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Galvanic Spa

System II
Look and feel younger
in just 10 minutes!
What is a Galvanic Treatment?
 Safe and effective
current used for
over 50 years.

 Refreshes and
energizes the skin

The Results… Unfortunately…

 Visibly Glowing 
Can be costly
 Smoother  Time consuming
 More Youthful
Introducing Nu Skin Galvanic Spa™ II system

Get Spa Results From Home!
 Patented self-adjusting
galvanic currents

Interchangeable heads for
face, scalp, and body.

Delivers revitalizing,
restorative, and rejuvenating
 Convenient & Affordable
The Results…
 Around the eyes
 Nasal Fold

Around the mouth

Skin Firmness
 Smoother Texture
 Reduced Pore Size

* Individual results will var

Begin Spa Demonstration…
First We Need to Start with a
Clean Face
 Nu Skin 180 Face Wash

Voted “Healthiest Facial Cleanser” by
Health Magazine

Unique formula features high levels
Vitamin C

Reduces age spots and discoloration.

Evens skin tone for fresh, healthy
looking skin.
 Improves firmness, helping to restore
a more youthful complexion.
 Leaves skin feeling clean, fresh, and
2 Step Process
1 Pre-Treatment 2 Treatment

Deep Cleansing Moisturizes

Allows your pores to Conditions
Soothes Antioxidant
Conditions Protection
Revives &
Apply Pre-Treatment Gel

Treatment Gel Is Negatively Charged
 TEA Cocoyl Glutamate to purify skin and
allows pores to breathe. Marigold, Sea Kelp,
and Vanilla Extracts soothe and condition the

Set the
• Set Spa for One Fountains (for negative
Instrument current)
for Pre- • Set for 5 Minutes
Treatment • Make sure both your hands are wet
• The Spa Instrument will automatically
5 analyze your skin again
• It will beep once every 20 seconds
during treatment
How it works: Pre-Treatment -Charge

These negative
charges repel
each other,
driving the Pre-
Treat Gel into
the skin.

 The Pre-Treat
Gel binds to
It is all in the
 Move Instrument slowly and
 Always Work your spa

3 areas we target

Mouth & Lips Area
 Under the Eye
 Forehead
 Repeat Each Move 5 Times
 Hold spa for 3 seconds at
each end point.
 After 5 minutes, the
instrument will signal a final
Apply Treatment Gel
 Treatment Gel is Positively Charged
 Contains
 A form of Vitamin E to help moisturize, condition, & provide
antioxidant protection.
 Arginine facilitates recovery from stress.
 Rose, Sandalwood, and Jasmine Extracts soothe and conditi
the skin.
Magnesium to revive and invigorate tired skin.
Set the

Set Spa forto Two Fountains
naturally (foryour
balance positive current)
skin's pH.
Instrument • Set for 5 Minutes
• Make sure both your hands are wet
for • The Spa Instrument will automatically analyze
your skin again
Treatment • It will beep once every 20 seconds during
How it works: Treatment +Charge

These positives
charges repel
each other,
ingredients into
the skin.
 The positively
attracts the
Spot Treatment Head & Tru face
Line Corrector

Reduce appearance of
moderate to deep lines
and wrinkles.

 12 Week Clinical Study:

Improvement in 91%

 Use Line Corrector twice

daily with or without the
Amount of Active Permeating the Skin
Proven 70% More Effective

Clinical Study by a 160
third party lab 140
measured the 120
ability of ingredients 100
to enter the skin. 80
 24 hours after the 40
Galvanic Spa 20
Treatment we see 0
that the active 0 6 24
ingredient was able Hours Post Treatment

to penetrate the No Treatment Galvanic Treatment

skin 70% more
effectively than
Nu Skin 180 Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System

Designed to reverse the
full range of aging effects

Diminishes Fine Lines &
 Refine Texture
 Even Skin Tone
 Overall Improved

Clinical Study:
100% participants
thiest Facial Cleanser” by Health
saw Magazine
Galvanic Spa™ II
for the body

Powerful tool against cellulite
 Minimizes and smoothes
appearance of cellulite
 Targets pockets of fat and toxins

Achieve a Firmer, more toned

Galvanic Spa™ II
for the scalp & hair
 Promotes hair that looks and feels
more abundant.
 Contains Powerful Ingredients

Help hair regain its natural
health, strength, volume
and shine.
Tru Face Essence Ultra

Contains Ethocyn™ which
improves skin elastin content.

 Clinical Studies show that after 6

weeks 99.9% of people
experienced skin elasticity
levels of an 18 year old!

