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Intel PepsiCo ONGC Britannia Tata Motors Bsnl Presented By H.

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CSR Activities Of Intel

Intel Education
From local schools to global universities, Intel works to help to improve the quality of education around the world.

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Intel Teach Program Intel Higher Education Program Intel Science And Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) The Intel Education Help Guide

Intel Involved In Digital Literacy

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Intel Easy Steps Program Intel Learn Program Intel Computer Clubhouse Network

Intel Involved in the Community

The Intel Involved in the Community Program is a volunteer program that interacts with local communities, and focuses on four key areas technology inclusion, education, environment stewardship and safety, and community development. Tutoring school students in the areas of science, math and technology. Providing school supplies and building new infrastructure in schools. Environmental programs such as recycling programs and tree planting. Raising funds and assisting in disaster relief efforts.

Intel in the Environment

Each year in April, Intel employees demonstrate their commitment to the environment by performing volunteer work in conjunction with Global Earth Day.

In 2009, thousands of employees participated in a range of Intel sponsored events including cleaning up parks and nature reserves.

Intel is also the co-founder of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative , which aims to improve the power efficiency and reduce the energy consumption of computers.

CSR Activities Of PepsiCo

Replenishing Water

They conserve, replenish and thus offset the water used in our manufacturing process. In the year 2009, they were able to give back more water than they consumed, through our various initiatives of recharging, replenishing & reusing water. Community members enjoy the benefits of a clean environment and are educated on how to recycle waste, not just relocate it. Households segregate their bio-degradable waste from their recyclable waste. Programme recycles 97% of household garbage. Recyclable waste such as plastics, waste paper and tetra packs are recycled. Community awareness programme to motivate people to segregate organic and inorganic garbage were conducted.

PepsiCo Solid Waste Management Programme

Partnership With Farmers

Helping farmers improve yield and income High Quality Seed Program Contract Farming Potato Farming They conduct Active & a Good Nutrition and Active Lifestyle Program for Children. To raise awareness on the importance of balanced nutrition and regular physical activity for a healthy lifestyle among school children. The basic principle is simple & to establish the fundamentals of Calories In = Calories Out.

Healthy Kids

CSR Activities Of ONGC

1. Samrakshan
Under this initiative the company has done construction of an Anganwadi building, donating scientific teaching aids, providing infrastructural facilities including cupboards to schools. 2. PURA The main idea of this initiative is to provide four major connectivities to rural communities physical (transportation and power) electronic (communication network through telecom, the Internet, and IT services) knowledge (institutions and vocational training centers) economic empowerment(through overall socio-economic development)

The scope of this project is to Recharge available ground water aquifers through rainwater harvesting, mixing of Saline ground water with canal water to augment supply, desalination and deflouridation of contaminated ground water.

Establishment of Centre for Research in Petroleum and Biotechnology in Assam and also supported for establishment of IT Park at Kanchipuram.

ONGC also supported in the healthcare by contributing beds to hospitals.

ONGC had participated in Kargil War Relief and also during relief and rehabilitation in Gujarat Earthquake.

CSR Activities Of Britannia

The company has created Naandi Foundation which conducts a unique program to supply iron fortified Tiger biscuits to supplement the Mid-Day Meal program in schools. It engages in activity that brings together a community of global leaders to devise and implement solutions for some of the worlds pressing challenges like nutrition. The company created a new offering for all consumers Tiger Banana, a delightful banana biscuit fortified with vitamins and minerals. Britannia was the first in the industry to remove trans fat from most its biscuits. It supports Navjyoti Foundation by supplying Iron Fortified biscuits.

Now they are in the process of setting up a

foundation, Britannia Nutrition Foundation which will work towards betterment of the undernourished segments of our society.

Wadia Foundation

The trustees have disbursed funds to a broad spectrum of causes from scholarships for the disabled to drought relief in Bombay.

They have constructed low cost baugs or housing colonies in Bombay for lower and middle-class Parsis.

They are first to open a provident fund for workers and a forerunner in establishing family planning centers for its work

CSR Activities Of Tata Motors

The company is itself working on or supporting development of alternate fuels, electric and hybrid vehicles, both for personal and public transportation. The campaign to the free check-up of TATA vehicles, also included Drivers' Training and Technical Tips, free Medical Checkup, Eye Camp and AIDS Awareness programme were conducted. It focuses on enhancing the employability of the youth and women through training and skill development. youth members from the nearby communities are being imparted technical skills in welding, fitting, electrical work, motor mechanics and sheet metal work etc. Training and Design Centre Employment Opportunities for Empowering Women were conducted.

The project Motor Mechanic Trade Course (MMV) conducts Trade Course to tribal youth members who have passed at least Class VIII and they are eager to learn the trade.

The company provides a Mobile Medical Van to preventive and curative health services to the remote and otherwise inaccessible tribal areas.

Tata Motors participated in various conferences and seminars organized by BCCI and contributed positively to the discussions regarding preserving the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

CSR Activities Of Bsnl

The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) donated a computer with free unlimited broadband usage for the students of the Government Special School for Physically Challenged.

Apart from a personal computer, the BSNL has provided

table, chair, modem and a telephone with incoming facility.

This company has taken up a project to maintain and clean some long distance Rajdhani trains.