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Mass media refers to various ways, especially television, radio, newspapers and magazines by which information and news

are given to a large number of people. Music that composers make can be heard through several media. Live music can also be broadcasted over the radio, television or the Internet.

Music Industry refers to the business and organization that record, produce, publish, distribute and market recorded music. It includes: Musicians like singers Musicians Union Band Managers Record Industries Composers and songwriters Bookers, promoters and roadies

1. Music Industrys Purpose - Aesthetic pleasure or entertainment - Religious purposes - Ceremonial purposes 2. The amateur musicians - They compose and perform music for their own pleasure - They do not derive income from music - They take lessons with professional musicians

3. Professional Musician - Employed by a range of institutions and organizations (symphony orchestra, broadcasting, and film production companies and music schools) 4. Manner of Performance - Music performed for the benefits of a live audience - Music performed for the purpose of being recorded and distributed through the music retail system or the broadcasting system

Music Publishers Recording Industry Record Production Companies

Music Publishers
You make it known to the public by having it printed in an official document

Recording Industry
This industry records published music in cassette tapes or CDs

Record Production Companies

These companies produce, distribute and market recorded music.

There are strong indicators that music enhances the quality of life in the surrounding community. Music makes the day more alive and interesting Music enriches life and is a way to understand our cultural heritage as well as our past and present cultures. Performing, consuming and composing music are satisfying and rewarding

Music programs encourage teamwork and cohesiveness Music fosters creativity and individuality Music education foster discipline and commitment Music is a major source of joy and commitment Music is a therapeutic outlet Music can also be one source of income Music can promote relaxation and sleep

In short, music has the potential to be able to transform a community in subtle yet effective ways.

Music in Advertising is the use of songs and incidental music in advertising campaigns particularly television commercials and radio. Music can often reflect current trends, using artists and songs that are popular at the time.

A television advertisement or commercial (often called an ADVERT in the UK) is a form of advertising in which goods, services, organizations, ideas etc. are promoted via television. Most commercials are produced by an outside advertising agency and airtime is purchased from a media agency or direct from the TV network.