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Natalia Lpez Zamarvide CPR Juan de Lanuza

1. Introduction: changing your mindset, key terms

2. CLIL teachers' linguistic competence. Resources. 3.ESL tools that can be useful in CLIL

What does a bilingual programme entail?


CLIL: content and language integrated learning
CLIL glossary

Strategies for scaffolding

CLIL teachers linguistic competence

General language ESP (English for Specific Purposes) Academic language Classroom language / language to learn

Free online dictionaries

Merriam Webster- Picture dictionary Customized dictionary: Lingro

Over to you:
Go to and look for a topic related to your subject.

How would you?

Start the lesson?
Check for attendance?

Tell the students to work in pairs / groups

Giving out / taking in work Check that they understood? Encourage students (tell them they got the answer right)?

Classroom language
Classroom dynamics

English for CLIL teachers

CLILing me softly (teachers' linguistic competence)

Language exchange
PolyGlot Club

Go to
Write some short text with intentional mistakes
Wait for the text to be corrected by others (tomorrow, for example)

Linguistic content
Forvo Look for a word/ name / place name / brand, and native speakers will pronounce them for you.

Go to, in languages select English, and find the following pronunciations:



Bass clef Greenwich Vaughan Leicester

Buckingham Ralph Fiennes David Bowie Sewing machine

Linguistic content (Find words and collocations in real contexts, be sure how to use them, find examples to illustrate new vocabulary)

Go to, and decide which is the natural collocation:

Sing if you must, but try not to sing out of tune / off the tune. Im a horrible / terrible dancer because Ive got no sense of rhythm / beat My car is getting quite old so its getting hard to find spare / exchange parts for it when things go wrong. This portrait is an accurate look / a good likeness. The artist has caught your wifes expression perfectly. In the end it was no contest, and the home team / local team swept to victory, beating the visitors four- nil.

Academic English
Academic English Online

Text to speech
Natural readers
Text-to speech

Online stopwatch
Education certificates

Word clouds

Organizing content
Essay maps

Vocabulary- Flashcards

Creating exercises
Random idea

Discovery Education
Gap-fill, matching, text jumblers, fill in the blanks, wordsearch, crossword puzzles...

40 things you can do with a text

CLIL materials (by subject)

Andaluca (130 secuencias didcticas AICLE)
A compilation of useful links for CLIL teachers British Council- CLIL Blog CLIL- Isabel Prez

CLIL materials and resources: My blog: More info on CLIL: l/