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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Jessica Love

My music video.
In order for me to create a successful music video which enticed people to want to watch the video was to ensure I had worked out the correct target audience and who my media products were aimed at. I also needed to ensure I had the correct media conventions used within my three products, therefore I had to research into typical conventions used within indie and pop music videos, this would therefore ensure me that I had a wide understanding of what is used within these types of music genres. Ryan Helman is a undiscovered artist who advertise his products online on to make his name become more well known until someone signs him to a record label. Ryan Helmans music is mainly indie with an uplifted beat which creates a pop atmosphere as the tempo is quite fast. On this website Ryan has uploaded 2 single track Fun and Another Heartbreak both of which have meaningful lyrics which young people could relate to as they are more likely to have trouble in love therefore targeting my music video towards youths, as they could find a strong connection between the song lyrics, music video visuals and their own personal lives.

Locations- the lazy song.

Locations- the lazy song.

This music video contains a typical pop video scenario by situating it within a house. The location is very important so the audience understands the genre of the music video. I have also used a house within my music video, this goes against the typical conventions for an indie music video, as many indie video are produced in more urban areas or outside areas where the group of friends are likely to meet up, eg: public walkways, parks and forests. However it was more convenient to use Lauras house because we filmed during the winter and to produce and edit the film in time we could not film outside throughout rain and winter showers. By filming inside, it made a stronger link between our song fun and Bruno Mars lazy song having a similar locations, therefore both audiences can link the songs together; those who are a fan of Bruno Mars are then more likely to want to purchase our song. By linking it to our appropriate target audience they will also see the setting links to the lyrics within the song, Ryan says To poor to be having fun making us assume that he does not have enough money to leave the house as this will cost petrol money. It also links to the pop convention as pop music video are generally targeted towards teenagers, when the video shows Laura being very lazy, throwing clothes around, not wanting to wash up etc., this is how a stereotypical teenager would act this again could connect the audience to my music video because they believe their life is based on the same ideology.

Camera shots- Bruno Mars Lazy song.

In the lazy song, they use a lot of close up shots of Bruno lip syncing the words to the camera. Laura also does this throughout the chorus to gain a connection between the audience and the character; here the audience feel as if Laura is singing directly to them.

The initial roots and ideology of indie music is to create a unique and individual statement about yourself this could be shown in fashion, your views and beliefs or even your behaviour. In this music video the male character wants to become indie and be able to have his own personal identity without following a crowd like he has been doing before (with his girlfriend). This would therefore appeal to my target audiene who are either indies or becoming an indie


The location at Lauras house worked well for our music video because it generated an atmosphere suitable for both upper and lower classes who can relate to this location of setting. This location was suitable for iconic shots, and different rooms in the house signified different lines within the lyrics (using the kitchen for I might do the washing up). This could therefore link to the Gunther Kress theory, that the audience need/feel comfortable when visiting a common/favoured appealing text (location). This would therefore refer to the location because everyone can create a link between their own house and the house in the music video. This would be associated for 13-30 year olds who my audience is targeted at (from previous questionnaire research), this age gap could be spending time at home with friends, or even starting a new family within their house, they would therefore understand that a house can hold many memories.

Locations- Jimmy eat world the middle

This music video is also situated in a house, although the genre of music is creating a pop rock atmosphere (which is different to my own style of music) the location fitted well into the music video for fun. This performance based video has a house party occurring throughout the video within the background of the artist singing. This creates a lively atmosphere where teenagers can party and have a good time together. This therefore gives the audience an impression that houses are an area to have fun and create memories in. This convention and ideology is then contrasted against my music video, instead this house is filled with bad memories of his ex bringing him down. Similar to the Jimmy Eat video, throughout the performance section of the video, Ryan Helman is presented as having fun, while he plays his drums, therefore creating a sense of energy through music. We also have low production values, meaning that we do not have a lot of money to recreate a gig atmosphere, so completing our music video in a house

