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Brand Equity of Dettol

About Dettol
A product of Reckitt Benckiser India Ltd

Launched in India in 1933 in the Antiseptic liquid form as a treatment for cuts and wounds. While it started its journey as the cuts and wounds brand in the country, over the years it has taken over the role of protector from germs in every situation. Major products: Antiseptic Liquid, Handwash, Bodywash, Soaps, Shaving Cream, Adhesive Bandages

Market Share
Dettol liquid antiseptics
The brand is the leader (85 per cent share) with its nearest competitor, Johnson & Johnson's Savlon, not being able to make much headway. Is logging 20 per cent growth in a Rs 150-crore market.

Dettol Liquid hand wash

Despite retailing at a higher price than competitors such as Fem and Lifebuoy, has maintained a lead in this segment with a 60 per cent market share in the Rs 100 crore market.

Dettol Shaving cream

30 per cent share in a Rs 200 crore market.

Dettol Soap
The market share of Dettol soap increased from 6.4 per cent in June 2008 to 8.1 per cent in June 2009, placing it ahead of Wipro's beauty soap Santoor as the country's third-largest soap brand by value.

What is brand equity?

Set of assets & liabilities linked to a brand, its name & symbol, that add to or subtract from the value provided by a product or service to a firm and/or to that firms customers.

A brand is said to have positive customer-based brand equity when consumers react more favorably to a product and the way it is marketed when the brand is identified as compared to when it is not. Customer based brand equity is the differential effect that past brand knowledge has on consumer response to the marketing of a brand.

Brand equity arises from differences in consumer response.

Why Measure Brand Equity?

To Understand drivers of brand value in order to support strategic decision making.
If you dont know where you are, its hard to decide how to get there.

To evaluate efficacy of brand value building programs --ROMI.

If you dont know where youre going, any road will get you there.

To Understand Decision Drivers

Understanding customers decision drivers gives companies insights about how to influence customer choices.

To Assess Marketing Efficacy

The health of your brand is a prime indicator of the health of your company.

How to Measure Brand Equity?

Brand Associations

Qualitative Methods
Free Association

Quantitative Methods
Brand Audit

Brand Awareness

Brand Loyalty

Brand Equity

Projective Techniques Brand Personality n Relationships

Brand Inventory

Other Proprietary Brand Assets

Perceived Quality

Brand Exploratory

Aekers Model has been used as the basis for identifying relevant dimensions

Brand Multiple

Kellers Brand Equity Framework: Sources of Brand Equity

Brand Recall Brand awareness Brand Recognition Recall Types of brand associations Favorability of associations Brand Image Strength of associations

Brand Knowledge

Building Blocks

Relevance Believability
Personal relevance Points of parity Points of difference

Uniqueness of associations

Qualitative Techniques
Free Association: Involves free association tasks whereby subjects are asked what comes to mind when they think of the brand without any more specific probe or cue.

Q : Which Brand comes to your mind when you look at this logo?

Ans: 93% of respondents correctly identified it as Dettol.

Brand Recall
Brand Recall - Slogan
Others 4%

Brand Recall- Logo

Medimix, Savlon, Lizol, 3, 1, 1% 3, 3% 3% Dettol

Bisleri 10%

Kent RO 2%

Dettol Aquaguar d Bisleri

Medimix Lizol Dettol, 87, 93%

Aquaguar d 7%

Dettol 77%

Strong Brand Recall

Brand Associations
Q : What words do you associate with ' Dettol'?
Dettol is largely perceived as an antiseptic brand. Used for hygiene and health of the entire family

Trust Affordable Antiseptic

Bad Smell and burns on application



Healthy family


Projective Techniques
Diagnostic tools to uncover the true opinions and feelings of consumers when they are unwilling or otherwise unable to express themselves on these matters.

An experienced doctor (Female) A fat ,middle aged man. Cleanliness Freak. Yellow complexioned. Wears a green suit

A Young, Caring Mother

A concerned friend (boy/girl)

A strong superhuman (Superman)

Q: How would you personify Dettol? (Brand Personification)

A disciplined, organized husband

Personification of Dettol
A man in his late 30s. clean. Single child. wears white a lot. neat hair. slim and fit. clean shaved. Sticks to the point.

A war soldier

Emotional connect of consumers with Dettol: Safety, comfort, and assurance

Presence of the brand for years and strong positioning as an antiseptic brand.

Customers do not connect joy, energy, or pride with the brand. The new attributes of new product extensions are overshadowed by the strong antiseptic image of brand Dettol

Assessing Brand Awareness

Q: Which of the following categories do you think Dettol is in?

Consumers are not aware of Shaving Cream and Body Wash High awareness of Antiseptic Liquid, Hand Wash, and Soap

100 R 80 e s 60 p 40 o n 20 d 0e n
t s



85 54


Dettol Products

Total responses: 68

Assessing Brand Loyalty

Q: How often do you buy a Dettol Product?
Majority of Customers buy once a month: Repeat customers.
15% 16%

Frequency of Buying a Dettol Product

11% Once in 2 weeks Once a month



Q: Since what age do you remember using Dettol's products?

More than 90% users have been using Dettol since childhood(5- 7 yrs)

Child hood 90, 96% Others

Perceived Quality
Q. What do you think are the positive attributes of the Brand Dettol?

