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Company profile: Objective of the company:

Marketing mix of TVS Motors:

Segmentation, Targeting and positioning strategy Reference : Conclusion:

The TVS group was established in 1911 by Shri. T. V. Sundaram Iyengar The TVS group is today a leading player in automobile and automotive industry The group has 30 companies and employs more than 40,000 people TVS motor company is the largest among the group companies in terms of size and turnover It has 15 percent market share in the two-wheeler industry in India More than 15 million customer

Product offerings in all segment of the two-wheeler industry in India Product offerings in three-wheeler industry in India Products exported to more than 50 countries The company entered into a technical know-how and assistance agreement with

Suzuki Motor Co Ltd of Japan in the year 1982 joint venture on September 27, 2001

The TVS group and Suzuki Motor Corporation parted ways from their 15-year-old

Company profile
Founded Type 1978 Public Automotive Sundaram-clayton ltd T s srinivasan Chennai Venu srinivasan

Predecessors Founders Head-quarter Key-people


74.34 billion


S-Excellent R&D, and wide variety of products in every segment

TVS Group has over 40,000 employees and a customer reach of over 15 million Associating itself with celebrity brand ambassadors

W-Absence in the premium bike segment


O-Two-wheeler segment is one of the most growing industries

Dependence on government policies and rising fuel prices Better public transport will affect two-wheeler sales

Export of bikes is limited i.e. untapped international markets

T-Strong competition from Indian as well as international brands

Objective of the company:

Company is committed to being a highly profitable, socially responsible, and leading

manufacturer of high value for money, environmentally friendly, lifetime personal transportation products under the TVS brand, for customers predominantly in Asian markets and to provide fulfillment and prosperity for employees, dealers and suppliers. TVS Motor will be responsive to customer requirements consonant with its core competence and profitability. TVS Motor will provide total customer satisfaction by giving the customer the right product, at the right price, at the right time.

Marketing mix of TVS Motors:

Product: Two Wheeler Scooterette - Scooty Pep, Scooty Teenz, Scooty Streak Scooter- Wego Motorcycles- Sport, City, Jive, Flame, Apache Three Wheeler TVS King Price: Products of TVS motors are available for all the kinds of customer i.e from and middle class to a high class person Bikes and scooters ranges from 20000-100000 covering almost the bikes in this range Tvs motors even produces three wheeler auto costing about 70000

Marketing mix of TVS Motors:

Promotion: CONSOLIDATION is the current theme at TVS Motor. In the intervening period that is, before new models are rolled out the company seems to be truing to refocus and offer potential customers more choice with the launch of new variants under the existing badges. The new variants are basically spruced up versions of bikes that have either been performing below expectations or attracting customers only in specific markets. Place: TVS motors has diversified its operation in all over the world covering as much as countries

Tvs motors has segmented its market from two wheeler market to 3 wheeler

covering about scooters, motor-cycles, superbikes, youth bikes and autos and even AC

Has the company has its segment from motorcycle segment to three wheeler

segment, company wants to reduce its operation by 40% in two wheeler segment
segment of motorcycle is not showing enough growth maximum market share in the 3 wheeler field

Company wants to launch its new motorcycle in the coming season, as the older

Company even want to increase its sector in three wheeler market as it holds the


As the companys 30% of the profit was from the motorcycle sector gaining it image

in the rural area,so the company is planning to target itself in the rural segment

Company have two major niche segments where we operate the Apache segment

and the Scooty segment making heavy market in the rural sector

Company maximum revenue incurs through auto sectors therefore it is obvious that

the main target of the company would be 3 wheeler sectors.

TVS motors as positioned itself in the market as in motorcycle with long life, strong

metal body, and mileage

It is even positioned itself as an ruff bike which as survive itself in the rural area roads

Company has marketed itself with celebrities like virat kohli,MS dhoni which attracted

alot of customer for TVS star, product of TVS

Moreover TVS bikes tried to convince the public with its mileage, heavy body, and quality and using celebrity marketing strategy to increase its sales and hence it had failed to be make it from its competitors like Honda ,Hero, Suzuki etc and hence it is today too known as an three wheeler market leader..