Locations gigs and concerts Foals

One main convention used within many indie music videos is that they use many shots of the band performing at either a gig or a concert. By doing this, it shows the audience that the band has many fans (who are in the audience at the gig), due to them all jumping and dancing around, it shows that the music produced contains high energy and produces a good atmosphere in a party scene. Gigs help establish indie bands as being real musicians, out gigging on the road. The ideology is one that promotes the idea of live music and We did however go against one of the main conventions credibility.that we did not use much performance within our video, this is because we did not want to follow the mainstream indie bands and wanted to make our video appear completely indie and different to the other typical indie music videos. Rather than creating a gig scene where the fans are actually in the video themselves, we decided to go against this and keep the video more narrative based so that the audience could relate to our storyline.

Mise en scene.

The image has been taken from Coldplays video fix you, showing a stereotypical blonde women doing her makeup in the mirror. This would therefore keep the stereotype ongoing that women spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to look good. However the character playing Ryan also shows that they are spending time in front of the mirror to appear to be clean shaven, this would support sociologists theory of the new man and a metrosexual man, these concepts shows that men take time and effort now to attract women. This over the shoulder shot is used so the audience feel as if they are standing directly behind Ryan, and watching his every move, feeling like they too are part of the video. This would go against the conventions of male behaviour because theyre known to not spend as much time with their appearance, especially now Ryan is single and he is too lazy to go out. The character is also dressed in a typical woolly hat, which hides the hair of Ryan. This would therefore make the audience assume that he is hiding his identity and create a new identity without hair showing, this would therefore link to the conventions of being an indie, creating a new look and identity towards yourself.

Mise en scene
Using Cher Lloyds Want you back and Coldplay's Fix you song intertextual references they both created an iconic emotional shot of old memories. One convention used in many modern day indie music videos is that the narrative included within the video, a break up storyline is included within my video, of which refers to the lyrics of the song. This is used throughout my music video fun, keeping the interaction held between the video and the audience; it also ensures the audience will remember this video with such a strong and relatable storyline. Due to many other artists completing this type of storyline, the audience will be familiar with break up storylines and can relate to all of them further. Even people who are not a fan of indie music could relate to the storyline in the video , causing them to enjoy watching it, gaining viewers, profit and status of the music video.

Convention of pop videos- bright.

Another convention used in many pop videos is the use of bright colours and lighting effects. Many pop videos include this to create an aspect of high energy and to represent fun within the colours. Due to our song genre being indie pop we wanted aspects of both genres to fit in within our music video. This can therefore link to my digipack, which explains why I have chosen to use bright orange and blue colours on my front colour. Usually blue would represent sadness; this is why I changed to brightness of the text to make it appear an electric blue colour, to create an electric buzz which will attract my youth audience, as they are used to this electric feel when on the clubbing scene, creating the link of dance pop to the album cover and

Props- Clothing.

When researching indie bands we found that many of them prefer to where plain t-shirts. This would therefore mean that they have a blank identity and could create their own identity depending on what they sing about, rather than the audience judging them on the patterns or pictures printed on their t-shirts, in the two examples above it shows both two door cinema club and Ed Sheeran wearing plain tops, we also followed this conventions wearing basic clothing, to show that our dress style is following the indie trend. By wearing a hat, this hides Lauras long hair making her appear more of a male figure and makes her character more believable to the audience.

Blur- park life.

Can also include artistic concepts this is common with more established indie bands for example Blur, Radiohead No surprises and two door cinema club what you know these music videos combines a lo-fi performance with stylised dancers. Which makes the music video appear more interesting with a base storyline occurring, with a performance flashing in-between different shots. The locations and settings used are minimalist, which is then used on my own music video to show the link between low budget productions and indie music videos. Our music video also contains a car scene, which can be seen in Blurs Park life video. This way you can include lots of close up shots to show facial expressions (depressed emotions that the character has split recently). It also allows the audience to feel connected by appearing close to the character shown in the video. Using these conventions in our music video allows the audience to understand the genre of the music video instantly.