Brand Dettol scores high on:

Trustworthiness of its products Faith the brand has won, Affordable price, Existence for so many years, Effectiveness as antiseptic

Survey Result and Interpretation

Rate your level of satisfaction regarding the performance of Dettol products. 94% respondents found Dettols performance to be either excellent or Very good
0%0% Satisfaction Level 6% 14% 80%
Excellent Very Good Good

Under which situations do you feel the most need to use Dettol's Products?
Dettol Usage Pattern
Routine personal hygiene When injured/wounded

Most people use it when injured or wounded



Someone in family falls ill During Seasons of infection As skin care product No reason



Brand Association
90% respondents recalled the name of Dettol when they were asked to find an alternative for the word Antiseptic
Others 3% Burnol 3% Savlon 4% Dettol 90%

Brand association with Dettol





Components of Brand Equity Measurement System

Brand Tracking

Brand Audits
Brand Equity Manage ment Systems

Brand Equity

Brand Audit
A brand audit is a comprehensive examination of a brand. Involves a series of procedures to assess the health of the brand, uncover sources of brand equity, and suggest ways to improve and leverage its equity. Requires understanding sources of brand equity from the perspective of both the firm and the consumer.

Steps of Brand Audit

1.Brand Inventory
A current, comprehensive profile of how all the products and services sold by a company are marketed and branded Reveals the extent of brand consistency

Application to Dettol

Consistent in positioning all its products as having strong antiseptic properties Brand which stands for Total Family Protection Through its partnership with IMA and local doctors, Dettol has been proactively involved in educating consumers regarding health and hygiene Have recently added another message to its overall positioning: Mild and Skin care

Steps of Brand Audit (contd..)

2.Brand Exploratory

Provides detailed information as to what consumers think and feel about the brand by means of the brand exploratory

Application to Dettol

Trusted brand High Quality and effectiveness Well established brand Low innovation Less awareness of Dettols brand extensions Very strong formulation, needs dilution Burning sensation on application New products still not perceived as mild, but as a strong antiseptic product

Brand Tracking
Involve information collected from consumers on a routine basis over time. Employ quantitative measures to provide marketers with current information on how their brands and marketing programs are performing- on a number of key dimensions identified by the brand audit. Meant to understand where, how much and in what ways brand value is being created.

Brand Equity Management Systems: Defined as a set of organizational processes designed to improve the understanding and use of the brand equity concept within a firm.

Retailer Survey
7 Retailers Juhu, Vile parle Area Open Ended Questions

Q. Which products are demanded by the customer under the brand name Dettol

Bodywash 0%

Shaving cream 8% Plaster Liquid 8% Handwash 15%

Retailer Info on Product Sale

Soaps 23%

Soaps Antiseptic Liquid Liquid Handwash

Antiseptic Liquid 46%

Bodywash Plaster Shaving cream

Q. Who gives the best support in respect of advertisements and consumer awareness campaigns while promoting their brand?

Savlon 23%

Advertisement and Promotions

Dettol Dettol 77% Savlon

Q. Retailers perception and behaviour of his customers to him.

For antiseptic solution

Purchase another brand 8% Wait for the brand Goes to other retail outlet

For Soaps category

38% 54% 8%

23% 69%

The Brand Multiple

Customer Based Potency Competitive Potency Global Potency
Market factors Promotion and personal factors Distribution factors Product factors Price factors Regulations

Brand image and loyalty

Brand trend, support, protection, competitive strength

Calculating Brand Multiple

Customer Base Potency
Brand Awareness = 8 Brand Association = 9 Perceived Quality = 10 Total = (27/30)*10 = 9

Competitive Potency
Brand Support = 10 Brand Protection = 9 Competitive Strength = 9 Total = (28/30) * 10 = 9.33

Global Potency
Market factors = 9 Promotion and personal factors = 9 Distribution factors = 10 Product factors = 9 Price factors = 9 Total = (46/50) * 10 = 9.2

Grand Total = (27.53/30) = 0.9176

Benefits derived from Brand Equity

Synonymous with the antiseptic category and hence creates brand associations.

Positive impact on out-right sale of Dettol Products.

It became easier to extend this brand equity and launch other products like soaps and shaving cream. Success of Dettol soaps, due to a strong association with Antiseptic property only. Increased brand awareness and brand loyalty for the antiseptic as well as other products.

Factors contributing to Negative Brand Equity

Dettol could not capitalize on its brand equity to some of the other products like Talcum Powder If the major product has certain core properties, then the consumer develops a certain expectation from other products as well. Since Consumers associate the Brand Dettol so strongly with its strong antiseptic qualities, its extension into the mild skincare segment has not been very well received Dettol has not changed its packaging from glass to plastic ( much more convenient).

Dettol Antiseptic Liquid is also popular as a floor disinfectant and for washing clothes, hence associating soap and body wash with the same Brand name discourages customers from using these products.

Conclusion & Recommendations

To capitalize on brand equity of Dettol, it should position its brand extensions well and Increase innovations

Could introduce products like antibacterial/ virusidal wipes

It could very well use its image & equity of safety for products like anti bacterial deo spray


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