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Permanent Maxillary First Premolar

Buccolingual Section •
The majority of the max. 1st premolar have 2 well developed roots-
on a common root trunk or. The majority of max. 2nd PM have 2 root
canals. A small percentage have 3 roots that may be undetectable
radiographically. If one root is present, 2 root canals are also seen,
.that might join & open in one apical foramen or 2 apical foramina
The level of buccal pulp horn is more occlusal than the lingual pulp-
The pulp chamber floor is below cervical level -
.Root canals often exit at root tip, or slightly labial or lingual -
Mesiodistal Section
Pulp horns appear blunted. Pulp chamber •
.can’t be diffrentiated from root canal
Pulp cavity tapers slightly from occlusal •
.aspect to to apical foramen
Apical foramen often exit at tip of root, or •
.some at mesial or distal sides
Cervical Cross Section
Shows the characteristic kidney shaped •
outline due to the M developmental
Pulp cavity may show constriction •
adjacent to developmental groove, or may
.follow outline of root surface
Some roots will show 2 separate root •
.canals or 3 in case of 3 rooted root canals