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Khalil Ur Rehman Wain


Dr. Muhammad Saeed
May 2006
Researcher’s Profile
The researcher, Mr Khalil Ur Rehman is a
science graduate with major subjects Math A,
Math B and Physics along with B.Ed. He did
masters in Urdu and Punjabi from University
of Punjab Lahore. He earned masters in
Education from AIOU Islamabad. Presently he
is working as Trained Graduate Teacher at
PAEC Model College Nilore, Islamabad.

He is an HEC scholar (Indigenous 5000

fellowship scheme) of Ph.D Education in the
Division of Education, University of Education
Lahore. He has completed his course work and
presently pursuing his PhD research work under
the supervision of Dr Muhammad Saeed at the
Division of Education, University of Education

The present study has been designed to develop a
standardized achievement test in the subject of
Physics at secondary level. The test will include
items of various cognitive abilities. It will be based
on specification grid and other principles of test
construction. Item analysis will be done of the
piloted items and if needed, the improved items will
be again piloted. The final test will be administered
on a sample of 6000 students of grade X. The
sample will be drawn by using stratified and simple
random sampling techniques. The study will also
reveal the achievement of students in the subject of
Physics at secondary level. The key beneficiaries
will be the teachers teaching Physics, curriculum
developers and teacher trainers.
Objectives of the Study
The objectives of the study will be to
 Develop items in the subject of Physics at
secondary level
 Determine psychometric properties of test
items using IRT
 Assess learning achievement level of
secondary school students in the subject of
Physics at secondary level
Assumptions of the Study
Following will be the assumptions of the Study:
 Standardized tests give a fair measure of
students performance
 Standardized tests provide assessment that are
psychometrically valid and reliable
 The results of standardized testes are
generalizable and replicable
 Standardized tests are appropriate tools for high
stake decisions
 Standardized tests are effective instruments for
assessing students achievement
 Standardized tests play an important role for the
evaluation of specific programmes or curricula
Delimitations of the Study
The study will be delimited to
 Multiple choice questions (MCQs) of cognitive
abilities – Knowledge, Comprehension,
Application and Analysis
 Secondary grade students studying in
government high schools in the province of
All 365129 10th grade students studying in
4482 public high schools in the province of
Punjab will comprise of population of the
study. (AEPAM, Ministry of Education, 2005)
The sample will be drawn from the entire
province of Punjab. It will be divided into
four geographical zones i.e. northern,
southern, central and eastern. 50%
districts from each zone will be randomly
selected .An estimated number of 6000
students of class 10th, studying Physics at
secondary level will be selected by
employing proportionate stratified
random sampling technique.

A self constructed test of 100

items in the subject of
Physics in the form of MCQs
will serve as instrument of
the study.
Expected Beneficiaries of the
 Boards of Intermediate and Secondary
Education in Pakistan for developing item
 Curriculum developers to improve curriculum
 Teachers to diagnose the learning difficulties
of the students
 Test developers to develop standardized tests
in other subjects at elementary and secondary
Supervisor’s Comments
The scholar is a regular and committed to
his research work. He has successfully
completed his Ph.D course work. Since
November 2005, he has been engaged in
his research in the area of Assessment and
Evaluation. Developed research proposal
and presented in the “In- house Seminar”
held in early May 2006. He is advised to
review literature and improve the proposal
so that it could be submitted to BOS in
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