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121010 VO StEOP: Language Analysis WS 2010/11

Department of English University of Vienna

Language Analysis WS 09

Language Analysis Lecture

Mag. Dr. Gunther Kaltenbck (Gruppe 1)
Email: gunther.kaltenboeck@ Tel: 4277 42482 Office hour: Tue 3-4 pm

Mag.Dr. Lotte Sommerer (Gruppe 2)

Email: lotte.sommerer@ Tel: 4277 42485 Office hour: Tue 3-4pm


Course details
2 Lecture Courses (with same content):
Tue 09:45-11:15 Hs C1 (Dr. Kaltenbck) Tue 16:45-18:15 Hs C2 / Fr 8-9.30 Hs D (Dr. Sommerer) Streaming!!! Dates for Dr. Sommerers lecture: 11.10 C2 04.11 HsD 15.11 C2 29.11 C2 18.10 C2 08.11 C2 18.11 HsD 06.12 C2 25.10 C2 10.11 HsD 22.11 C2 13.12 C2

Course details, ctd.

Modulprfung (+ISLE Lecture) (multiple choice, 60% pass, terminology, identification, explanation) 1st sitting, 20 Dec, 10-12, Audi MAX 2nd sitting, 24 Jan, 10-12, C1

Language Analysis WS 10/11

Course Materials
Copy Studio, Schwarzspanierstr. 10

Collins & Hollo (2009)

Please no eating and mobile phones during the lecture!

Course details
E-learning platform moodle/ E-tutor:
Sandra Gomes (e-gate) Tutorial (Tue, 8:00-9:30, Unterrichtsraum): Nov 8 Dez 6 Nov 22 Dez 13 Also register for the lecture, and for the Modulprfung on univis!




What is grammar?
True or false?
a grammar of a language is a book written about it grammar is found only in written language, spoken language has no grammar grammar can be good or bad, correct or incorrect

What does grammar do?

They strentered folicly until a magan veened to famble them Strentered they them veened a until famble magan folicly to

What does grammar do?

(1)*up and he that the in Bill Jane stand announce spring marry (2) *Bill stand up announce that he and Jane marry in the spring (3) Bill stood up and announced that he and Jane would be marrying in the Spring





Grammar is
(5) a. The system by which the ......... and ........ of a language are organised into large units, particularly into ........ b. A particular description of such a system, as embodied in a set of rules c. The branch of linguistics dealing with the construction of such descriptions and with the investigation of their properties, conventionally divided into morphology and syntax (Trask 1993)

Grammar and the description of language







homework make do bed research

homework make do big large great x number importance bed x research x trader

homework make do big large great bright radiant x number x x sun idea prospects importance bed x research x trader x

homework make do big large great bright radiant x number x x sun x x idea x prospects x importance bed x research x trader x

suggest + -ing vs. start + -ing start + to

Form vs. meaning (1)

(7) He left at 2 pm yesterday
(8a) It would be better if you left tomorrow

(8b) I was wondering if I could borrow your book

Form vs. meaning (2)

(9) Will you be ok?

(10a) Will you be quiet! (10b) Will you have another sandwich

Prescriptive vs. descriptive grammar

a) correct incorrect b) right wrong c) grammatical ungrammatical
a) b) c) d) formal informal standard non-standard written spoken appropriate - inappropriate

Prescriptive vs. descriptive (2)

(11a) This is the house which he lives in

(11b) This is the house in which he lives

Prescriptive vs. descriptive (3)

Wegen ................. (Hochwasser) habe ich nicht in die Vorlesung kommen knnen
Ich kann nicht kommen, weil ich habe keine Zeit
See also Ex. p.6

Other types of grammar

Pedagogical Reference Traditional Theoretical

Discovering the regularities (rules)

Introspection Elicitation Corpus based research
e.g. collocation example:
Susi has to ______ her homework. (make/ do)

Corpus searches
Online corpora, e.g.