 Also contains a protective

antioxidant network that helps
protect skin from free radicals
A Nu Skin Exclusive Technology….

Slow Aging at the Source
 Major Scientific Breakthrough
 Changing how we look at


Now available in
Galvanic Spa Facial Gels!
Available in More Products Soon!

How to Use Your FlipChart
What Your FlipChart Includes

• Full Color Presentation Slides (this is what your guests see)

• B&W Note Slides (this is what you and the hostess will read)
• Full Color Testimonial Slides (This can be passed around
and looked at before the demo and/or during presentation)

How to Assemble

Place the Full Color Presentation Slides so that your guests

looking at the presentation will see this. The before and after
pictures will just be placed loosely in your flipchart so that you
are free to spread them out and use them at any point during
the presentation

Place the notes in the binder so that when your guests are looking
at a slide you can be reading the corresponding notes. Match
the notes with the slide by using the title.

You will not have a spot to slide in the notes for the first slide. The
notes for the Slide 1 “Galvanic Spa System II” will have to be
adhered to the back of the flipchart with tape or some sort of
adhesive. This is done so that you have notes to read for the
opening slide and we can maximize the space.

Slide 1: Galvanic Spa System II

• Today you are going to be introduced to a new piece of technology - one so

exciting and revolutionary that it is becoming known as the “I-pod of the
Anti-aging industry ‘ - The Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System.

• Like the IPOD, the Galvanic Spa is portable, handheld, easy to use, and, it
produces stunning results, making you look and feel younger- often in as
little as ten minutes!

• It has already received lots of attention. Appearing in German Vogue, the

TODAY SHOW on NBC and was recently voted “New & Notable” Product at
the 2008 Spa & Resort Expo in L.A.

Slide 2: What is Galvanic Treatment?

• But first you must be wondering. What is a Galvanic Treatment? For more
than 50 years, many top salon and spa professionals have used safe, gentle
galvanic current to refresh and energize their customers’ skin. The benefits
of these treatments are almost immediate and often dramatic. Even the
most fatigued complexions are left visibly glowing, smoother, and more

• Celebrities already know the benefits. Sophia Loren who is now in her
seventies looks amazing. Her secret? She drinks 5 liters of water each day
and for the last 50 years has had a Galvanic Spa treatment twice a week.

• The only real downside to galvanic treatment has been the expense, often
$100 or more per treatment. And, of course, finding the time to set and keep
regular appointments for treatment in a spa.

• Now, there’s a better way

Slide 3: Introducing Nu Skin Galvanic Spa II

• With the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System you can have all the benefits of
professional Galvanic treatments in your home at a fraction of the cost.

• Small - smart - and powerful, the Galvanic Spa has patented, self-
adjusting galvanic currents and interchangeable heads—for the face,
scalp, and body; and it is designed to work synergistically with specially
formulated products to maximize the transport of key ingredients into
your skin.

• And remember - it only takes a few minutes and you can use it
anywhere and anytime you want.

• Your radiant complexion, fuller, healthier looking hair, and improved

appearance will leave people wondering - how you find the time!

Slide 4: The Results
• It is, of course, results that really have people talking! The areas that
typically show dramatic results are around the eye, in the nasal fold
and around the mouth. But it doesn’t end there. Many people also
experience overall improvement in firmness, smoother texture and
reduced pore size as well.

• Here is an example of a woman who had a 10 minute treatment done on

just half her face. The changes are quite remarkable.

• Look closely around her eyes. On the treated side you can see that the
lines are diminished and are practically invisible.

• Now let’s look around her mouth. The most visible difference is in the
area known as the nasal fold. The skin in this area has been firmed,
tightened and lifted. Around the corner of her mouth there is significant
overall improvement in the quality of the skin.

• All of this in just 10 minutes!

Show before and after photos if guests haven’t already seen them
Ask, “Would you like to see the results for yourself?”
Let Hostess read the presentation from here

Slide 5: Begin Demonstration

• It is very important that the face is thoroughly cleansed before we begin the
treatment. Today we are using the Nu Skin 180 Face Wash.

• This face wash contains 10 percent active, efficacious Vitamin C, making it

one of the most extraordinary anti-aging cleansers available.

• This level of concentrated Vitamin C is a potent tool against multiple signs of

aging. In addition to targeting age spots and discoloration, this rich, creamy
formula helps support collagen production to diminish wrinkles and firm the

• In 2000 when this product was introduced, a panel of independent, board-

certified dermatologists selected Nu Skin 180° Face Wash as the
"Healthiest Facial Cleanser of 2000.“

Slide 6: 2 Step Process

• A key component to the results of the Galvanic Spa is that it is a two step
process - It both pre-treats and treats the skin.

