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A discussion in the context of Richer sounds, how to go about achieving high quality customer service through staff

Competition, deregulation rising customer expectation and technological change has led companies to be more customer focused!

Centred on encouraging employees to enhance their performance

Two ways: 1. Assessing and knowing customer needs * Surveys, customer circles etc * Monitoring existing customer service quality against standard performance measures and procedures 2. Improving customer service delivery through staff * Educating and importance of the consumer * Information about the current state of business or future plans * Commitment to organization goals * Initiatives such as team building videos and house journals for staff info *Convince the staff about the logic of their actions

However, evidence that such schemes tends to be not so useful Numbers of writers have argued that exhortation and communication are weak vehicles of change


Hill: Writers understate the difficulties in getting the staff to buy into the ideals of quality and to make such ideals and changes stick Schuler and Harris : Appraisals contribute to customer satisfaction by ensuring that employees are aware of the behaviours which contribute to quality + contribute the use of financial incentive as a part of quality enhancement strategy

Snape : Organizations should avoid attaching a price tag to customer improvement ; There may be a role in increasing financial incentives in raising awareness and highlighting key areas for improvement
Management need to use the border range of reward to and punishment policies to implement this

Established in the year 1978 by self made entrepreneur Biggest Hi Fi separates retailer in the UK with branches a warehouse and a head office employing over 100 staff Not listed on the stock exchange

Success comes from a high stock turnover combined with low overheads
Its made its name selling discounted often discontinued end of the line products in small in cheap locations

Operates in a niche market focusing on a closely related narrow product range

Has overcome the unwillingness of some major companies to work with them with its financial performance in the year 1991-92 - Profit :1.8 $ Million - Turnover :18 $ Million

In the Guinness book of world record for having the highest sales per square foot of any retailer in the world also holds the record for the Highest sales per employees!

Driving philosophy behind any company: Providing second to none

service and value for money to customers

No confusion between excellent customer service and sell Help the customers buy rather than go for a hard sell

Basic Principles:

Quality products Value for money Customer service

Fun for customers Invited to bring in pets to help them choose their purchase Scratch cards with free gifts

Humour in all forms of communication (eg. ads ,signages, etc.)

24 hr a day customer problem line Main board director responsible for dealing with customer queries Were listening suggestions card schemes for feedback Customer calls each week to ensure satisfaction


styles been described as fun but caring. Influences on the management include management gurus peters and waterman , and the uk retailer marks and Spencer , the latter influence derives from the chairmans parents . Staff are known as colleagues and the organization chart in the inverted form with the customers at the top followed by sales colleagues and middle management and ending with the top management.

Fun but caring! Influences on the management: management gurus Peters and Waterman Marks & Spencer Chairmans parents Staff are known as colleagues; Organization chart in the inverted form

Paternalistic approach!

20 percent of profits directed either to profit share ( 15%) to charity ( 4%) or to a staff hardship fund ( 1%) Life insurance , and subsidized medical scheme

Staff induction pack- advice on health

Attempt to create a family feeling with a bonus of 100 pounds for staff introducing new employees to the firm Chairmans home phone number provided Subsidized outing three times a year Sessions take place twice yearly at the chairmans country home Holiday homes are made available free

Maintain a sense of involvement and fun Customer service index for each member of staff, where individuals are assessed monthly on a range of indicators with results related to payment

Staffs wear individual badges in order to encourage greater accountability to the customers.
Staff who perform above and beyond the duty ( ABCD) receive gold aeroplanes as a recognition of their high achievement

Wooden spoons are given to staff for amazing acts of stupidity

Sophisticated range of personnel policies that is reflected in their induction booklet Staff turnover is low Promoting internally as a way of rewarding loyalty Pay is above average for industry + Profit share Communications and feedback from employees is vital (weekly video) Highly successful suggestion scheme and distinction of having the highest number of suggestions per staff (1500 from 70 staff in 1991)

The employees receive monetary and non monetary for their suggestions Many suggestions received are hard to quantify in terms of bottom line impact

Chairman responds to all suggestions

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