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SAP Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC) Navigator Presentation


Navigator: Process Overview Navigator: Architecture

Navigator Logic Flow Diagram

Navigator: Individual Processes

Navigator: Other Calculations

Navigator: Input Schedules and Reports

Process Overview

So What has changed

Inclusion of extra processes in Month End Process
Capital allocation

Activity Based Costing


Extra level of detail



Trying to cut down manual processes

Giving country direct access to BPC
Ability to post journals and view reports

Building in as many supporting schedules into system e.g. Capex, Staff Costs, Non-financial details
No need to submit manual segmental reporting for flash

BPC Architecture

BPC Architecture

Navigator: Logic Flow Diagrams

Navigator: Individual Processes

Journals to cater for
Inter-company journals to balance matching Amortisation of Intangible Assets Goodwill Minority journals Adhoc journals which need to be posted for the month

Journals need to be auto-reversing (except for I/S in December) Journals need to balance

Intercompany Eliminations
Only the BCS process to be catered for
Intercompany matching report produced on 7th working day

Journal posted to balance intercompany matching

Intercompany journal integrated with BCS

Always posted to the higher balance Non-IC node reversed with balancing figure Balancing figure posted to IC node

Activity Based Costing

Model sitting outside BPC in excel Output from BPC into excel model in the forma of a report

Country can adjust allocated costs in the excel model

Extract created from model and loaded into BPC Will be by Business Enablers

Capital Allocation
Capital Allocation will be based on economic capital Economic capital will be calculated in an excel model Output from BPC into excel model in the forma of a report Extract created from model and loaded into BPC Capital Allocation will then run

Based on the following mode..

[IS-WP100] Interest Income Input Sheet

[IS-WP100] Interest Income Calculation Overview

[IS-WP100] Interest Income Operational Dimension Overview

[IS-WP110] Interest Expense Input Sheet

[IS-WP110] Interest Expense Calculation Overview

Navigator: Other Calculations

[IS-WP110] Interest Expense Operational Dimension Overview

[IS-WP120] Card Based Commission Input Sheet

[IS-WP120] Card Based Commission Calculation Overview

Navigator: Input Schedules and Reports

Input Schedules
Capex Intangibles Staff Costs Group IT spend PBB Business Stats

CIB Business Stats

PBB Non-financial details CIB Non-financial details

CIB Pack CIB Pack per Country

PBB Pack
PBB Pack per Country Africa H/O and Group reports
Reserve Recon Minority Interest Africa Rigour CJE Recon Loans and Advances and Deposits NIR

Available for Sale Recon

Investment in Associates Intangible Assets Return on Equity Return on Assets Net Asset Value Goodwill Recon

Other Income PBB

Other Revenue Breakdown Other Opex and Expenses