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Consumer Protection Act,1986

Objects of the act

Better protection of interests of consumers. Protection of rights of consumers. Consumer protection councils. Quasi judicial machinery for speedy redressal of consumer disputes.

Restrictive Trade practices-Sec 2(1)(nnn)Manipulation of price. Delay in period agreed with trader in supply of goods. Services not as per conditions. Unfair Trade practices-sec 2(1) False representation about standard , quality, quantity , model. False representation about services. False representation second hand , renovated, or old goods as new goods.

Consumer protection council.-Sec 4 to 8

Central protection council sec 4to 6 -The central government establish, by notification. -Membership a) cabinet minister in charge if consumer affairs-chairman b) State minister-vice chairman. C) 8 MP d) the commissioner of scheduled caste and schedule tribes. e)representative of consumer organization , women, farmers ,trade , and industries . f)The secretary of department of civil supplies.
-The term of the council is 3 years. -Once in a year meeting should be convened. -Objects(sec 6) a) protected against hazardous to life and property. b)Informed about quality , quantity and price. c) Access to goods and services at competitive prices. d) consumer interest considered at appropriate forums. e ) right to consumer education. f) to prevent unfair trade practices.

State consumer protection council.

The state government establish, by notification. Membership -Minister in charge of consumer affairs in the state governmentChairman. - no. of other official or non official members prescribed by the state government. - no. of other official or non official members nominated by the central government.(Not exceeding 10). Not less than 2 meetings in every year. objects - as per sec 6

District consumer protection councils

The state government establish every district by notification, council known as the district consumer protection council. The collector of the district- chairman Other officials and non officials prescribed by the state government. Not less than 2 meetings in a year. Objects as per sec 6.

Consumer disputes redressal agencies

District forum established by the state government in each district of the state by notification. Consumer disputes redressal forum.-sec 10 to 15 -composition a) district judge- president b) 2 other members (1 women) . -Selection committee a)president of state commission- chairman. b)secretary , law dept of the state-member. Term of the office: -Member of the district forum term of 5 years or age of 65 years which ever is earlier. Resignation -member resign in writing and addressed to state government. Salary Prescribed by the state government. Jurisdiction complainant, claimed compensation does not exceed 20 lakhs.

Manner in which complaints shall be made(Sec12

Affected consumer Consumer associations. One or more consumers. Represented their grievances to the district forum.

District forum settle the consumer disputes in the following manner(Sec 13 & 14 )
Testing the sample of the goods. Deposit of fees. Report forwarded to opposite party. Objections can be made by any party. Opportunity should be given to both the parties. Powers: -Enforcing attendance of any defendant or witness. -Production of any document. -Reception of any evidence. -issuing of any commission of for the examination of any witness.

Consumer disputes redressal commission(State commission)

Composition: -Judge of high court-President. -Minimum 2 members out which 1 is woman. Qualification -Not less than 35 years. -Must be a degree holder. Disqualification -convicted to imprisonment. -insolvent. -Unsound mind. -dismissed form the service of the government.

Jurisdiction -Claim exceeds 20 lakhs and does not exceed 1 crore. -Call for the records and pass appropriate order. Transfer of cases -Transfer any complaint pending before the district forum to another district forum with in the state. Procedure -As per sec12,13 and 14 relating to district forum.

National consumer disputes redressal commission(National commission)-Sec20 to 23

Judge of supreme court-president Minimum 4 members -1 woman. Qualifications: -Not less than 35 years. -Must be degree holder. Disqualifications -Sentenced to imprisonment. -Insolvent. -unsound mind -Dismissed from the service of the government. Jurisdiction -claim exceeds 1 crore. -call for the records and pass appropriate orders.

Meaning of consumer
The consumer is one who has purchased goods or who has availed of or hired services.

Rights of consumer
1.Right to safety Should not be hazardous to the health and property. 2.Right to be informed provide full information concerning the product and service. 3.Right to choose Access to variety of products at competitive prices. 4.Right to be heard their interest will receive full and sympathetic consideration. 5.Right to seek redressal compensation for the loss suffered by them.

6.Right to consumer education Educated about their rights through consumer education. 7.Right to healthy environment Should not bring any harmful effect to environment. 8.Right to basic needs Right to basic goods and services for survival.

Duties of consumer
1.Duty to be careful Careful while buying about quality of goods. 2.Duty to insist on information Insist the seller to get all information about products and services. 3.Duty to inspect goods Inspect variety of goods before making a decision as to which one to buy. 4.Duty to form association Every person must be aware of consumer association. 5.Duty to make complaint 6.Duty to aware of rights