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TOKO OEN A Colonial Landmark Since 1930

Where you can found that???

Jl. Basuki Rachmad No 5 Malang


Founder Toko Oen is Oen Tjoek Hok and his wife Liem Gien Nio in Jogjakarta, total there are 4 branches in Batavia (Jakarta), Semarang, Jogja and Malang. In 1990 oen store changes ownership, but still maintained colonial style because oen store is set by the government as a cultural heritage Malang

Owner "Toko Oen" is Danny Mugianto. According to the manager "Toko Oen", Danny Mugianto also a lawyer from Manohara

"Toko Oen" first opened in the city of Yogyakarta in 1910 by the mother Liem Gien Nio in jl. Tugu uUtara. The name "Oen" it self is taken from the name of the husband is the founder Stores Oen Tjoek Hok. Name Oen is a Chinese surname. In a short time the store is equipped with ice-cream shops and restaurants (1922). After considerable success, mother Liem Nio Gin opened a branch in the city of Semarang which is housed in what is now Weg Bodjoeng Jl. Youth no. 52, to be exact was opened on 16 April 1936, followed by opening a branch in the city of Malang and Jakarta, but unfortunately in 1958 Toko Oen in the city of Yogyakarta was closed in 1973 and followed the Toko Oen Jakarta also covered (bought by Bank ABN). A few years later Toko Oen Malang bought by a businessman and a lawyer in 1990, Semarang Oen store itself is now held by the grandson of Mother Gin Liem Nio


oen shop incorporated as oen ice cream pallace pattisier, early opening, owner of the famous restaurant are Chinese named Oen Tjoen Hok, with oen clan. The main dish of the restaurant's special menu dutch. at that time the store oen a favorite gathering people and European Dutch in Malang

in central Indonesia congress national committee held 25 February 1947, the restaurant has become a hangout congress participants as Indonesia. their lunch and drink here. restaurant building is also one of the survivors of the scorched earth action in Malang

restaurant changes ownership, the new owner but does not change its functionlive oen shop in Malang and Semarang are committed to continuing the typical colonial style historic ice cream shop

Some of the menu items appear to be as old as the building itself, but portions are tasty and generous. "Toko Oen" provides a variety of western food such as steak, Chinese food, Indonesian cuisine, a variety of traditional cakes and sweets and a variety of ice creams that use traditional recipes, ice cream is icon of Toko Oen

Indonesian food Western Food

Cake and candy


Ice Cream

Tourist Information Center is used for guiding the foreign and local tourists who want to know more about the "Toko Oen", even questions about the history of the city of Malang


When our team asks about turnover, Mr.Peter Siswono the manager said that highly confidential information about the turnover, the Toko Oen do not concentrate on the turnover and profit but more important is keeping the originality of products and keep prices in order to remain competitive. other than that according to Mr. Peter Siswono economy is most important is how a business can continue in long run and compete with other competitors


Uses traditional recipes, no preservatives or other chemicals added for their ice cream, still it taste smooth and nice, Good and friendly service, colonial decoration (decorated in the Dutch Colonial style) Unique menus (different from other restaurant), One of historical building in Malang, This restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and offers Indonesian as well as International food in addition to their well-known ice cream and Dutch cookies, Soak up the romantic ambiance by choosing a table on the far corner while listening to the olden music of Dutch and English songs unique and antique items such as radio, piano, and some photos of the colonial ages, strategic places,

Overall our team recommend this place for culinary destination. You will feel different foods, ice cream, and atmosphere here.

the price is too expensive, less advertising and promotion, parking area is too small, size of ice cream is small, traget market is not for college student



So, do you interest to go to the Colonial Landmark in malang???