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Employees Satisfaction in

Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Presented by: Premlata Singh Jv-P/12/5685 MBA(HRM)


This survey is conducted to find the level of satisfaction among the employees of Mathura Refinery. In the modern era, to satisfy basic human need is not a tough task but there is something much more besides these needs, which an employee expects to satisfy by the organization. And the fulfillment of these desires and expectations gives a feeling of complete satisfaction.


Indian refineries Ltd. And Indian Oil Company Ltd. were set up in 1958 and 1959 respectively, to build national competence in the oil refining and marketing business. On 1st september 1964,these two companies were merged to form Indian Oil Corporation

VISION: A major,diversified,transnational,integrat ed energy company, with national leadership and a strong environment conscience, playing a national role in oil security and public distribution. MISSION: To maintain creation of wealth, value satisfaction for the stockholders. To provide technology and services through research and development.


The survey in conducted in Mathura Refinery. The line of objective of this survey is as follows: To measure the level of employee satisfaction in Mathura Refinery. To identify those factors which are affecting the levels of employee satisfaction. To explore various criterion on which the level of job satisfaction of employee of Mathura Refinery.

Definition of employee satisfaction

Every employee wants satisfaction on the workspot.In the industry, employee is satisfied when they are getting the expected satisfaction. Satisfaction may include: working conditions,salary,status,welfare,job opportunities,carrer development.etc.

Research Methodology
Research methodology may be understood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. As we know research methodology is to use the methods during the research. Research is of 2 types of research i.e. descriptive research and analytical research.

The problem is discussed by the experts working in the organization. 2. Examination of data and records, available in the org. 3. Personal interview with interested parties. RESEARCH DESIGN:

I had used exploratory research design. It includes 2 methods: 1. The survey of the concerning literature which include review of the work already done by others.

Analysis of the existing records in the

I had studied only 50 individuals included workers and officers. SAMPLING METHOD: I had used Random Sampling as it was both time saving as well as easy method of picking up the sample. DATA COLLECTION METHODS: Observation method, interview method, secondary sources(records , newspaper, journal, magazines,darpan etc)

1.Job is satisfactory at individual level: 10% are not satisfied with their job,30% people felt that they are excellent at their job and rest of them feel that the job which they are performing individually is satisfactory and average. Job Satisfaction at Individual Level
40 30
Percentage of 20 Satisfaction



18 10 10

10 0
Excellent Very Good Good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory

Satisfaction Level

2.Satisfaction with working conditions: 34% of the employee consider the working conditions as excellent,24% as good and 22% as satisfactory.
Level of Satisfaction with Working Conditions 40 30 Percentage 20 of Satisfaction 10 0 Excellent Average Below Average Good 34 22



Satisfaction Level

3.Satisfaction level with health and safety measures The organization provides lots of health, safety & welfare facilities to the employees. 36% of the employees feel that these are excellent. About 14% are not satisfied with these facilities, as they are of opinion that these are merely on paper & are not available whenever required. While rest of the employees consider he measures undertaken by the organization as satisfactory. Satisfaction Level with Health & Safety Measures

14% 36% 22%

Very Good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory


The criterion of job satisfaction also differs from an employee to employee. Here we have listed all the possible criterion of job satisfaction for an employee. Utilizing skills effectively Getting handsome salary Acquiring higher status Lots of facilities Healthy working condition Size of the organization Location of the organizationetc.


Although employees of the Mathura Refinery are getting so many facilities but still there is lot of dissatisfaction among the employees of the org. Management must aware of the needs & expectations of the employees. Every employee wants higher status and more opportunities to make his future bright and make his life more &more comfortable.