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Market Research

Team: Chetan Dole (11) Jagrutee Gangavane ( 20) Sourabh Sheth( 50)

Dabur Amla Hair Oil (1940)

Marketing and Strategic Overview

Dabur has successfully transformed itself from being a family-run business to become a professionally managed enterprise but Continuous innovation in products and processes will act as a base of our success
and act as an income generating mode also. As we started operations in 1884 as an Ayurvedic medicines company but thats a very small market that we tapped and to increase the market share , we need to jump into the FMCG sector .But we will not leave our core competency i.e. Ayurvede . Hence our Research and

Development laboratory came with and suggestion of launching new product Dabur Amla Hair Oil. it is very much
dependent upon the resources that are available . At Dabur we would like to jump into FMCG, as it is a complete diversification in the product portfolio which can be managed by introducing market analysis prior to manufacturing this product.

Background and Role of the Research

The reason for this research is to know that whether our product is will be purchased by the consumers or not. The findings will have a direct impact on how we are going to manufacture and price this product . Taking into account a constantly changing business environment and the need to deliver superior customer value but in a cost effective manner. The consumers within the Indian Market will be most affected by this change who thinks ( price = value> cost)

In addition to this Existing Competitor like Deys Medical and HLL will be affected.

The pricing research will help in fixing the price of the product and plan the product accordingly.


Business Objective:
Our overall aim is to introduce this new product that should be purchased by potential consumers . So that they can give 'Zyada Lambe, Zyada Mazboot, Zyada Khubsoorat Baal , to the customer.

Research Objectives:
The aim of the research will be:
To ascertain the price of Dabur Amla Hair oil and to understand the customers attitude towards price of the product.

Suggested Approach & Research Target(s)

It is envisaged that this research project shall be best conducted in two phases:
Phase 1 Qualitative.
One on one discussions with the beauty parlors. Focus groups will be average earning group i.e females of society .

Phase 2 Quantitative
Widely distributed quantitative questionnaires to allow robust analysis by a Price expectation of consumers. ( Open ended and close ended questionnaires )

Reporting Requirements

Report to be submitted in hard copy and with a power point presentation. A physical presenter are also required.


The presentation date will need to be before September 2013 . (roughly 2-3months in total). A timing structure is required in the PERT Chart format. Research proposals should be submitted no later than [10 working days after brief is sent out]

The budget allocated for this project is Rs. 25 lakh

Existing Research or other information

ICMR (Indian Council for Market Research) a research companys report on Hair Oil can be used.