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Game Development with

By Gabriel Grill

LibGDX is ...
open source

Desktop Web Smartphone

JNI Wrapper optimised for Davlik VM

well documented
Wiki, Forum, Blog, JavaDoc, Demos, Videos, ..

LibGDX has ...

great tooling
Particle-, Body-, Fonteditor TMX and TWL support Texture packer

backends for
Jogl, LWJGL, Angle SoundTouch, KissFFT Mpg123, Tremor

nightly builds and regular releases

Getting Started - Desktop

create Project 2. download and move libGDX to libs/ 3. Java Build Path

gdx.jar, gdx-backend-jogl.jar and the corresponding -natives.jar

public class HelloWorldDesktop { public static void main(String[] argv) { new JoglApplication(new App(), "Title", width, height, false/*Gl 2.0*/); } }


public class App implements ApplicationListener { public void resume() { } public void resize(int width, int height) { } public void render(){ } public void pause(){ } public void dispose(){ } public void create(){ } }

Getting Started - Android

create Android Project 2. copy libGDX to libs/

<uses-sdk minSdkVersion="3" targetSdkVersion="8"/>


Java Build Path

gdx.jar, gdx-backend-android.jar Desktop Project

public class HelloWorldAndroid extends AndroidApplication { @Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); initialize(new App(), false /*Gl 2.0*/); } }

Assets and Input

File API
Classpath, File system Asset folder data/

AssetManager Texture-, Fixture-, TileAtlas Json- and XML Processing Polling and event-based Input Remote Input, compass and accelerometer

OpenGL ES 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0

Shaders, Framebuffer Objects, Mipmaps

Batched and cached sprite rendering Particle System, TMX tile map rendering 2D scene graph with tweening framework OBJ and MD5 model loaders
soon FBX/Collada

Key-frame and skeletal animation Ortographic and perspective camera

Custom Collections, Sorting Preferences Vector, Matrix and Quaternion classes JNI wrapper of box2d Shapes, intersection and overlap testing

Vibrator support
WAV, MP3 and OGG support Playback and recording

AdWhirl, Admob


renders a scene of 3232 pixel sprites in a grid - 336 sprites AndEngine:

Hero: ~17fps Nexus One: ~41fps


Hero: ~51fps Nexus One: ~51fps FloatBuffer.put( float value ): 40.774 secs FloatBuffer.put(int index, float value): 42.710 secs FloatBuffer.put( float[] values ): 41.109 sec IntBuffer.put( int[] values): 12.59 secs JNI -> BufferUtils.copy(): 0.14 secs FloatBuffer.put( float value ): 6.876 secs FloatBuffer.put(int index, float value): 7.006 secs FloatBuffer.put( float[] values ): 6.800 sec IntBuffer.put( int[] values): 1.479 secs JNI -> BufferUtils.copy(): 0.067 secs

Android 1.5 - Hero:

Android 2.2 - Nexus One:

Now lets see some Code