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Human Resources Management

Chapter-3 Recruitment and Selection

Learning objectives
Meaning of Recruitment Definition of Recruitment Sources of recruitment

Meaning & definition of Recruitment

Recruitment and selection are the two most

important functions of personnel management. Recruitment is made before selection. Recruitment is a process to discover the sources of man-power to meet the requirements of the staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting that manpower in adequate number, facilitate effective selection of efficient personnel.

Definition of Recruitment
According to Edwin Flippo, Recruitment is a

process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs. In simple words it is a process of attracting people to apply for jobs available in the company

Sources of Recruitment
Sources Of Recruitment Internal sources External Sources

Internal sources

Retired Managers Recall from Long Leave Internal Advertisements

External Sources
Management Consultants

Management Institutes/ Campus Interviews Recommendations Employment Exchange

Internal sources ( Explanation)

Promotions Promotions means to give a higher position, salary, status and responsibility. When a vacancy arises at a higher level, qualified and experienced personnel from within the organization can be promoted at higher level.

2. Transfers
Transfers means a change in the place of

employment. An employee who is experienced and capable of handling the duties in the new department can be transferred.

3. Retired Managers
At times, retired managers may be recalled,

especially for a short duration. This is done when it is difficult to find a suitable candidate for the post.

4. Recall from Long Leave

The organization may recall a manager who has

gone on a long leave. This is done when the organization faces a problem which can only be solved by that particular manager. After he solves the problem, his leave is extended.

5. Internal Advertisements
The company may also display on its notice

boards or inform the departmental heads of a vacancy at executive levels. Accordingly, interested candidates may apply for the position.

External Sources ( Explanation)


Management Consultants Some companies take the help of management consultants to select executive personnel. These agencies act as a representative of the employer. They make all the necessary arrangements for recruitment and selection. In return they charge commission. Examples: Tata consultancy services, ABC consultancy etc.

2. Advertisements
This is one of the most popular source of

recruitment. Advertisement of the vacancy is inserted in newspaper or magazines etc. It invites applications from suitable candidates.

3. Management Institutes/ Campus Interviews

The company may also inform the management

institute to send candidataes studying management courses in such institutes. Sometimes the company recruitment committee may personally visit such institutes for recruiting suitable candidates.

4. Recommendations
The company may also recruit executives on the

basis of recommendations received from existing managers or sister concerns.

5. Employment Exchange
Employment exchange is the agency specially for

government jobs. They provide jobs to the candidates as per the job opening. This is similar to consultancys in the olden days people were preferring employment exchange as a medium of getting suitable jobs.

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