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Meaning of Worship - Puja

The word worship is a mixture 3 words: viz. devotion, trust and determination. Combination of these words is worship or puja. If there is no devotion then there is no trust and if there is no trust there is no determination and without these three elements, worship cannot be completed. Any worship with selfish motive is deemed unfruitful.

Importance of Worship
There are various methods of worshipping. Worship when done for completion of work and peaceful life is the best one. In our life due to effects of planets good and bad things take place. Planets keep moving and have different effects at different times in our life. All planets will not have good effects on us simultaneously. That is why we encounter one or the other problems in our life. Though we cannot stop these problems but we can ward off the bad effects by doing proper worship. For example if it is raining, we cannot stop the rain but we can save ourselves with the help of umbrella. In the same way worship cannot stop the occurrence of bad events in our life but can protect us to some extent from the bad effects.

Various effects of worshipping different gods

1. Sun ( Main carrier of Leo sign)

Sun is given highest importance amongst all 9 planets because its effect can make make person earn name and fame through out his life coupled with advancement. Those who have problems like fever, weakness, heart ailments or heart attacks, stomach-related problems, eye diseases, skin disease, hysteria should definitely pray to and worship Sun.
Those who earn bad name and face insults inspite of doing good deeds should worship Sun. Also people who are yearning to earn more name and fame or who want to get high profile jobs should definitely worship him to succeed.

Mantraa to be chanted: OM HREEM HREEM SURYAY NAMAH. No. of times to be chanted: 28000 times Stone to be worn: Ruby (5.25 carat)

2. Moon If any person has the Moon in its right place, then that person will earn name and fame in the field of writing, song-writing, and other creative arenas. But if it is in the wrong place then the person face several problems like sleep problems, coughrelated diseases, indigestion, back problems and stomach-related problems. Also there is a fear of death from water. The biggest effect however is that the person will lose his mental balance and he might become insane. His talks and thoughts do not match. In such situations, worshiping Moon and Lord Shiva helps a lot. Mantraa to be chanted: OM EM HREEM SOMAY NAMAHA No. of times to be chanted: 44000 times Stone to be worn: Pearl (5.25 carat)

3. Mangal Any person who facing problems like throat-related diseases, blood-related diseases, eye diseases, and if he is facing any type of attack then he should know that the position of Mangal is not correct. Also if a person is getting angry all of a sudden or is stubborn and not listening to anybody should conclude that he should worship this God and appease him to mitigate the problems faced by him. Mantraa to be chanted: OM HREEM SHREEM MANGALAYA NAMAHA No. of times to be chanted: 40000 Stone to be worn: Moonga( upto 6 carat)

4. Buddh
Mental imbalance, ear and nose diseases, ulcer problems, skin diseases, white spots, fear of dying from poison, fear of falling from height, etc are the main features of the incorrect position of Buddh. Also the person whose Buddh is not good will bring loss to himself by his speech. He will speak without thinking. In such situations, worshipping will benefit him. Mantraa to be chanted: OM EM SHREEM SHREEM BUDDHAYA NAMAHA No. of times to be chanted: 36000 Stone to be worn: Emerald(panna)(More than 4 carat)

5. Guru

Indigestion, gas problems, fever, pain and puss in ear, diminishing intelligence, loss of interest in studies, memory loss are the symptoms of wrong position of Guru. The correct position of Guru is very important for success in life. So one must worship him to attain happiness and peace in this world. Mantraa to be chanted: OM EM KLEEM BRIHASPATAYE NAMAHA. No. of times to be chanted: 76000 times. Stone to be worn: Topaz( pukhraj) (5-6 carat)
6. Shukra It showers happiness in our life with its right position. People who have white spots, acidity, cough-related problems, eye diseases, urine-related problems, problems in conceiving, stomach pain, diabetes or other such people should conclude that their Shukra is in the wrong position. Also such people yearn for more sexual activities and lose everything. Also they develop vices like drinking and taking of drugs. They also develop attraction towards other men and women and thus spoil their life. That is why worshipping Shukra is very important to ward off bad effects. Mantraa to be chanted: OM HREEM SHREEM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA No. of times to be chanted: 64000 times Stone to be worn: Diamond ( 5 carat), Sub-stones: White Topaz( pukhraj).

7. Shani

Shani is said to be the God of justice. If he is happy, all our desires are fulfilled but if he is angry then nobody can escape from his penury. Some of the ill-effects of unfavorable positions are stomach diseases, acidity, falling from top, recurrent injuries, accidents, hindrances in activities, suicidal thoughts, and getting all sorts of negative thoughts. Proper worshipping of Shani will help in combatting all such bad happenings in life.
Mantraa to be chanted: OM EEM HREEM SHREEM SHANAISHCHARAYA NAMAHA No. of times to be chanted: 92000 times. Stone to be worn: Neelam( 4-5 carat) 8. Raahu Raahu is basically a "shadow planet". His effect is same as the planet with which it exists. If he is in the company of bad-positioned planets then effects can be seen in the form of heart attacks, heart weaknes, digestion problems, and sometimes the person gets angry on himself. In such conditions, worshipping him is an ideal solution to mitigate the ill effects of the planet. Mantraa to be chanted: OM HREEM RAHUVE NAMAHA No. of times to be chanted: 72000 times. Stone to be worn: Agate (Gomed)(6-7 carat)

9. Ketu Like Raahu, Ketu also is a "shadow planet" and stays in the influence of other planets and has the same effects like them. The people who have this planet on wrong foot then the ill effects can be like recurrent injuries, fire injuries, dental caries or other tooth-related problems, pus-related problems, day-dreaming, and depression. Proper worshipping of this planet can help with sudden spurt in wealth, social recognition and other benefits. Mantraa to be chatted: OM HREEM KREEM KETAVE NAMAHA No. of times to be chanted: 68000 times. Stone to be worn: Cat's eye.

