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Background of Coca Cola Coca-Colas History, Vision & Mission What makes Coca-Cola Success Training and Development T&D Processes Life cycle model of T&D Employee and Coca-Colas Expectations in T&D

The Coca-Cola Company is the largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage


concentrates and syrups in the world.

The company sells over six million

beverages every day (Coca-Cola,

World's largest beverage distribution system.

Company History
Type Manufacturer Founder(s) Soft Drink (cola) The Coca Cola Company Johan.s.pemberton

Country of origin
Introduced Area served Colour

United States
1886 Over 200 countries Caramel E-150d

Coca Cola
Profit: Maximize the return of shareholder.

Their Roadmap starts with their

mission, which is enduring. It

declares their purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which they weigh their actions and decisions. To refresh the world... and happiness... To create value and make a

People: Establish a great

place to work where people are inspired to the best they can do

Planet: Being a

To inspire moments of optimism

responsible global citizen

that makes a difference


Working as a Global Team

Coca Cola is built around two core assets; its brands and its people. That's what makes working in Coca Cola so special. They believe that work is more than a place you go every day. It should be a place of exploration, creativity, professional growth and interpersonal relationships. It's about being inspired and motivated to achieve extraordinary things. What makes this success??

Training and Development

Training & Development refers to the imparting of specific skills, abilities and knowledge to an employee.

Training is expensive. Without training it is more expen

Training & Development = Standard Performance Actual Performance

Why Training & Development?

helps employees to do their current jobs

help the individual handle future responsibility

Training in Coca Cola

Training is the process of altering employee
behaviour and attitudes in a way that increase the probability of goal attainment. Coca Colas main objective in training is to help the organization to
achieve its purpose by adding value to its key resource the people it employs. Develop the competences of employees and improve their performance; Help people to grow within the organization in order that, as far as possible, its future needs for human resource can be met from within; Reduce the learning time for employees starting in new jobs on appointment, transfers or promotion, and ensure that they become fully competent as quickly

and economically as possible.

Training Process

Development in Coca Cola

Management Development activities attempt to instil

sound reasoning processes to enhance ones ability

The Coca-Cola University (CCU) provides excellent learning to understand and interpret knowledge. opportunities to help you develop both personally and in business. You can take advantage of a variety of flexible, tailored and diverse resources including: Instructor led training classes in a range of areas including People Leadership, Franchise Leadership, Consumer Marketing and Customer/Commercial Leadership; E-learning to share core knowledge; Workshops to help generate new ideas and apply them practically; Just-in-time training and development for critical skills;

Development Process


Development It shapes attitude overall growth Long term perspective Career Centered Internally motivated for self development

Training Increases job skillsspecific skills Short term perspective Job centered The role of a trainer is very important

The Life Cycle Model of Coca Colas T&D

HR Function Training and Development Introduction Define skill required and begin establishing career ladders.


The authority, responsibility is allocated


Maintain flexibility and decides what is need to be done to aging workforce


Implement re-training and continuous development

Employee and Coca Colas expectations in T&D

Skills development Knowledge Motivation

Job satisfaction and morale among employees Increased employee motivation

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