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Textual Analysis

1) Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics (e.g. Stage performance in a metal video, dance routine for boy/girlband)

The main genre characteristics of this hip hop video is the male domination, flashy cars and money. By keeping the frames tight, this idea that the males are superior is carried out throughout the music video also through use of low angle shots to depict dominance. These factors are all typical of a male hip hop genre video and so are heavily expected by its audience. Because of these characteristics it allows there to be little performance and still appeal to a specific audience. The cars and money make the video appeal to teenagers and for the audience, its giving them exactly what they want. By giving the audience what they want they keep their fans loyal.

2) There is a relationship between lyrics and visuals. (Either illustrative, amplifying and contradicting)
Throughout this video the relationship between the lyrics and visuals remain contradictory as there is no link between what an artist says and the visuals on screen. An example of this is when the artist says your like the finish line and on screen we see him just talking.

This is more typical of the hip hop genre as its more about the lyrics then what is going on in the actual video. The visuals are just used to keep the audiences attention. As the audience for this video is predominantly male the lyrics and visuals can be contradictory as this appeals to them.

3)There is a relationship between music and visuals

Throughout the beginning of the song the relationship between the music and visuals remain illustrative, as the music changes the visuals change, they flow with the music. Initially to introduce the song the visuals flow with this idea of being on a helicopter which is normally a trick used in a film rather then a music video. This adds to the audiences experience as they feel as if they themselves are on a helicopter, this different take on a music video causes the audience to want to watch more because of the originality behind it.

As the speed of the music changes and speeds up just before or after a verse, so does the editing speed so again the visuals remain illustrative. For most of the music video the relationship between then music and visuals remain illustrative however there are lots of parts where the editing speed changes with the music and then without the music causing the relationship to then become contradictory. For example there are a few parts where the visuals slow down but the music speeds up. An example of this is when the music speeds up the visual on screen is this maybach.

The visual change between the relationship between the music and visuals makes the video more interesting for the audience because it doesn't follow one set speed.

4) The demands of the record label will include the need for lots of close ups of the artist and the artist may develop motifs which recur across their work (a visual style)

In this music video the range of close ups and medium close ups mixed with a lot of low angle shots are all to connotate to the audience this idea of being dominant, powerful and independent. For the audience this creates an element of desire for men its a desire to be like them, for woman its a desire to be with them. All together these skills persuade the audience to want to carry on watching this video.

6) There is often intertextual reference (to films, TV programmes, other music videos ect)

There are frequent intertextual references in this music video such as: I don't wanna go to court, got a budget for the lawyer though, Kobe my n-gga I hated it had to be him, b-tch you wasn't with me shooting in the gym, tell Lucien and also You like the finish line, we can't wait to run into you. Intertextual references are typical of videos from the hip hop genre, it allows the artists to show off their talent skills. Whilst at the same time giving the audience what they want to keep them hooked on the artists videos.

7) Whether the video is primarily performance based,

narrative based or concept based and how elements of each is used in it.

This music video is concept based, because of the lyrics and the type of video it is, the video has to have less performance and less narrative so that the concept of the video can be clear cut to the audience, without turning them off. The simplistic idea behind the video and the idea of it being at night time allows there to be less performance and yet still be interesting.