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Trinidad Medical Aid Delivering to your doorstep

Presented by: Arundranath Mahase Kerry Wilson Nigel Garcia Cleve Chadee

Business Model Canvas

Key partners Ministry of Health Ministry of the People Key activities Processing of customer requests Locating of medications Value proposition Convenience Reliability Costumer relationships Loyalty Personal interaction Costumer segments

and Social Development Saves time and Procurement (NIPDEC) money Delivery of medications Ministry of Planning Omits hassles in and Sustainable Sourcing Key resources Development Medications. Staff/Labor C40 Central Stores Location Pharmacies Transportation/Vehicle Stationary cost

Word of mouth
Social Media ads Channels
Delivery (car/scooter/bicycle) Online web purchase Facebook

Patients of Public Health Institutions

CDAP users outside of Public Health institutions. Public users interested in the service

Fax telephone

Cost structure

Revenue streams Exclusive Government Contractual Agreement Special Requests (Disaster Relief etc.) Non-Govt payments by set fees

Wages Transport maintenance Fuel

Experiments to test channels

MVP - Sourcing and Delivery service of medicine Interview verbal discussion with channel partners

Surveys-Questionnaires with 10 potential customers on channel feedback

40% pass rate

Diagram of Channel

General and Administration






Customer Insights
We proposed a combination of virtual and physical channels. Channels included online purchases, Facebook, email, telephone, fax, car/motorcycle/scooter delivery and mailing. 10 potential customers and other channel partners such as pharmacists/suppliers were surveyed with regards to our channels.

What they said:

80% of customers were more comfortable with telephone orders as they prefer the idea of human interaction. These customers wanted a single toll free number to access the service rather than current process of cell numbers based on location. 90% preferred to collect their medication rather than have it placed in mailboxes as adverse effects may be experienced depending on the length of time the meds spent in there. 60% said that they would utilize the virtual channels to order, once it was user friendly enough and they received quick responses of acknowledgement. Pharmacists recommended that stamped and sealed boxes be used to deliver medication to ensure privacy, to which all of our customers agreed. While all customers liked the idea to being able to fax/email in their prescriptions, pharmacists were little concerned about abuse by re-using of prescriptions and agreed to fulfill such requests once the original prescriptions were submitted as soon after.

Hypothesis: Heres what we thought

Customers would either call/ email or fb message to place order for delivery Many pharmacies will be accessed for medication Medication will be delivered using a car or placed in mailbox depending on item and time of delivery.

Experiments: So heres what we did

Test the MVP by taking on deliveries. This week we managed 1 delivery. Interviewed guaranteed potential customers and channel partners Collated our findings

Distance Tests
Distance Travelled (km) From Kappa Drugs (St. James) to: Carlos Street Maraval Road Colville Street Richmond Street Frederick Street Charlotte Street 0 0.8 1.2 1.6 2 2.6 3 Fuel Cost (Premium) $0.00 $0.46 $0.69 $0.92 $1.15 $1.50 $1.73 Fuel Cost (Super) $0.00 $0.22 $0.32 $0.43 $0.54 $0.70 $0.81

Phone Rates
Day Digicel Prepaid 6am-6pm 6pm-6am Evening Weekends Midnight Friday-midnight Sunday

To Digicel To Fixed lines (flow, TSTT) To other mobile

$1.25 $1.25 $1.25

$0.74 $0.74 $0.74

$0.57 $0.57 $0.57

Sourcing of Meds

Results: So heres what we found

Customers also want miscellaneous items such as get well cards Over the counter medication acquisition was relatively easy, however we realized that prescription drugs may be a bit more challenging. Because of the time of day that the delivery was done(6pm) traffic was not a real issue. At other times because of traffic we saw the need for a more efficient form e.g. scooter or even bicycle. With the current method, only cash payment can be accepted, other forms not yet facilitated.

what we are going to do next

Adjust hypotheses to reflect results obtained from experiments
Conduct additional test of the MVP

Conduct more interviews to get more customer insight of the business

Trinidad Medical Aid Delivering to your doorstep

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