section


Interview Summary Form Form HR 007

Work Location Completes Top of the form Candidates Names, Date/Time of Interview Notes/Comments (i.e. declined interview), Priorities Chairperson Responsibilities Interviewer Results Overall Rating Document Candidate(s) For Consideration Interview Team Signatures (identify Chair) Submitted to Hiring Manager with other required documentation

Interview Process and Procedures

Reference Tool Outlines best practices for conducting the interview.


Professional Reference Check Form Form HR 008

DPS Requirement: 2 professional reference checks are required

Contacting Current and Prior Employers State Application Performance Evaluation Ratings


Criminal History Records Check Form Form HR 004

Selected Candidate

For those currently conducting criminal background checks continue For those not currently conducting criminal background checks, you will receive additional information through your chain of command.


Request for Pre-Approval of Selected Candidate Form HR 009


Identify recommended candidate Justify selection of candidate Provide justification if any candidate w/priority is not selected Justification of salary recommendation (if applicable) Address inequities (if applicable) Application of Selected Candidate Interview Summary Form (Form HR 007) Education and Work History Credit Worksheet (if requesting a salary) Competency Assessment (for Career Banded positions) Equity Worksheet (if requesting a salary)

Documents Required with Pre-Approval Form

Pre-Approval Package

Submit the completed package electronically to the Human Resources (HR) or Employment Specialist (ES) that initially sent you the Referred List You will not make a Conditional Offer at this time


Phase II: The Approval Phase

HR Pre-Approval and Establish Salary Selected candidate approval Salary determined Salary exception approval >20% = OSP approval

DPS Approval Signatures

Required signatures Budget approval


Determining a Salary

HR will determine an appropriate salary Increases greater than 20% must be approved by the Office of State Personnel (OSP) Any salary or budget exceptions must be approved by management HR will notify the Work Location of the approved salary via email HR will pilot DocuSign


What is DocuSign Links to Materials

NOTE: Webinar Dates Expire Prior to Regional Sessions.

Quick Start Signer Guide will be provided following this training session via email


Phase III: The Conditional Offer

Make appt with candidate

Conditional Offer, I-9 and E-Verify

Candidate completes/signs forms I-9 and E-Verify Confirm forms completed Drug test, physical, testing (if applicable)

Final Approval & Identify Start Date

Review all forms Approve hire Request start date Final letter to candidate

Conditional Offer Checklist

DPS Conditional Offer Letter (Form HR 008) DPS Employment Statements (Form HR 013) I-9 (Acceptable Documents for I-9) DPS Essential Job Function Verification (Form HR005, with EJFs attached) DPS Request for Reasonable Accommodation, if applicable (DPS-RRA) Mandatory Direct Deposit Notification, if applicable Direct Deposition Enrollment and Change Form, if applicable W-4 Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate, if applicable NC-4 Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate, if applicable DPS BEACON Data Form (Form HR 014) DPS Prior Service Form (Form HR 015) DPS Degree Verification Request, if applicable (Form HR 016) DPS Personnel Action Request (Form HR 017)

Phase III Conditional Offer

Work Location Schedules Appointment with Selected Candidate.

JJ and AC Certified Conditional Offer Process handled by Regional Employment Office

Work Location Prepares: COE Letter Position Salary Checks applicable terms/conditions Contacts top candidate to schedule appointment Applicant attends appointment schedule at work location Conditional Offer is issued to candidate Additional hiring paperwork completed

DPS Employment Statements Form HR 013

Work Location reviews with Candidate Candidate initials applicable sections Candidate signs and dates verifying they have read and initialed the form.


I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

Work Location verifies eligibility for employment at the time the candidate signs the conditional offer of employment.

