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CST Test Preparation and Review By Eric Perez

About the Test

CST scores will determine what classes they get into. They measure students' progress toward achieving California's stateadopted

About the Test

We are taking the test in April 22,2013 We are taking the CST because so the district knows what we learn

How Ive Prepared for the CST

We prepare for the CST by studying hard By getting a practiced Test by a teacher And by paying attention in

Test Taking Tips: The Night and Morning Before

Get enough sleep Get some breakfast Get all your equipment

Test Taking Tips: During the Test

The point this middle school students can circle keywords in questions to help centralize is helpful because when someone gets confuse this can help them. Encourage students to use a scratch piece of paper to take notes or make drawings. This is helpful because when students dont know want too do they could see their notes.

Math Tips
Do as many problems as is required to ensure you understand the concept. You will want to practice a concept until it makes sense and until you are fluent However, when it comes to solving problems, it often helps to have a work buddy. Think of math the way one thinks about a musical instrument

Make flash cards and study literary terms in reference Make flashcards of Literary Terms Study on what Oral presentations Learning to read critically will help the student navigate the multiple choice reading comprehension portion of the test. Last but not least - don't over think the test.

English Tips

The numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, ....There is no fractional or decimal part. And no negatives.Example: 5, 49 and 980 are all whole numbers. The Whole Numbers So, let us add zero to the counting Numbers to make a new set of Numbers. But we need a new name, and that name is "Whole Numbers Whole Numbers and Integers Whole Numbers Whole Numbers are simply the Numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, (and so on) No Fractions! Counting Numbers Dividing Fractions By Whole Numbers Multiply the bottom number of the fraction by the Whole number. To Divide a Fraction by a Whole

Whole Numbers

Whole Numbers
Whole numbers are the easiest numbers to understand and use. Childrens facility with counting provides a basis for them to solve simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems with whole numbers. This learning can provide the foundation for their later mathematical development. Counting Numbers are Whole Numbers, but without the zero. Because you can't "count" zero. So they are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, (and so on).

On 1 January the population of Summertown was 55,234. During the year, 1,987 people died, 1245 babies were born, 4,324 people left the town, and 3,876 moved in. Find the total number of people in the town at the end of the year. Step 1- Add together the number of people who died and the number of people who left. Total decrease: 1987 + 4324 Step 2- Add together the number of people who were born and the number of people who moved into the town. Total increase: 1245 + 3876 = 5121 Step 3-subtract the total who died and left from the original population and add the total of babies born and people who moved in. Final population:

Definition: As used in this site, "idiom" most often refers to a phrase or expression that cannot be understood by knowing what the individual words in the phrase mean. For example, "to roll out the red carpet" is to extravagantly welcome a guest; no red carpet is needed. Another meaning for "idiom" is a specialized language or a distinctive pattern in the usage of a language. An idiom is a word or phrase that is not

Good Luck SFMS Students