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What is HRP?

Number of employees ?
Average employee turnover rate ?

Age profile ?

Skills possessed and required ?

What is HRP?
Right Number
Right Kind Right Place Right Time

What is HRP?

A process by which an organization moves from its current manpower position to its desired manpower position.

Need for Manpower Planning

Tyson and York Manpower planning is concerned with the demand and supply of labour and problems arising from the process of reconciling these factors.

Need for Manpower Planning

Reduce shocks and disturbances
Build up a picture of resource flows Emergence of long term patterns Provide valuable information

Objectives of Manpower Planning

Coordination Elimination Cost minimisation

Importance of Manpower Planning

Future Personnel Needs Coping With Change Protection of Weaker Sections International Strategies Increasing Investment in Personnel Functions

Who does HRP ?

Small Organisations

Medium / Large Organisations

When do u do HRP?
New Dept/Branch/Orgn/Company/Subsidiary Mergers, Acquisitions, Takeovers Downsizing, Restructuring Empty positions/designations Seasonality of production/labour Sudden increase/decrease in demand

Factors Affecting a HRP Plan

External Factors: Government Policies Business Environment Level of Technology International Factors

Factors Affecting a HRP Plan

Internal Factors Policies And Strategies of the Organisation HR Policy of the Organisation Job Analysis Companys Production/ Operations Policy Trade Unions

Group Activity

Planning Process
Forecasting Personnel Needs
Assessing Supply Match Demand & Supply Dynamic & Ongoing Process

HRP Planning
Objective and Policies HR Need Forecast HR Programming HRP Implementation Control and Evaluation HR Supply Forecast

HR Demand Forecast
Estimate Future Quality & Quantity

External Factors
Internal Factors

Forecasting Techniques
Managerial Judgement
Ratio-trend Analysis Work Study Techniques

HR Supply Forecast
Existing Human Resource - Skill inventories - Management inventories Internal Source Of Supply - Inflows and outflows - turnover rate - productivity level External Source Of Supply

HR Programme
HRP IMPLEMENTATION - Recruitment, Selection and Placement - Training and Development - Retraining and redeployment - Retention - Downsizing CONTROL AND EVALUATION

Case Study

Linking Strategic & HR Planning

Cost Economics
Net earning per employee Replacement cost

Capacity to operate effectively

Motivation , specialisation

Capacity to achieve Strategic Objectives

Capacity to undertake
New enterprises adaptability to change

Problem Areas
Union Transfer Growth aspect in every Department Executive Turnover > Sales Turnover Uncertainty

Impact of Technology on HRP

Depends on : Policy Union Strength
Ability to Adjust & Adopt

Impact of Technology on HRP

Depends on : Retaining & Relocation Superannuation & Resign VRS Multi Skilling

Role Play

Trends in HR Planning


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