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Name: JESSICA D. RIVERA Age : 16 yrs old Sex : Female Civil Status: Single Address : Sibobo, Calabanga, Camarines Sur Date and Place of Birth: Calabanga, CS. Feb. 5, 2011 Educational Attainment : Grade V (drop out from August 2011) Religion : Roman Catholic

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Leonardo Villagracia- 41 yrs old, Grade VI, fish vendor, step father. Gina Villagracia 41 yrs old, Grade VI, fish vendor, Mother Irene Rivera 21 yrs old, Grade VI, House maid, sister. Eva Rivera 20 yrs old, Grade VI, Housemaid, Sister Gerson Rivera 18 yrs old, Grade II, jobless, brother Anthony Rivera 12 yrs old, Grade V, Brother Angelica Villagracia 9 yrs old, Grade III, sister Fil Andrea Villagracia 5 yrs old, Day Care, sister Leonard Villagracia 3 yrs old, brother

The Client and her Mother Date of Consulations at BMC - March 5, 2012 - March 15, 2012 - April 2, 2012 underwent psychiatric evaluation at the Psychiatry ward of BMC

INTERVENTIONS MADE BY THE Social Worker - Intake interview - Counselling - Referral done Other Interventions done at BMC - Medico Legal was conducted by Resident Ob GYNE - Laboratory Examinations was done - Psychiatric Evaluations was conducted by the Resident Psychiatrist

client and her mother came to our office because she is an alleged victim of sexual abuse and needs to undergo medical examination.

Client is presently 5 months pregnant by ultrasound. She is still with the care of her parents however, preparation for the clients custody at the DSWD RSCC is on process through the assistance of DSWD Calabanga. The case against the perpetrator is now filed at the Fiscals office of Calabanga.

Client is the 4th Child of her mother. Her father died because of Kidney Failure when he was only ten years old. Her mother was left pregnant at that time so they were assisted by the local government of Calabanga and was referred to DSWD RSCC Ligao, City for temporary costudy. The mother gave birth at the Institution but the baby was stillbirth. They stayed at the center for six months.

Few months after, they were allowed to go home and they went back to their residence at Barangay Sibobo, Calabanga, Camarines Sur. The mother got married again and presently they have 3 children and simply living at their own shanty along the shorelines of San Miguel Bay. The stepfather shouldered all the responsibility of the siblings from the first husband. The stepfather is a small scale fish vendor on a consignment basis and at times he also sell other farm products. Clients mother also accepts laundry jobs just to augment familys income. The client is also selling fish during weekends.

Presently, client is 5 months pregnant by ultrasound. She was allegedly sexually abused by a 65 year old widower from the same place. The case transpired sometime in January of present year when the client was told to sell the fish that was left by her mother and step mother at home. When he approached the perpetrator to buy fish she was asked to go upstairs and their the abused happened. He was given 30 pesos and was threatened that she will be killed if she disclosed the incident to anybody.

. The case was still repeated for three times. Only last march 15, 2012 when she revealed the case to her grandmother since she was observed by the latter that she has an engorged breast and enlarged abdomen. She admitted that she is pregnant and that is because of the abuses made by her perpetrator. The case was reported to PNP Calabanga for proper disposition. A Criminal complaint was filed at the Fiscal Office of Calabanga.

Client is 5 months pregnant which was the result of the abused made by the perpetrator. She is very much willing to bring the case in court hence also decided to surrender her baby at DSWD or any institution because she is not ready to become a mother and she still wants to continue her studies for her bright future. Her parents are also unprepared for another mouth to be fed. It is also burden in their part the cost of hospital fees and other laboratory examinations which will be incurred during the course of medico legal examinations and the pre natal check up which she should undergo and later on expenses for her delivery.

Client is recommended to avail free hospitalization fee for her pre natal check up and later on for her delivery. She is also recommended to undergo psychiatric evaluation to our Resident Psychiatrist. She will also undergo series of counseling so as not to surrender her baby for adoption. Referral to some NGO AND GO like DSWD for financial and legal assistance.