• The Galvanic System includes a package of patented gels specially

formulated to be used with the spa. You will find two different colored vials –
one clear and one blue. The clear vial is labeled pre-treatment. This gel
contains ingredients including marigold, sea kelp, and vanilla extracts to
allow your pores to breathe and soothe and condition the skin.

• The blue vial contains the treatment gel. It contains a special form of
Vitamin E to help moisturize, condition, and provide antioxidant protection.
Additional ingredients including Rose, Sandalwood, and Jasmine Extracts
soothe and condition, while Arginine helps to revive and invigorate your skin
from stress –which, as we all know, is a real contributor to a tired, older
looking appearance.

Slide 7: Apply Pre-Treatment Gel

• At home, You always want to use the entire contents on your face and neck.
For demonstration purposes we will only use half for half the face.

• Now that the gel has been applied, we set the Galvanic Spa for the pre-
treatment. The spa is set to 1 Fountain and we will set the timer for 5

• Your hand should be moist and must be touching the chrome base, which is
the conductor of the galvanic current.

• When the spa is first placed on the face, the spa instrument will
automatically analyze your skin and beep 1,2, or 3 times to determine the
correct amount of current for the most effective treatment. This simple
process replaces the years of training estheticians go through to effectively
perform galvanic treatments in a spa setting.

• During the treatment it will beep once every 20 seconds. 28

Slide 8: Pre-Treatment

• You may be wondering, how does Galvanic treatment actually work? It’s
really a matter of polarity – negative and positive charge.

• During the Pre-Treatment Cycle, the Galvanic Spa produces a negative

current to match the Pre-Treat Gel which is also negatively charged. Since
like charges repel each other, the pre-treatment gel is driven deep into the
skin. Besides simply soothing the skin, the pre-treatment gel is also
designed to actually bind with impurities hidden deep in your skin.

Slide 9: It is all in the motion!

• When using the Galvanic Spa we want to move Instrument slowly and
evenly and always work your spa upward.

• There are 3 main areas we target, under the eye, mouth & lips area, and the

• We do this with 5 simple movements.

• A good habit is to repeat each movement 5 times

• Once you complete each movement 5 times, you can go back and target
any areas of concern.

• After 5 minutes, the instrument will signal a final beep.

Slide 10: Apply Treatment Gel

• When completed we remove the excess

pre-treatment gel from the face with a
damp cloth.

• Now, we apply the treatment gel from the

blue capsule.

• The treatment gel is positively charged

and contains a form of Vitamin E to help
moisturize, condition, and provide 31
Slide 11: How it works – Treatment

• During the treatment cycle, the Galvanic Instrument and the treatment gel
are positively charged. Again, since like charges repel each other, the spa
helps to deliver the beneficial ingredients deep into the skin.

• While at the same time, the positive charge also attracts the remaining
negatively charged impurities from the Pre-Treat cycle, and draws them out
of the skin.

• We repeat the same movements that we used during the pre-treatment.

• When finished simply remove the excess gel with a damp cloth.

Slide 12: Spot Treatment & Tru Face Line Corrector

• The versatile Galvanic spa with its interchangeable heads, allows you to
focus on a variety of areas or special “trouble” spots- wherever you think
you need it most.

• For example, it includes a spot treatment head. Used in combination with

Tru Face Line Corrector, you can harness the power of peptides to reduce
the appearance of moderate to deep lines and wrinkles caused by
mechanical aging. In a 12 week clinical study, Line corrector showed
significant wrinkle improvement in 91% of participants.

• You can use the spot treatment head with the line corrector twice a day. It
only takes an extra 2-3 minutes in your daily routine for results that are not
only pleasing to you, but will cause others to notice as well. Simply, apply
the product where you have mechanical lines. Set your Spa to 2 fountains
(Positive Charge) and use for 1 to 3 minutes. Use it to target any area of

Slide 13: Proven 70% More Effective

• The amazing news is that a study by a third party lab has documented that
active ingredients used on your skin following galvanic treatment are able to
penetrate your skin 70% more effectively than without the galvanic

• As the graph shows, at the conclusion of a galvanic spa treatment,

measurements were taken at 0 hours, after 6 hours and again 24 hours. In
the time period from 6 to 24 hours there is a 70% increase in the effective
absorption of the active ingredient in skin treated with galvanic.

