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Also knows virtual worlds. Combines the immediacy of television , the versatile content of the web, social networking like Face book. Powerful new way for us to reach consumers, business customers, coworkers, partners &students.

Inherently interactive &engaging. Provide immersive 3D experiences. More suitable than a document repository. 3D internet as an interactive virtual environment for services , interaction, and communication.

Shares the time-tested principles Underlying arhitecture of current internet as well as semantic web cocepts. Include open & flexible architecture,open protocols,simplicity at the network core. Intelligence at edges &distributed implimentation.

World servers: provide user-or server side created Avatar/id servers: part of world servers Universe location servers: Act as a distributed directory of the world, avatar servers and users.

Clients: browser-like viewer programs running on users computers with expensive networking, caching ,and 3D rendering capabilities. Additional components include web places and 3D object editing software. Working towards building distributed online virtual words.

3D Internet

User surfs the 3D Internet

and uses teleports to move between independent Worlds/services

How? Research Questions.

Networking and Distributed Computing. Data storage (avatars, objects ), computing aspects

Latency minimization
Security and trust (decentralised identity management without the presence of external provider)

How? Research Questions.

Intelligent Environment Intelligent services Intelligent Agents and Rendering

Designed to overcome current limitations of 2D and to address emerging trends including:

Network architecture Content and service mobility Diffusion of heterogeneous nodes and devices

Mass Digitization New forms of 3d user generated content provisioning Emergence of service and interaction with improved security Trustworthiness and privacy

Give rise to Innovative applicatons-massive multiplayer mobile games, digital cinema. In virtual worlds,placing ew types of traffic demands constraints on mobile network architecture.

People who take part in virtual worlds stay online longer with a heightened level of interest.
To take advantage of that interest, diverse businesses and organizations have claimed an early stake in this fast-growing market. Businesses and organizations Include technology leaders ,IBM,microsoft , and cisco companies.

Used as a platform for education by many institutions, such as colleges,universities,libraries,and govt. entities.

Religious organisations can make use of the 3D internet to open virtual meeting places within specified solutions.

where visitors will be able to talk face to face with a computer-generated ambassador about visas,trade and other issues.

Live sport entertainment

Allow the users to watch or participate in many popular activities like football,Prof:wrestling,auto racing

Allow the artists to create new forms of arts Live music performances could also be enabled in 3D internet.


SOCIAL NETWORKING :Consumers increasingly for

peering and collaborating USER-GENERATED CONTENT :Primary role of the Internet Shifting from communication to content BROADBAND CONNECTIVITY : Sufficient bandwidth for interactive ,Online 3D experiences

HI-DEF DISPLAY&CONTENT: Consumers expect

theater-like Audio/Video experiences VIRTUAL ECONOMY:Real and virtual economies have been connected

3D internet is also known as virtual worlds. Provide 3D experiences. Architecture of the 3D internet Components Discussed research directions in the field of networking ,security , distributed computing,etc Emerging 3D applications and advances. Todays megatrends