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Main Idea and Details

I can find the main idea and details in a piece of informational text.

Read the following passage: The ocean covers 70 percent of the earths surface. It holds 97 percent of all the water on earth. The ocean provides humans with medicines, minerals, food, and more. Without it, there would be no life on earth. The ocean is a vital component of the planet Earth. What is the topic? What words repeat throughout the text?

Lets try it again

There are many species of bees, but honeybees are the only kind that make enough honey and wax that humans can use it. People use honeybee wax to make products such as candles and lipstick. Honeybees honey is a delicious food.
What is the topic?
What words repeat throughout the text?

Lets hunt for details

First, we will read the text and find the topic: During its maiden voyage, the Titanic hit an iceberg. The crash resulted in a 300-foot gash in the ships hull. The huge vessel sank before other ships could come to the aid of the people on board. Roughly 1,500 people died during the tragic event. Lets highlight some specific details about the topic.

Now, lets decide the authors Big Idea!

A. The maiden voyage of the Titanic was a disaster. B. The Titanic should have carried more lifeboats. C. The Titanic was poorly built.

We can do this process for any piece of informational text.

Many of Walt Disneys characters, including Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, are still popular all over the world. Disney was a pioneer in the use of color and sound in cartoons. In 1937 he released the first fulllength, animated film ever produced by a studio. Several of his movies, including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Fantasia, are still enjoyed by many viewers. Today people all over the world flock to Disneys famous theme parks, Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Use your highlighter!!!!

Now that we have the details, lets find that Big Idea!

A. Mickey Mouse is a famous cartoon character. B. Cartoons are a popular type of film. C. Walt Disneys work has had a lasting influence.

Now see if you can find the main idea on your own! Use your strategies to help you.
Pablo Picasso used many art styles in his paintings. During his Blue Period, Picasso used many shades of blue to convey sorrow and loneliness in his paintings. Picasso sometimes used a technique called collage, in which he included such items as bits of newspaper and wallpaper in his paintings. Picasso also helped create cubism, an artistic style that uses geometric shapes to represent subjects of paintings in a new way. What is the main idea??