How Puja(worship) has to be done?

1. On the basis of your date of birth, we will find complete solution and also will complete the worship on the basis of planets favourable and unfavourable to you.

2. Keeping in mind the devotion of a person towards a particular God or Goddess, we worship that particular God or Goddess . For example, some people are devoted to Lord Shiva, some people are devotees of Lord Ganesha and some are devoted to Sai baba. So depending on a person's choice, the worship is carried out at that God's place of origin. For instance, Lord Shiva is worshipped at Trambkeshwar, Sai baba is worshipped in Shirdi and Shani is worshipped at Shignapur.

Outcome of worshipping a particular God

Shiv Puja Lord Shiva is also known as Bhole baba. To attain peace of mind and to get rid of health problems, we perform Shiv puja at Trambkeshwar. This puja also helps in getting rid of "Kaal Sarp dosh". Ganesha Puja We all know Lord Ganesha by various names like Vighnahartaa or dukhharthaa and also he is known for his power to get us rid of our problems. If you are facing financial, mental or social problems, then we conduct Ganesha puja to improve your financial conditions. The worshiping is carried out at the Ganesha temple. Mahalaxmi Puja

Mahalaxmi is the goddess of wealth. We conduct puja at Kuber Bhandari temple, Chanod(Gujrat). By conducting this puja, financial difficulties, burden of loan, loss of money, etc which may arrive soon will be taken care of. Also goddess Mahalaxmi will keep a good balance in life.

Vishnu Puja
Lord Vishnu is know as the caretaker of entire world. Worshipping him will result in building a brave attitude. To fulfill our desires, Lord Vishnu is worshipped at Naryan temple. Durgaa puja Worshipping Goddess Durga will help in putting an end to enemies and also will help in getting rid of fear of enemies. This puja is conducted either at Durga temple or Kaali temple. It helps in getting rid of enemies and winning the court matters. Sai Puja Though Sai baba was a incarnated person, he used to live like a mendicant because he wanted to develop a feeling of equality amongst us. In present time, he is worshipped to free us from all types of problems. We conduct Sai puja at Shirdi. It helps in fulfilling all desires of a person.

Puja Methods at

We conduct the puja of that God or Goddess in which you have belief and shower your devotion. Our site "Pundit Junction" provides you a golden opportunity to conduct puja of any God or Goddess you believe in. Every month this can be done as per your date of birth. We have 3 types of subscriptions available with us for conducting puja. They are: 1. Third monthly: In this plan, as per your devotion we conduct puja every month as per your date of birth for 3 months and send the photo, prasad, etc to you. 2. Six monthly: In this plan, we conduct the puja every month as per your date of birth for 6 months.

3. Yearly: As per this plan, we conduct the puja every month for 1 year as per your date of birth.

Puja Services at

On the basis of birth chart(kundali) prepared by us and its analysis to locate any planetary defects( grahdosh) and plugging the defect with puja. The grahdosh can be any one of the following :

Kaal-Sarp Dosh Puja

If in the birth chart(kundali), planets are coming in between Raahu and Ketu, then it is known as sarpdosh. Sarpdosh in birth chart causes obstacles everytime in life. There is a delay in completion of work. Unnecessary tensions prevails through out life. Childlessness and lack of marital bliss will also have prominence. In such situations, it is necessary to conduct puja so that life is freed from obstacles and problems Pitr Dosh Puja

If pitr dosh is present in the birth chart, then work which is on the verge of completion will fail because invisible pitr means those people who love us very much during their lives and after their death the spirit is not liberated. By causing obstructions in our activities, it coaxes us to conduct pind-daan to free them. For this reason, if we conduct pitrdosh puja, then the same pitr will bless us with happiness and peace and attain salvation making our life more progressive.

Maanglik Dosh Puja If maanglik dosh is found in the chart, then such person will have delayed marriage. Even if the marriage happens in time, then also there are chances of crack in relationship and also there will be difficulty in having children. All in all, marital bliss becomes difficult. Also the person gets angry quickly and becomes a victim of mental imbalance. That is why if this dosh is found in the chart, then immediately this puja must be conducted for the betterment. Shani Puja If in the chart Shani's saade-saatti or if Shani has strong negative effect or if Shani is in the wrong position, then such person is likely to encounter lots of difficulties. He also has to face lot of insults and criticisms. His court cases keep pending and unnecessary rivalry emerges which causes one or the other losses. It is not like this that Shani does this forever. If he is kept happy, then there is no other God who can shower happiness and growth like him. That is the reason why a person should conduct Shani puja if Shani is in the wrong position.

Mahamrutunjaya Puja In life, if none of the medicines work for ailments and if the ill person remains depressed and disappointed then in such situations if Mahamrutunjaya puja is done, then that person will see dramatic improvement in his health. If a person is suffering from long time ailments, then by the grace of God the person can regain good health through this Puja. Navgraha Pujan If in the life of a person there is an unexpected arrival of numerous problems and causes are unknown, then by conducting Navgraha pujan, the person can expect physical, mental and financial benefits. He also feels secured to some extent by having solutions to his present as well as future problems.

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