Section 1 of I-9 completed by EE Section 2 Completed by the Work Location

DPS participates in USCIS Electronic Verification or E-Verify

Divisions will need to identify who is to have access HR will request one list per Division before 3/1 Designated staff will be required to complete online tutorials

Essential Job Functions Verification Form HR 005

Candidate completes At Conditional Offer of Employment Section

Checks appropriate box

with reasonable accommodation or without accommodation

Candidate signs and dates Essential Job Functions and Essential Training Functions (if applicable) reviewed and signed at the interview remains attached to EJFV form. Should applicant require an accommodation, work unit location should be prepared to provide DPS-RRA Request for Reasonable Accommodation Form.

Work Unit Location should contact HR Employee Relations Section ADA Coordinator for Consultation after applicant completes the form.


Mandatory Forms

State Forms

Direct Deposit Notification & Enrollment W-4 NC-4

Beacon Data Prior Service Degree Verification Personnel Action Requests

DPS Forms

Prior Service Form Form HR 015

Applicant checks the appropriate box at the top:

No prior service All prior service on application Prior service not on application

If applicant has not listed all prior service on application, they need to complete the bottom section of the form


Degree Verification Request Form HR 016

Official transcript

Accepted Must document the degree along with classes

Degree Verification Request Form

Used when no transcript provided Mailed to the appropriate location for degree verification


Personnel Action Request (PAR) Form HR 017

Section 1

Completed by the work location and placed on top of the final package submitted to HR, REO or ES
Effective dates always on Monday (start dates)

Signature Requirements Determined by Division for submission during Hiring Process

HR has already obtained Division Approval during the Pre-Approval Process therefore the HR Office will accept one signature on the PAR during the hiring process

Recruitment History File

Request to Post Form Benchmarked Interview Questions Essential Job Functions Neo-Gov selection Log Vacancy Announcement Applicants of candidates in most qualified group Interview Summary Form (HR006) Interview Rating Forms for all applicants interviewed Essential Job Function Verification Forms for all Applicants interviewed Criminal Background Check forms in sealed envelopes for all applicants interviewed. Any Professional Reference Check forms completed for selected or non-selected candidates interviewed.

Hiring/Employment File

Personnel Action Request Form (PAR) Request for Pre-Approval of Selected Candidate Form (HR 009) Application of Selected Candidate Education & Experience Credit Worksheet or Competency Assessment (if recommending a salary) (HR 011) Equity Spreadsheet (if recommending a salary) Conditional Offer of Employment Letter Employment Statements Form I-9 Employment Verification Form and documents Mandatory Direct Deposit Notification Direct Deposit Enrollment Change Form NC-4 & W-4 Beacon Data form Prior Service Form Degree Verification Form

Medical Package

Required for Employment

Physical Drug Test Results Psychological Screening

Submitted to HR for determination of eligibility for hire Returned to work location for filing as an employee medical file after the employee begins work.

Maintained separate from personnel documents


Final Approval & Effective Date

HR will review the Conditional Offer package, finalize the Personnel Action Request (PAR) & request an Effective Date from the Work Location

All Effective Dates are on Mondays

Once the Work Location gives HR an Effective Date, HR will send the candidate a Final Letter of Offer and copy the Work Location

Phase IV: Employee Start and Set-Up

Employee Starts
Confirm Employee arrival BEACON/SAP action completed Hiring package/forms filed

Recruitment Close-out

Letters to other candidates Close-out NEOGOV posting

HR Follow-up

Appointment Changes Degree verification


Phase IV Employee Starts

Work location notifies Human Resources that new hire arrived to work HR works BEACON action

I-9 Form BEACON Data Form Direct Deposit Notification Various necessary information

HR starts personnel file


Recruitment Close-out

Employment Specialist closes out the NE0GOV Exam Plan Employment Specialist sends letters to nonselected candidates Employment Specialist files recruitment paperwork


Follow - Up

Probationary/Trainee appointment changes Degree verification required within 90 days


Summary Wrap-Up


Policy Cites DPS Hiring Process - Flow DPS Hiring Process Summary Human Resources Directory

Review Issues

Parking Lot