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Aim & objectives

The survey is conducted to ensure & improve quality service which is provided to the patients


measure the satisfaction of OPD patients & quality of treatment provided study the functioning and problems of OPD services areas in the hospital.

To find out the reasons for satisfaction, dissatisfaction among patients.

To obtain data that provides estimates of overall patient satisfaction in the OPD clinic under study.
To find the satisfaction level of patients on OPD regarding Doctors treating the patients in OPD Overall cleanliness of outpatient department Behavior of staff towards patient

Research Methodology.
Feedback forms were used as a tool for patient survey.

Sample Size: 200 patients.

Including consultancy & lab area

Excluding lab area

Incomplete filled forms

Complete filled forms=117,filled forms excluding lab=21

avg rated forms 15

Then full filled forms and average rated forms were

clubbed together to calculate the satisfactory and unsatisfactory services percentage. The total no of these forms is 132.

Findings & Analysis


82% 80% 78% 76%

Standard Requirement
74% Compliance 11th May to 18th May, 2012.

To maintain the highest standard that it has, hospital

management should periodically receive all OPD processes and protocols. VOUCHERING / APPOINMENT (AT COUNTERS) areas.

Immediate attention needs to be paid to the REGISTRATION /

Hospital management should take major steps to reduce waiting

time. it can be minimized by applying following methods: Filter Clinics Satellite clinics Selective Service charge Starting OPD in Time and Prolonging OPD Timings Patient Scheduling Use of Hospital information system(HIS)software

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

A protocol should be amended accordingly that consultant

should be strictly available in OPD in given time slot unless and until there is an emergency.
In case delay appointment, prior information should be

given to patients.
There is need of clear communication like-instant

messaging service about availability /non availability of doctors.

Canteen of P.D. Hinduja hospital menu should include

more food items and should be priced appropriately.

In the study, it is found that majority of the patients were

highly satisfied with the services provided.

They were satisfied with the guidance, logistic

arrangements, support services, nursing care, doctors consultation etc. wherever there is delay in consultation: it is to be explored to elicit the lacunae. of the Out Patient Services .

It is worthwhile to note that there is scope for improvement Therefore it can be concluded that the OPD services form

an impart component of hospital services and feedback of patients are vital in quality improvement. Over all OPD patient satisfaction is 80.90 %. This is up to standard requirement.