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Q4. who would be the audience for your media product?

Leanna Ioannou

Who would be the audience for your media product? Gender: female Name: Lucy Macintosh Gender: male Name: Ryan Channing

Age: 19 Education: currently at university studying media set designing Hobbies: going out sightseeing, going to the cinema, theatre, and designing. Favourite film genre: Romance, Mystery, Thriller. Favourite music genre: Hip Hop, Dance Class: middle Status: single

Age: 27 Education: An Architect Hobbies: going to the gym, eating out going out socialising with friends. Favourite film genre: action Mystery, Thriller. Favourite music genre: R&b, urban Class: working Status: in a relationship

Profile of our target audience will be both, males and females who are interested in the mystery genre who enjoy watching investigation movies and are up for a challenge in figuring out what the answer of the film may be who is the murderer? Audience Aged between 15 and above, our classification is a 15 because it includes strong language throughout the rest of the film however not in our opening sequence. We also have evidence of sexual appeal throughout our film especially with our main actress Anastasia. BBFC criteria states to be a classification 15 the film must include the following taken from BBFC website: strong violence Frequent strong language (e.g. 'f***'). portrayals of sexual activity strong verbal references to sex sexual nudity brief scenes of sexual violence or verbal references to sexual violence discriminatory language or behaviour drug taking

When swearing is used in a film BBFC states that there is not allowed to be continuous use of aggressive swearing only the occasional use of the strongest terms e.g. (c****) however there is no limit on the number of uses of strong language such as (f***) Reasons why there is a limit on violence and dangerous behaviour is due to the fact that teenagers may still be at the young ages of wanting to copy still hypodermic needle theory.
Ways in which we included some of the above content causing our film to be a 15 classification are elements such as sexual nudity. Throughout our flashbacks we have elements of Anastasia getting ready one of these being Anastasia legs being on show to the audience as she swings herself out of bed and all she is wearing is a white shirt, this connotes a sense of sexual atmosphere and characteristics in Anastasias role. So this could suggest that there are portrayals of sexual activity. But this is not shown in our film but suggested through the clothing which she is wearing. Other factors that consider our film to be a 15 are that there is a murder. Throughout the film not seen in the opening sequence Anastasia commits a murder so this come under violence and classed as a 15.