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History & Perspective of Psychology


The Father of Modern Philosophy

Stay-in-bed Scholar Gentleman, Soldier, and mathematician

Born on March 31, 1596 Died on February 11, 1650


Rene Descartes was a French mathematician, scientist & philosopher who developed an early interest at a young age.

He liked mathematics at an early age because of its certainty of its

proofs and evidence of its reasoning.

Descartes believed all experience is organized according to laws that are mathematical

Descartes conceived a comprehensive plan for applying mathematical methods in order to achieve perfect certainty in human knowledge.

Rene Descartes was born on March 31st, 1596 in the town

of La Hayed in the south of FRANCE. His father name was Jaochim Descartes. As a child was very weak and was always sick. In 1906, at the age of 8, Rene attended the Jesuit, where he studied literature, grammar, science and mathematics. He was inspired to do math by his mother. Little did he know he would be affected by not doing math as a child.

Rene Descartes had always been a frail individual.

He would usually spend most of his mornings in bed,

where he did most of his thinking, fresh from dreams in which he often had his revelations.
Descartes had to relocate to Sweden to tutor Queen

Christina in philosophy

He went Jesuit school of La Fleche in Anjou, France at

eight years old.

He studied mathematics and Scholastic philosophy.
He studied law at the University of Poitiers. He graduated from the University in 1616. He never practiced law.

He graduated the University of Poitiers. He changed math by discovering the X and Y axis.

He wrote the book SEEKING THE TRUTH IN THE SCIENCES. (1637) Descartes did not revise geometry; he created it.

Philosopher who believed in the idea of Dualism.(The idea

that true notions relate, but stand opposite of each othergood/evil)

Descartes also was interested in the brain and its function

as well as its physical make up. Descartes' theory that the brain is the most important organ in the mediation of behavior certainly would be a contributing factor to the theories of people like Sigmund Freud.
The works of Descartes have also played a role in the

development of the field of neuropsychology, which is extremely prevalent today.


Rene Descartes died February in 1650. The best known cause for his death was from a cold. He died in Sweden at 5:00 am during a philosophy

He was aged 53 at that time. He died in the castle of Cartesian Christia.