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Standardisation of District Portal- a New Dimension in District eGovernance

Standardisation of District Portal- a solution towards eGovernance for districts across the country. As a full fledged e-Government transaction portal, it disseminates information about rural and urban India in district and sub-district level. The portal acts as a single window platform for all categories of information satisfying G2C, G2B, G2E and G2G services. The standardisation of district portal initiative is based on the content architecture of the National Portal of India (, a mission mode project of Government of India, under the National eGovernance Plan (NeGP)

The Mission
Single window web based availability of Government Information and Services at the Distrct level ..
The Portal shall provide a unified interface and act as a logical front-end to the E-governance initiatives by government at District level.

Most Important consideration .

To develop the Portal from a


Governments Perspective

There are a total of 640 districts in India out of which 580 have their own websites. Presently, district websites are designed, developed, and maintained by the respective District Administration with the help of District Informatics Officers (DIO) of NIC. This has resulted in use of different types of technologies, design layouts, and navigation architecture. At times, one need to visit multiple websites for different services, hence the necessity to standardize the district websites and to bring uniformity in information dissemination, one stop Single Window Service.

Government to all

This portal has three parts 1) A citizen centric portal : for citizen view 2) Content Management System(CMS) for content contribution to the portal by content service providers/users: 3) Content Moderation/Acceptance Portal for content approval and publishing:

The targeted audience is the citizen at District and Sub-District level Each district is identified with the related services Citizens can get all services Citizens can download forms, acts & rules, circulars, notifications Citizens can know programmes and schemes Unique tourists places related to District level can be explored

This is unique portal of its kind It follows: Government of India Web Guidelines(GIGW) Accessibility guidelines Cyber security audited Follows CMAP(content moderation and approval policy)

This can be integrated to National Portal of India, State Portal and other services This can be replicated in other States It is next going to be implemented in Arunachal Pradesh and UP, Rajasthan This is a unique portal of its kind which would integrate around 640 Districts of the Country