• By the way, the Active A used in this study is an ingredient found in the daily
skin care regimen recommended for use with the Spa

• Knowing this, the galvanic spa becomes an important component to our

daily routine of skin care! When our skin gets maximum absorption, - we
get maximum benefit!
Slide 14: 180 System

• The skin care we recommend most often for use in conjunction with the
Galvanic Spa is the 180 Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System. It is designed to
reverse the full range of aging effects. This system has been clinically
proven to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, refine texture, and even skin tone
for an overall improved appearance.

• During the clinical study, 100% of the participants saw an improvement in

their skin after only 8 weeks of use.

• This system contains 5 products – which include a daily face wash, which
we used earlier, skin mist, cell renewal, daytime moisturizer, and nighttime

Slide 15: Galvanic for the Body

• The Galvanic Spa System doesn’t just end with the face. Use the
Galvanic Spa with the body conductor head and Body Shaping Gel and
you now have a powerful tool against cellulite. Together these products
have the power to minimize and smooth the appearance of cellulite by
targeting pockets of fat and toxins for a firmer, more toned appearance.

• Users have had incredible success with this product in areas such as
the arms, legs, stomach and neck. Even hands are showing a more
youthful look after treatment.

Slide 16: Galvanic for Scalp & Hair

• The fourth conductor included with your

spa is for the scalp and is designed to
work synergistically with both Nutriol
Hair Fitness Shampoo and Treatment.
Together these technologically
advanced treatment products can
promote abundant, healthy looking hair.

• Nutriol contains a clinically proven

ingredient developed in Europe- along 37
Slide 17: Tru Face Essence Ultra
• This amazing anti-aging story doesn’t end here. What if you could restore
the elastin levels of your skin to that of a 18 year old?

• Now you can - with Tru Face Essence Ultra. Each jar filled with these
amazing little blue pearls contains an amazing ingredient called Ethocyn.

• Ethocyn has been shown in clinical studies conducted at UCLA to restore

the elasticity of the skin to that of an 18 to 24 year old in just six weeks! Tru
Face Essence Ultra is the only Ethocyn product on the market that contains
the addition of an antioxidant network to help preserve your restored skin
elasticity over time.

• With over 120 scientists on staff, a center for dermatological studies in

cooperation with Stanford University, the products we offer aren’t just quality
skin care – we have the science to back it up! Nu Skin products are known
as the difference – demonstrated.

• As if this isn’t exciting enough, let’s take just a quick peek at what’s ahead!38
Slide 18: A Nu Skin Discovery

• Through research at Purdue University, Nu Skin has made a very exciting

discovery in how our skin ages. They have discovered a age related enzyme
called arNox that when triggered releases massive amounts of free radicals.
As we all ready know, free radicals destroy collagen and elastin and causes
our skin to age. The scientists have found that arNOX is triggered around
age 40 and is the cause of sudden aging. You probably know someone who
seems to have aged overnight. arNOX was most likely the cause.

• Simply put, the higher the arNOX serum levels, the older you are going to
look and the faster you age. The lower the arNOX serum levels, the younger
you look and the slower you age.

• ageLOC is designed to stop this nasty enzyme and slow the aging process
at the source. ageLOC is currently only available through Galvanic Spa
ageLOC facial gels.

Slide 19: Pause the Aging Escalator

• The ageLOC facial gels are only the beginning of whats to come
from Nu Skin. This is the first product using ageLOC technology.
Soon Nu Skin will introduce even more products using this
breakthrough technology.

• The second generation of ageLOC is even more exciting to all of us.

• arNOX is not only in your skin, but has been discovered to be in

your blood, organs, essentially ever cell in your body. After age 25 it
becomes more aggressive, aging you from the inside out. Nu Skin is
the only company that can identify, and inhibit this aging enzyme.
The second generation of ageLOC will designed for not just
appearance on the outside but how we will feel on the inside.

Slide 20: Select a System that is best for you

• In these few moments, I imagine you have become as excited as most to

begin to experience for yourself and all the benefits that await you with the
Galvanic Spa, - the Tru Face Essence Ultra and the scientifically proven
skin care that is best suited for your particular needs!

• You’ll be delighted to know that starting today is an easy process as well.

Simply contact the person who shared this presentation with you to discuss
your individual needs and the specially priced package that is best for you.

• In no time, you will be enjoying the ability to both turn back the clock and
look with confidence into the future - A more youthful you – at any age!

• But first let’s look at the results from our demonstration!