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The Aedes Mosquito

An intelligent, cunning and deadly creature

Is it present in Tamil Nadu?


It transmits Dengue fever deadly killer of mankind particularly children Chikungunya - a crippling fever

Vector, disease and susceptible host are available

Vector Disease agent Host Aedes Mosquito Dengue virus Mostly Children

Characteristics of the Aedes Mosquito

It bites during the day It lays its eggs in clean, shady, stagnant water One distinct physical feature black and white strips on its body and legs-Hence called Tiger Mosquitoes

Vector Bionomics
Eggs withstand desiccation for years Flight range is mostly < km Day biting mosquito (Early morning and late afternoon) Longevity - about 3 weeks

Vector Bionomics
Ambient temperature for breeding 16C to 40C Indoor - rests in dark and cool places Out door - shady places High humidity and High temperature enhance the vectorial capacity

Man made Aedes farms

Water storage tank or cistern Drums Flower vase filled with water Potted plants with saucers Roof gutters Discarded food and drink containers Used tyres Discarded large appliances Discarded buckets Rubber collection shells

Man made Aedes farms

Animal water container Air coolers Water coolers Discarded tins Window gutters Tender cocunut shells Plastic covers used for covering fruits in the trees Air conditioners

Huge breeding source

Tyres every where

Tyres in a residential locality

Inviting the enemy

Concrete mixer quietly parked on the street

Intelligent enemy using the spilled water for breeding

Intelligent enemy using the water on the manhole cover for breeding

Roof gutters

Plastic Containers- ideal artificial container

Aedes breeding as a consequence of disrupted water supply in a student hostel

Rain water collected for Head Bath stored for a long time breeds the enemy

All in one place

Opening the door for the enemy

Devil safe behind the God

Enemy in Coconut shells

Clean water for the enemy

Sappotta fruits and the enemy

Flower Pots in an otherwise safe house

Tyres behind a house in which a child died due to dengue fever

Tree holes

Tree hole harbouring Aedes

Plantain leaf axil

Most Dangerous Categories of Aedes

Aedes born in tyres and unused containers- these mosquitoes are born with dengue virus and infective from birth (transovarian transmission) Hospital/clinic aedes Entertainment Aedes
Aedes in cinema theatres Parks Theme parks

Most Dangerous Categories of Aedes

School going, college going Aedes Aedes staying in hostels, hotels, guest houses Market Aedes Aedes attending marriages and functions Aedes in Bus-stands, Railway stations, airports and seaports

Aedes in a theme park

Factors favouring Aedes breeding

Inadequate water supply Engineering defects Wide use of non-biodegradable materials Improper disposal of solid wastes Inadequate attention on awareness generation among public

Appears to be complex problembut solutions are simpler

Keep the unused grinder stone upside down Encourage to use as a sitting stone

Discarding the water by tilting the container

Lock the concrete mixer in upside down position after work

Trained eyes searching for the enemy


Covered with cloth

Used tyres collection campaign

All breeding sources inside the are eliminated

All plastic wastes are removed

Tyre removal campaign

Beware of hospitals
Hospitals may pool infection from all over and act as epicentre Inside and outside of the hospitals should be free from Aedes

Fogging into residences infested with the enemy

Fogging and source reduction in and around cinema halls before matinee show will interrupt transmission

Mass Cleaning Drive